Guyanese Poems and Poetry from Guyana

Guyanese poems and poetry from Guyana. Read examples of Guyanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Island Beauty by Gideon Cecil GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon03/21/2017
SINCERE APPRECIATION GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
LIFE IS TOO SHORT GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
LYRICAL MENTAL ACTIVATION GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
NEGATIVE PEER PRESSURE GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
OUT DISCIPLINE GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
CHERISH YOUR LUNGS GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
YOUNG WOMAN, THERE IS A BETTER WAY GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
WOMAN, IT IS YOU THAT HAVE TO GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
YOUNG MAN, THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
BIG MAN, IS YOU GOD CALLING GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion02/28/2017
Stagnant World GuyaneseGuyanaSingh, Alex10/05/2016
Love in your Heart GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon09/24/2016
Fickle Love by:Gideon Cecil GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon09/22/2016
Darkness GuyaneseGuyanaSingh, Alex07/18/2016
Here Lies Time GuyaneseGuyanaSingh, Alex04/29/2016
Mother Land Cry GuyaneseGuyanaGibbons, Rodwell03/06/2016
Dreams of Life By Gideon Cecil GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon01/02/2016
The Call of Spring GuyaneseGuyanaCarpen, Patrick07/23/2015
Everything must count GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
You are the one GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
I remember GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
Only a baby GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
Sold out GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
Just for you GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/04/2014
Wrongfull Imprisonment GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/03/2014
Romance me GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/03/2014
Don't pass this on GuyaneseGuyanaPenville, Dion07/03/2014
The Sea In Her Heart GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon05/01/2012
Hidden Love GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon01/16/2012
Magic GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela01/05/2012
Wounded GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela01/04/2012
Time GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela12/17/2011
Lightning GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela12/16/2011
Bailemos- let's dance GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/03/2011
DON'T QUIT GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon03/27/2011
BROKEN HEART GuyaneseGuyanaCecil, Gideon03/07/2011
ROSE GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela03/23/2010
New Dreams GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela01/03/2010
Congratulations! GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela07/02/2009
Sadness GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela06/29/2009
Happiness GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela06/27/2009
It can't be hidden GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela05/06/2009
A New Path GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela05/06/2009
The winners GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/29/2009
Stained GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/23/2009
True Poetry GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/21/2009
Defined Not GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/17/2009
Open your eyes GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/09/2009
The Box GuyaneseGuyanaHaniff, Maryam Jameela04/08/2009