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Break Up Personification Poems

These Break Up Personification poems are examples of poetry about Break Up Personification. These are the best examples of Personification Break Up poems written by international poets.

The Mockingbird
The mockingbird, oh so still
Watching from a tree so quiet.
As I sit watching from the hill
Everything else seems so nil. 

He can only stay so...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, break up,

Breaking Boundaries 3

Ever since I was ten 
I've put my heart in this pen 
I'm trying escape a den 
Surround by evil men 
With no but ,if...

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Categories: black love, blessing, blue,

Spin the Bottle
we play spin the bottle like children pulling wings off flies
no care full abandon no threat of the truth the next the 
tomorrow the what...

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Categories: personification, body, break up,

Another word flashes in my mind
Another slash in this heart of mine
They say all good things come to an end
They don't tell you that you...

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Categories: break up, conflict, cry,

Premium Member Cutting The Cheese

It curd to me
(sorry I had to squeak that one in)
Not everybody can tolerate you
In fact some people think you outright stink
Sure you can be...

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Categories: break up, food, humor,

you and I will never tangle 
look at things from a different angle 
this break up is not something I can handle 
all you did...

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Categories: dedication, deep, destiny, devotion,

Even If
Even if you loose all your wealth 
Start having issues that will jeopardize your health
Even  if every time You sleep You’re an inch closer...

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Categories: blessing, blue, books, boyfriend,

Premium Member Dancing
His life’s the shadow filling the space, 
Diffused away with a walk,
In shades of blue to red to green, 
Diffusing away to a thought,

And each...

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Categories: break up, dance, gothic,

Broken Spell of Time
Apropos to the relevant afternoon delight 
Your skin grazing, lasting from the unveiled sun 
Proving you’re way more of a perfection than a firelight 

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Categories: addiction, anger, beautiful, boyfriend,

My Heart
My heart jumped out of my chest
It skipped and ran towards you
It started beating faster
It started smiling more
Until my heart stopped running
My heart got melancholic

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Categories: break up, first love,

the mourning
she lies naked in the ashes of a love affair 
burning her memories   
waiting for the numb  
or the madness 
she welcomes...

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Categories: break up, emotions, fantasy,

Kites and butterflies
Let it go,
It could be a kite,
Yearning for the wild,
Craving for the whirlwind,
To the endless azure sky,

She could be a butterfly,
With an insatiable lust to...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, betrayal, break

If Leaves Could Talk
When the sun is beaming down upon us;
And we can no longer enjoy walking in the dust;
And not even a gentle wind is allowed to...

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Categories: autumn, beauty, break up,

Love and pain
The sun shines as the 
blue sky reigns.
But shadows of darkness have me in chains.
Since she left, my life is nothing but pain.
When she said...

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Categories: best friend, break up,

if you set me free
if you set me free I will not run, I will walk damn fast and pray nightly for wings on my body and wings n...

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Categories: appreciation, break up, conflict,

Moving On
I was sitting on a lonely bench
It was on a hill
Far away from all the cityscreams
And blinding citylights
It was a cloudless night
A soothing breeze came...

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Categories: break up, desire, emotions,

my Royaume
I've never thought that i would feel this way,
But it finally happened somehow someday;
And i drowned in the deep oceans that looked at me.
I got...

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Categories: angel, boyfriend, break up,

Nothing left inside my chest
Once a heart used to beat to the rhythm
of love behind my ribs, you walked into my 
life and I poured all my heart to...

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Categories: absence, boyfriend, break up,