Afghan Poems and Poetry from Afghanistan

Afghan poems and poetry from Afghanistan. Read examples of Afghan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

bleach AfghanAfghanistanal dawood, soud04/03/2017
naruto AfghanAfghanistanal dawood, soud03/31/2017
the Dark Death of the Divine AfghanAfghanistanUllah, Shafi11/01/2016
The melting gaze of the Sun AfghanAfghanistanUllah, Shafi04/27/2016
Death's Scent AfghanAfghanistanUllah, Shafi04/05/2016
Eclipsed Ring AfghanAfghanistanUllah, Shafi12/24/2015
A place where are no scars AfghanAfghanistanHaidary, Sirat Ahmad09/23/2014
Golden Windows AfghanAfghanistanHaidary, Sirat Ahmad09/13/2014
Moon Face AfghanAfghanistanHaidary, Sirat Ahmad09/11/2014
That Paper Boat AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/11/2013
Come Embrace Me AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/10/2013
When Your Face Comes To View AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/10/2013
I Miss You AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/09/2013
Memories AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/08/2013
I'm Not Angry AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/05/2013
You Are Everything AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/04/2013
Enta Eih AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/04/2013
I Will Live My Life AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/03/2013
What To Do AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/02/2013
Sometimes AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/02/2013
Oh Love AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/01/2013
You Foolish Men AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/01/2013
Daddy's Boy AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad02/01/2013
O My Life AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/31/2013
Everybody AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/30/2013
What Should I Really Name This AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/29/2013
Oh God AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/29/2013
Your Eyes AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/29/2013
Rich Man AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/29/2013
Last Night AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/29/2013
My Love AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/28/2013
Without You AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/28/2013
Poor Man AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/28/2013
I Listened What You Hadn't Said AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/26/2013
The Mistake You Cannot Forget AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/25/2013
Happy Birthday AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/25/2013
I Believe AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/24/2013
If We Must Die AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/24/2013
2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/23/2013
Love Is AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/21/2013
Hold You In My Smile AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/21/2013
I Loved You AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/21/2013
Like Me AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/08/2013
My Love Has Come AfghanAfghanistanYahyaie, Reshad01/08/2013
I confess AfghanAfghanistanSheeler, Ryan08/25/2008
I'm Sorry AfghanAfghanistanShort, Chaney03/08/2008
last dance and remembering AfghanAfghanistanSheeler, Ryan12/31/2007
Love Raid AfghanAfghanistanSarmed, Ahmed Waheed11/12/2007
in a valley dry AfghanAfghanistanSheeler, Ryan08/16/2007
Slowly fear, and sweet AfghanAfghanistanSheeler, Ryan08/08/2007