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Education Narrative Poems

These Education Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Education. These are the best examples of Narrative Education poems written by international poets.

Fighting Three Witches
I am facing multiple personalities
‘Beautiful faces are everywhere
But beautiful minds are hard to find’

Three witches fortified with deceit
Equivocation written all on their faces
I see through...

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Categories: corruption, dark, destiny, education,

No Judgement Jamie
No Judgement Jamie always was told
that judging others was vile and cold,
all her teachers did proudly attest
that living life without judging was best.

And the media...

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Categories: confusion, culture, death, education,

Mr Frank and 11C are over
I am washing away grade 11C
I am rinsing my hands of 11C
I do not want to make amends
I will never take you to grade 12


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Categories: conflict, education, perspective, school,

The Lumber Barron's Son
My name is Walter Eddington,
live in Maine with my wife and son,
own a growing timber company
way up north with vast tracts of trees.

My son’s name...

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Categories: age, education, growing up,

The wages of sin is death, they say
But in Kenya, the wages of sin is power without say
The more you sin, the more powerful you...

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Categories: betrayal, character, corruption, integrity,

Don't ask me about my education
From time to time, people ask me
About my education.
Only then, I remember
I have no degrees or diplomas.
I attended no university either.
I hated textbooks and exams.

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Categories: angel, anger, angst, anniversary,

Premium Member The Couple In Love
They arrived giggling and giddy, one hundred percent in love.  Holding hands, leaning into each other,
Smiling.  Young love, nothing like it.
I am teaching...

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Categories: education, sad love,

My 9-Line Life, 5 To 17
Born the fourth child in a four-room brick house on a large farm in northern Mississippi where cotton was king and hard cheap labor was...

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Categories: america, childhood, poverty, racism,

Letter to Watchman Nee
I met your readings as a teenager
The words from your mouth blessed me
I started to mediate word upon word
Knowing the sacrifice, we need when we...

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Categories: education, love,

This Is Where The Money Is
I circled around the park three times and continue journeying towards the west
On my first cycle I met a couple sitting on the corner watching...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, education, endurance,

Let The Drums Speak
Listen the drums are rumbling and the pots are bubbling
Listen, the drums are rolling and pretty girls are dancing
Listen the drums are speaking and my...

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Categories: africa, age, business, education,

A Mistake At The Pearly Gates
If by some technical error I get to Heaven,
I don't think I'll be there long.
The powers that be, God's helpers, 
would soon realise I'd slipped...

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Categories: education,

As in exams....
Define exams....
Fail exams....
Pass exams....
Whatever the case....
They remain exams....

The bright,
The dull,
The active,
The lazy,
The slays,
The kings,
All feel they deserve success...
Regardless of the efforts put in...

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Categories: dedication, education,

It was Sunday night,
My husband’s family created 
A remarkable unresolvable lifelong scar.
The scar that changed my life.

I can never forget that day,
The day when me...

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Categories: feelings, heartbreak, heartbroken, jealousy,

Premium Member Anonymously Sold
It happened back in time, quite a long way,
Back in the day, as they today like to say:
An era when most donations to yeshivas** ...

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Categories: appreciation, education, how i

Windows To My Soul
 I  sat at my desk in the early hours of the morning listening to the words of the mighty one calling “windows to...

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Categories: abuse, august, business, confidence,

The journey of education is never a simple one,
Except for the few lucky one,
Most especially when you have a wealthy background,
Or when you are intelligent...

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Categories: education, encouraging, endurance,

That moment when you are an orphan,
Have your parents divorced,
Or from a poor family background
And other unavoidable circumstances..
That may make you a victim,
Of a non-biological...

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Categories: caregiving, change, destiny, encouraging,

We Resumed At The Assumed
And here it comes:
A new born baby:
Born by education:
A senior of term:
A new semester!.

1) Faces whipped with loneliness
elates themselves.
Eyes laced with Joy,
Teeth embroided with happiness:

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Categories: allusion,

I want to make many
changes about me:
I want to change my
Want to change the money i
Want my thinking to levitate
ten cubits high.
Want to change who...

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Categories: allegory,