British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of British poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Sexyku For Two BritishUnited KingdomGridley, Ray02/19/2017
Endurance, will power, strength BritishUnited KingdomJY, T.I.R.O.02/19/2017
By Faith BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/19/2017
The Only Way To God BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/19/2017
Be Truly Poetically Positively Powerful BritishUnited KingdomMcConnell, Gordon02/19/2017
Night In The Forest BritishUnited KingdomGridley, Ray02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem My raspberry BritishUnited KingdomRycroft, Wendy02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem HYMNS BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/19/2017
FEAR OF DEATH BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
PENETRATION BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Seventeen syllables of grey BritishUnited KingdomMartin, Mark02/19/2017
Used and Abused BritishUnited KingdomJohnson, Rose02/19/2017
Feathers on My Pillow BritishUnited KingdomGregory, Stephen02/19/2017
Dance BritishUnited KingdomHayward, Paul02/19/2017
The Horse Affair BritishUnited KingdomHayward, Paul02/19/2017
Your Inner Song BritishUnited KingdomHayward, Paul02/19/2017
my imaginary love BritishUnited KingdomTeaser, Keith02/19/2017
A man cold BritishUnited KingdomHarris, STANLEY02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Beneath The Lies BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow02/19/2017
TRUMP FOR THE JUMP BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
BY HER LOVE I SHOULD BE BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
Guardian Angels BritishUnited KingdomKinch , Elizabeth 02/19/2017
Slow Down BritishUnited KingdomKinch , Elizabeth 02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem WELCOME TO CHINA - WE LOVE THE ENGLISH SOCCER BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl02/19/2017
The Barking Dog BritishUnited KingdomHarris, STANLEY02/19/2017
Sweet Simplicities BritishUnited KingdomKinch , Elizabeth 02/19/2017
PTSD PTSI Revisited BritishUnited KingdomAlexander, Gordon02/19/2017
THE NUN WHO LIKED GIN BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
THE PRIEST AND THE CHOIR LADIES BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Humanity pleiades BritishUnited KingdomMartin, Mark02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem Apple tree BritishUnited KingdomRycroft, Wendy02/18/2017
IMMORTALITY FOR ALL BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem AN ENGLISH CHILDHOOD IDYLL BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/18/2017
TOOTH SWEET BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/18/2017
I Went To Iceland BritishUnited KingdomLinsel, Jenny02/18/2017
Magpie BritishUnited KingdomMichaels, John02/18/2017
Cuckoo - B BritishUnited KingdomMichaels, John02/18/2017
Cuckoo - A BritishUnited KingdomMichaels, John02/18/2017
I WISH TO VISIT CALVARY HILL FOR A WHILE BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem IMAGISM the form BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem THE ORIGINAL IMAGIST BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem AN EKPHRASIS IDYLL BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/18/2017
IF I HAD TO RULE THE WORLD BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem ADELAIDE the number one Imagist BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian02/18/2017
WOODLANDS BritishUnited KingdomBALANDI, YASEMIN02/18/2017
HALF PAST SIX TREVOR BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/18/2017
HOSPITAL - a Pleiades BritishUnited KingdomPoet, Tranquil02/17/2017
Where I Want To Go BritishUnited KingdomGridley, Ray02/17/2017