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Long Glacial Poems

Long Glacial Poems. Below are the most popular long Glacial by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Glacial poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Landsbyen -Into the North- an epic poem 8
He awoke to the sound of lightly crunching ice.  As he opened his eyes the boy stood looking at him, then with one fluid motion he stepped forward and stretched out his hand, 

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Categories: glacial, christmas, fairy,
Form: Epic

Premium Member eyes of the orient
          (oh, mercy ... )

amazing eye whites,
perfect and pure as glacial ice -
they draw me in,
like diving into a clear Caribbean lagoon,
fluid and cool ...
brown iris...

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Categories: glacial, beauty, metaphor, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Revolving Rivers
In backyards of my history
lies a tidal river
of ebb and flow revolutions.

These revolutions are normally no-news evolutions
back up toward headwaters of crisis and opportunity,
diastatic and polyphonic purest capital boundary roots
for future's river flow investment
out-flowing down

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Categories: glacial, earth, health, integrity, nature, rights, river, science,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Warm air balloon
Alone, surrounded by seventeen million humans who call New York home
In a rut, depressed, searching in pain and in vain for hope

A crisp fall day, I venture north to play
The Adirondack valley, mountains borne from...

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Categories: glacial, anxiety, autumn, courage, depression, hope, inspirational,
Form: Narrative
Hidden Beauty
Hidden beauty resides not in the grace like charms
Of coy smiles 
Painted across a gentle Madonnas face.
Nor is she vested within the chastened vows
Of saintly knights; encased Great-Helm:
Thus maketh the pale maidens meek pulse
To so...

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Categories: glacial, beauty,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Soul Stance River - 22
The Great Falls of the northern Plains is actually a chain of five seperate waterfalls
varying in height and majesty extending over 12 miles,
they also confirm that the right river was chosen,
we had hoped that the...

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Categories: glacial, adventure,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Synaesthesia

The Rose was burning 
long before she was Green
The Synaesthete placed his brush stroke
On his future dreams

Long before she was Green
The Synaesthete dreamed of him
Walking barefoot through the buried Rust 
and rustling burnished Ochre leaves...

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Categories: glacial, adventure, autumn, love, romance, winter,
Form: Romanticism
The Blue Hellion
     I do not fear you, Blue hellion of Satan! From deep within the reaches of his evil den, your master has sent your frozen azure waves crawling to my stronghold....

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: glacial, dark, god, spiritual, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member N'Iron
  strife riven island corner, rough hewn by rival visitation
  vexed, looking in, looking out, on the edge of places to go
  thrang in thrall of other realms, banners furling, batons flung

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: glacial, community, culture, destiny, history, hope, humanity, places,
Form: Dramatic Verse
March fell against you
Like a cockatoo.
Leaned and ignited,
A burning chorus
Of quiet orchids
Yells me to your

Our love dies
As before it began,
In silence.
Vast and internal.

The night stretches
Abandoned arms of
Battered silence
Across your great light.

I remember your light
Under the...

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Categories: glacial, absence, art, august, autumn, beautiful, beauty, blue,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Integrity Wars
Integrity warriors
are not allowed to raise our sacred voices
even against defiant children,
and defeated adolescents,
and immature monoculturish adults

Much less could we therapeutically self-justify
shouting out against WiseElder
matriarchal baptismal waters
remembering DNA's healthiest cooperative birthing
and thrival
Integrity/Love Origins

Mundanely replanting...

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Categories: glacial, children, environment, games, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Stephane Mallarme translations
These are my modern English translations of sonnets by the French poet Stephane Mallarme.

The Tomb of Edgar Poe
by Stéphane Mallarmé
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Transformed into himself by Death, at last,
the Bard unsheathed his Art’s...

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Categories: glacial, eulogy, extended metaphor, french, poetry, poets, surreal,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Reporting Live on the Soup - Alaska
"Phew! got here in time to catch The Glacier Discovery Train. This journey is to be seen
to be believed. I am in Anchorage, Alaska. I am so out of breath running to the station.
Right, that's...

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Categories: glacial, history, nature, placesjourney, good friday,
Form: Narrative
Solomon Crowley
Learn to heed the warning
of queer and ominous tale
the weird of Solomon Crowley 
his madness and long bewail

Once deemed as prominent prince 
sullen noble becomes fallen wanderer
deepest rages drive burning thirst
the burden of daily desire


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Categories: glacial,
Form: I do not know?
Crevasse flexion insurrection liberates overwhelming reclamation
Sinister glacial dissolution 
verging on huge jagged icebergs reverberate
nature mocking bird song sans bot mot, 
braggadocio, rodomontade, et cetera
distinct, ear splitting, 
and fractal heaving snap, crackle and pop, 
cacophonously fabulous, incredulously humongous, 
and thunderously voluminous...

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Categories: glacial, adventure, appreciation, beautiful, break up, earth, environment,
Form: Free verse

If you pass a glance in my direction, a shell you will see,
An image that's skin deep, not a true portrayal of me.
But please, take the time to slowly peel away my mask, 

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Categories: glacial, lonely,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Pursuit of Tomorrow
Tomorrow’s desert’s wet mirage, cloud’s shape men can’t embrace.
Its fantasy, parched throats stay moist, its pillowed softness drawn
beyond arm’s reach are butterflies restrained with nets we weave.
Like Sisyphus, whose life God cursed, we search for...

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Categories: glacial, life, love, science,
Form: Rhyme
Strokin’: Hauling ass and working at it!


The aging Olympian ran a swift anchor leg
burning the first turn, striding the backstretch
like a big cat on the chase,...

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Categories: glacial, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
AI Alone, Part I
My name is Robert Wilkinson,
I work for the space agency,
monitoring ongoing missions,
ensuring everything runs smoothly.

I know you have many questions,
and I hope I can answer them well,
but some have asked why Professor Johns
recently went and...

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Categories: glacial, computer, growth, journey, sad, science, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
The Night of Passion and Desire
Lean your head close to this shoulder of mine
And let all the fantasies you have to go wild
Do not be afraid to express the affection you conceal in this heart
Without uttering a single word, kiss...

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Categories: glacial, love,
Form: Rhyme
Valley of the Virgins
Valley’s of sleep that hold on to virtue through the years,
Distant from the arms of  cities where vice and lust...

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Categories: glacial, adventure, angst, hope, imagination, life, loss, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Christmas Torch Aloft
Season of dream haze and arctic signpost.
Chill and chap brood whose scattered offspring plummet thermal values as welcome mat for “whiskered” chimney guest awash with bounty.
Thief of sun filled days without a twinge but that...

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Categories: glacial, art, beautiful, birth, celebration, character, christmas, color,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fiard
Combining the words “Fianna” and “Bard”, I give you the warrior-poet clan of the Fiard. 
Also, a fiard is an inlet of the sea with low banks on either side, common along the Gulf of...

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© White Wolf  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: glacial, love, magic,
Form: Free verse
Look at Yourself
  Look at the moon and see tomorrow staring from beyond the wonder of this earth.  Strive to see children whirl there unclothed
youthful forms to frame the meaning of their new lives
as open...

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Categories: glacial, inspiration, introspection,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member My Affair With A Frost Flower State Of Affairs
There’s a beguiling danger in beauty…

seduced as I was by the fickle fingers of fate musingly stroking my hair,
I envisaged
this lusciously lavish landscape 
of sun-raptured heavenly hills and valid valleys
to be a lush, plush place...

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Categories: glacial, betrayal, dark, emotions, heartbreak, introspection, irony, sad,
Form: Free verse