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Sound Pastoral Poems

These Sound Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Sound. These are the best examples of Pastoral Sound poems written by international poets.

Plan for me
Your Pain will be temporary but eternal glory awaits 
You will rise to the top through heavens pearly white gates
You will tell the whole world...

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Categories: bible, blessing, christian, destiny,

the box revisited
I am getting older now and live alone but for the company of a blue and gold macaw named Sweetheart who inspired me to write...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, bird,

So Far Away From Day
The symphony has started
and the darkness does descend
the world succumbs to quietude
the day has reached its end

The nighttime woods are glittering
and offer up a show

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Categories: beautiful, happy, nature, night,

Denominational Unity
From the time of Pentecost to now;
People have formed many denominations.

Searching for truths that are sound doctrine;
Denominations were formed due to dissensions.

God is the Father....

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Categories: baptism, bible, blessing, christian,

How Lovely Are The Feet
How lovely are the feet of them, 
the pillars of strength, and stance of him,
the hands, the smile and face of him, 
who brings to...

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Categories: faith, gospel, inspiration,

What do the heavenly eyes gaze upon?
A squall hurdles
 As silence, descend to rain
her temple doors rattle
Winds dim her temple lights,
Amid the thunder a vista...

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Categories: bible, christian, encouraging, god,

The Joy of Winter
Crackling fire
Falling flakes
What a pretty scene this makes

Leaves are rustling on the ground
Nothing nearby makes a sound

Lighted candles on the hearth
People that are full of...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, imagery,

Swimming Experience
How nice to swim in sea, river, lake and pond!
Floating body, pressing water, moving forward
How nice to enjoy spattering, splashing sound!
Gesturing body, flapping wing, clapping...

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Categories: memory,

Morning Glory

Feel the drop of the sweetness of the morning dew,
Feel the showers of the morning rain,
Hear the songs of beautiful birds,
Smell the scent of...

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Categories: animal, bird, day, happy,

Telepathic Music
Telepathic Music

Drip-drop, drip-drop
On the the tin roof 
Above our rustic garages
We sat on our couches
Silently gazing at the sloping lawns
Overlooking the rivulet
Warming our hands
On our...

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Categories: dance, daughter, music, mythology,

My Psalm of Praise
Dance for the Lord all throughout the day!
Sing a beautiful song unto our King!
How many sunsets til He arrives in the skies?
How many days til...

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Categories: blessing, inspirational, jesus,

The Hill
There from my window
In my mind I can see
Three crosses lined up
On the hill -----Calvary

In the middle the tall one
One on each side
Representing the place

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Categories: jesus, religious,

Lines of sweet garlands lie beside
Lines of sweet garlands lie beside,
The winding road,
The stooping hill,
Pines and moorland bend to the ride,
Of Cupid’s delight,
The eerie, hoping thrill...

The shepherd’s flock, wool a-blowing,

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Categories: beautiful, imagery, inspiration, may,

A place where are no scars
I came to a place where are no cars
I see no dirt but the clear skies
It is night and I look at the sky
I am...

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Categories: community, environment, green, health,

The captain of the schooner ship,
Looked at the angry sky,
His ship tossed in the storm,
Not a star to guide her by.

This captian trusted his vessel,

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Categories: appreciation,

sounding right

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Categories: uplifting, visionary,

The Lord

*****Love of a baby called Jesus*******

Prayer celebration
      For the Lord
Is where there is plenty
     Of continuance

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Categories: faith, forgiveness, inspirational, love,

Seeking The Registrar

A lie slowly becomes' Mercy
As the truth suddenly becomes'
   Crystal clear,

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Categories: confusion, death, family, work,

wind and the speck of dust
The wind once took fancy on a speck of dust

Her joy knew no bounds when she discovered her luck

She twirled and she danced at the...

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Categories: philosophy

A New Beginning
It came to Earth
In a firestorm
Yet, it barely reach the ground
It came in the twinkling of an eye
It barely made a sound
To summons' 
Gods' people...

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Categories: hope, peace