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Angel Personification Poems

These Angel Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Personification Angel poems written by international poets.

Premium Member January is a Well-Learned Trickster
January is a fascinating gateway to cool hand crispy, 
Fooling us yearly. 
Appearing overnight, as we dream of warmer things.
Covers the earth with her glistening...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

My Dreams

I would say that my life was a charm until I discovered that my fiance was pregnant. Hello. My name is Joseph, and I want...

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Categories: angel, christmas, dream,

A Letter From Joseph
Dear friends. Sure, I was raised and taught to believe that someday God would send The Messiah to the descendants of Abraham, but never had...

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Categories: christian, christmas, god, jesus,

Premium Member I Am Your Shadow
Hello, may I have your attention, please?
If you turn your back to me, I'll still tag along
I'm your loyal, faithful friend. Won't you be mine,...

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Categories: allegory, encouraging, imagery, life,

Poetic pain
Despite the writing skill
The drive,ambition and will
Sometimes I feel 
I should just give up and kneel
Someone else should take the wheel
And drive this Poetic automobile...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, angel, art,

My shade 
is home made
Sharp as a blade 
Ill pierce your heart with a spade
You will slowly but surely fade...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, angel, anger,

Broken Soul
By: Elicia Spik/Jenson

A girl who grew up abused and beaten.
Went through life as a child uncertain.
Grew up not trusting and having issues.
Each relationship never...

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Categories: depression,

My Best Friend
My Best Friend Poem
By: Elicia Spike/Jenson
My awesome sister, whose go lucky.
We grew up together that’s very happy.
She taught me things I’ll never forget.
Stood up...

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Categories: appreciation, sister,

Breathe easy to the heart that pumps out its rhythm!
Ease the easiest way that penetrates its veins!
Breathe easy to the brightest heartbeat that gives birth...

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Categories: 12th grade, angel, appreciation,

Has anybody seen Will Power
Has anybody seen will power,
He does not come around much any more,
I don't know how long we can hold out,
Without a dose of his fortitude

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Categories: angel, beauty, confidence, courage,

Premium Member Thoughts of Wind
Thoughts of Wind

The capricious wind forever plays,
Rolling tumbleweeds 
Toppling old trees,
Resting to a breeze.

Mysterious wind comes from where no one knows,
Look to the sky, unseen...

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Categories: perspective, wind,


Let me be a little nice
And share some advice 
It might not be so precise 
But Life is like rolling a dice
Sometimes you win sometimes...

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Categories: age, allah, analogy, angel,

Time Leo Mbalamana
Time will heal 
and all wounds will seal
Believe it or not it’s real
Time will Reveal 
All the doors they conceal 
Time is ideal 
so use...

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Categories: 12th grade, angel, blessing,


Oh, mighty death,

Undisputed ruler of the underworld,

Tell me, I implore you

Are you my friend or my foe?

Are you the dark angel or the angel of...

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Categories: death, evil, friend,

Be Still
I stumble and fall
I am not strong 
I need help when I crawl
My road is uphill and long

Sunshine or rain
The struggle is real
Sometimes I need...

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Categories: angel, god,


An angel, 

in his heavenly tranquility, observing the lamentations of an inconsolable soul  because of its

upcoming incarceration within the walls of mortal flesh, ...

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Categories: angel, life,

Good bye
Every time I think of you, I realize I can’t share
The loss of you, I struggle to bare
The pain and empty spot is a living...

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Categories: angel, death, goodbye, love,

Angels Reporting
We are angels who have come to speak, to sing, and to shout            ...

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Categories: angel, bible, christian, christmas,

Premium Member A GRAND DAME

She twirls with fullest branches
admiring her ornamental dress,
patchwork of souvenirs, yesteryear’s
arts and crafts - preschool to cool age.

Silver tinsel fringe caught the light

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Categories: christmas,

Amazing Angels
Angels of God has graced
Our lives here on earth
Not related by birth
In our life God has placed

There are very few like you
Golden hearts and faces...

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Categories: angel, care, heart, inspiration,