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Long Run off Poems

Long Run off Poems. Below are the most popular long Run off by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Run off poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Lorax Sequel
I took the only seed of hope
for any future healthy Truffula Trees,
but reminded my clinically depressed acquaintance
we are all born co-redeemers,
not addictively incubating extractors.

Ours is not to commodify 
what we did not recreate
for its sufficient...

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Categories: run off, earth, environment, integrity, love,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member One More Rosey Trip
I'm off on the beaten path
with Little Rosey in my grasp

There's palm fronds like a giant clock,
twenty hands instead of two
And there's the honeysuckle bush
that suddenly broke through
the gap in my neighbor's greenhouse

"Bonnie!" she insists

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Categories: run off, child, childhood, cute love, dedication, family, fun,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Oh, Is This What I Was Waiting For
Oh, Is This What I Was Waiting For?

When I was just a baby in the womb, my mother rejected me and I believe that the Lord told me many years later that she had wanted...

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Categories: run off, christian, courage, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member You're Not the Boss o' ME
                               You’re Not the Boss...

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Categories: run off, funny, humor,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Finding Shelter During End Times
Finding Shelter During End Times (1)

Do you think you’d feel pride as the last soul alive
on a planet that dies as your knife pricks its heart
(not alone you’ve had help, the last lemming, perhaps,
to run...

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Categories: run off, faith, love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Tougher to Look At --- but Safer to Date
Brody McGregor, who’d all of us fig’red fer single, come struttin’ into the pub, 
all slickered up like a man fit to bury…an’ fairly well knowed fer ‘is smile -
Strolled to the bar like a...

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Categories: run off, funny, jealousy,
Form: Narrative

I can't forget in a hurry,
Here once stood our ancestral home,
As was told my great- great- great- grand father
Who told my great-great-grand father,
Who told my great grand father and who 

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Categories: run off, art,
Form: Ballad
I Guess So
When we were young,
I held my long tongue
Foolishly sheepish 
Life is a sea full of fish

Good times spent with you mindlessly 
Boy, I don't feel guilty for being your minion of troublesome crime...spent so playfully...

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Categories: run off, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Survival Junkie
I guess you can say that I'm a wilderness survivor junkie,
which is surprising for many because surviving isn't easy.
Anyone who tells you that wilderness surviving is fun
isn't truly surviving. They are just simply camping,
but venturing...

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Categories: run off, adventure, animal, me, time, howl, life, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Recalled to LIFE
His heart ached as he looked at her
Her eyes had no sparkle
She walked ignorant of the fact
That her footsteps rocked his world
That she exuded sexuality
She walked unaware of the magnetism
Of her form
The sheer beauty of...

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Categories: run off, life, longing, passion,
Form: Free verse
Unity of the people
Human beings we are
Each searching for are own happiness 
Fearing the possibility of living a life of misery
We are not born with hate, only the will to survive
Only the unloved hate
In this world we try...

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Categories: run off, poetry,
Form: ABC
The Mallards of Bedford Springs
The late night storm rushed into the valley,
Pouring down, 
Creating the sleepy ambiance only a mountains lull can provide.  
The crisp damp air crackles to life at lights first caste over the mountain,
into the...

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Categories: run off, america, nature, river, spring, vacation,
Form: Free verse
I may not be
The highest mountain
The deepest ocean
The most desired emotion
Or the youthful fountain
But I expected more than this decree

I see you walk off from me
Ignore me completely
As soon as you no longer need me

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Categories: run off, lost loveme, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ghosts of South Dakota part 1
   	The location of the Spring Creek School was on a flat, nestled 
between the cliff on the north and the Little White River on the south.  The river 
flowed in from...

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Categories: run off, inspirational, life, love, school, spring, day, leaving,
Form: Prose Poetry
A workmate friend of my sister; Donella was her name,
was asking questions about snakes and how she felt the shame
of murderers who kill them off; ‘They’re God’s creatures too you know’,
but she had then admitted...

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Categories: run off, animal,
Form: Rhyme
His Life Mattered, Part II
She screamed  frantically, “My boy is in there!
Somebody, please!  Help Him!”  But nobody cared.
The mob was all running, fleeing the scene,
on her brother’s face the firelight gleamed.

“You have to help Keenan, he’s...

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Categories: run off, change, conflict, growth, people, political, race, racism,
Form: Narrative
The Fate of a Princess - The Opportunity Taken
Princess Layla, daughter of king Philip, had her life set since the day of her birth. From a young age, she was taught embroidery and the duties of a wife. Now at the age of...

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Categories: run off, culture,
Form: Prose
Have You Met Your End
I'm scared...
I'm not prepared...
to meet my end... 
to drift into the river's bend...

I'm not prepared... 
people start to stare...
people don’t seem to care
If I live or die
If I stay on ground or fly 
I see...

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Categories: run off, absence, beauty, betrayal, blue, care, confusion, dedication,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gone Fishing
The snow so deep… That it was over our heads… Was a melting by the hour!
Give it a day, or two at most… and with this heat… it would all be gone, forever!
But in the...

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Categories: run off, adventure, funny, happy, humor, imagination, smile, uplifting,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Daniel, A Special Breed

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Categories: run off, america, appreciation, history, holiday, memorial day, memory,
Form: Prose
I  was born cursed, disfigured and mangled,
With a face so warped, twisted and tangled.
A shock to the world of normality,
Infecting this land of endless humanity.

I have been called wicked, evil, and gross.
Despised by the...

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Categories: run off, abuse, bullying, discrimination, irony, loneliness, poems, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Reforming Democratic Faith
Seems like advocates for cooperatively-invested dialogue
are concerned about indoor classroom experiences
that feel a lot more like debate
or merely academic,
cold analysis of win/lose evolutionary history,
in which might proves rightwing kleptocratic victories
while lefter democratic peace voices
fade into...

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Categories: run off, community, earth, education, environment, health, integrity, nature,
Form: Political Verse
Twenty-six came fast... Possibilities
close in by the hundreds, as if they were marching
to the sound of a choke-hold.
Pressure's a good thing
when it has us make something
beautiful, or something hot.
Stardom, creation, art, 
invention, love, whatever...

Those are...

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Categories: run off, age, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 9/11 Wasn't Heaven
9/11 Wasn't Heaven. Take it from one who was there.
Corpses, body parts, impaled bodies were most of what  I saw there.
9/11 Wasn't Heaven but not because of the horror I saw.
On 9/11 I learned...

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Categories: run off, dedication, lost, lost, may, me,
Form: Rhyme
We decide to hunt in the night as our prey leaves a trail 
With my pride on the line I must bring it down without fail 
My pack leader’s orders are absolute only for this...

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Categories: run off, bullying, jealousy, longing, nature, paradise, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme