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Fate Pastoral Poems

These Fate Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Fate. These are the best examples of Pastoral Fate poems written by international poets.

Going by the way I dare to make.
He looks at me.
Everyday of puzzles and quest for a wife.
He looks at me.

Do the talking and the...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, christian, faith,

Plucked flower once clumsily graced a girls curls,
Now crushed in the wake of her ascending swirls,
Comfort be gone as bees holds dust for another,
Swarms of...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, cheer up,

Basking Robins And Droning Wasps
Serious intent to read
latest issue of TIME magazine
found attention pleasantly distracted,
when I became keenly aware
of flora and fauna bursting,

blooming, buzzing, and twittering
oblivious to yours truly...

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Categories: appreciation, april, birth, celebration,

The Night's Response
Oh, how I love the way the cold light flows
from above on a downward stroke 
painting the sky in hues of fire and rain.
The ephemeral...

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Categories: allusion, dark, stars,

If God Isn't
If there is no God and he is not existent
How does creation remain so consistent
The Sun rising in the east and setting in the west

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Categories: analogy, bible, character, creation,

Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
In my youth I did not understand the difference between love and lust. Always seeking out Love's location but never to locate. Then...

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Categories: devotion, engagement, first love,

Urim Ubiquity

Perchance to take nocturnal flight,
where would wayfaring dreams land?
With the toss of a godly lot,
one’s fate is always seraphim certain
The place of destiny divine
remains a...

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Categories: allusion, spiritual, visionary, wisdom,

On Second Thought
   On second thought, I've changed my mind,
We do nothing for ourselves but waste time.
   Day after day, week...

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Categories: destiny, devotion, faith, fate,

I do need you so Lord, Why?
To understand I am three in one body, but not trinity

Three in body but one is Spirit, deeply illumining...

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Categories: africa, age, america, bible,

Three in body but one is Spirit, deeply illumining but in your eyes it deems.

You see just ONE outward part of me, 
But two are...

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

The Truth
Who may reveal mystery of the stars, moon and light
from the curtain he controls, philosophers say
men bow to worship the cow, cross and clay
and in...

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Categories: bible, fate, islamic, kiss,

In the dead of night,
I heard the cry of agony;
A shrill cry it was, 
But a faint cry,
As of a heart fainting of strength.

It oozed...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, animal, bereavement,

Amid Arcady's sylvan groves(where once I gazed
Upon such luminous  and alabaster grace
By her  immortal beauty raptly drawn and dazed
As she turned and ...

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Categories: lost love, love hurts,

The Butterfly
The butterfly, it flutters by,
And yes flutter is the word--
For butterflies don't soar or buzz
Like other bugs, or birds. 

They dance upon the summer breeze

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Categories: butterfly, nature,

Is it Real
Is it real or are you faking 
it? ;
Can you testify truly 
without a hit?
That it is as strong as it 
seems? ;

Even in the...

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Categories: faith

Jesus came as a beloved Son,
Walked on earth as a mortal man,
Just like me, a yeoman.

Jesus lived as the Father said.
Father! Son! Working as one!

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Categories: spiritual

Love For The Taking
Looking at your picture makes me think, 
think about what we will always have, 
the sweet love and kisses of an everlasting love.
The laughs and...

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Categories: love, me, love, me,

Know You're Blessings-
Blessings…your beauty is, your sight is, your hair is, your smile is, your ability to 

walk is, your wealth, your health, your family is, your...

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Categories: inspirational, uplifting, visionary, life,

The Wake
God words are piercing through the heart of man
Calling them out from there darken den.
God as given us a special fan 
Jesus Christ 
Who paid...

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Categories: faithbody, earth, jesus,