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Long Elena Poems

Long Elena Poems. Below are the most popular long Elena by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Elena poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Womens Group
Feb. 6, 2021
	Hello I was born normal on May 17, 1979 from Paranaque, Philippines. My name is Jacqueline Ramirez Mendoza and was taken from Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis. Given by my cousin, Jocelyn Picazo Santos. My...

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Categories: elena, anxiety, christian, depression, god, muse, people, psychological,
Form: Narrative

The voice of addiction

''Welcome to Hell," the sign should've read,
Reaching your destination-its all in your head!
Thank you, for your invention.
I'l. Never  leave your side.
We'll become very acquainted.
My child, there's no where to hide
"Last call for the train heading...

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Categories: elena, faith, inspirational, life, dance, god, me, world,
Form: Bio
Losing My Best Friend
When you first get your dog there is a wonderful joy, like he is one
of your own children. You go through a get to know each other period
and a Special bond is developed, with you...

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Categories: elena, death of a friend, dog, love,
Form: Free verse

                          A Story from My Heart

Kelly was a Red...

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Categories: elena, beautiful, cat, daughter, happiness, memory,
Form: Narrative
The Mark of the Z

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elena, conflict, courage, fantasy, hero,
Form: Concrete


Only four stairs to ascend!
And with a broken leg on the mend?
It felt like a wet noodle.
Or more aptly, hot Stroodle .

Hanging on to that railing for dear life, 
As though we were  husband...

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Categories: elena, absence, care, cat, family, home, pain, poets,
Form: Rhyme
F Chicken
Elena is a visiting nurse, she's
also my sister in law.
She shared a story with me,
that practically dropped my jaw.

She didn't mention this couple's
name, there are privacy laws.
But she shared a story about,
this oriental man that...

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Categories: elena, allusion, hilarious, language,
Form: Rhyme
A Tribute To Glenn Frey
Your words and songs they
touched our souls.
In disbelief, sad news unfolds.

In intensive care you fought the
On this sad night you lost your life!

Your lying eyes will play
You Being here, would be much

Band members are missing...

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Categories: elena, death, remember, song,
Form: Rhyme
I don’t know why I’m here…
Writing about you.
All I know is how I feel..
And all I do is think and think and think...
About you… everyday and every night…
About you constantly...
I was fine before we met…

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Categories: elena, angst, lost love, love, passion, woman, love,
Form: Free verse
Este es tiempo de reposo para el alma 
porque no puede tragar tantos sentimientos, 
cerca de los treinta está el precipicio, 
es un acto de fe, todos lo sabemos, 
lo que haya o no al...

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Categories: elena, growth, life, truth,
Form: Lyric

Oh, it's more than difficult, penning this poem.
It's your birthday,daughter, and with a bad cold, I am stuck at home!

Thank you for your fifty-two loving years of life!
Watching you grow from infant to today,a fantastic mother and...

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Categories: elena, birthday, mother daughter, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
The White Rabbit Search
The White Rabbit Search
Dedicated to Alice...

She wanders through life
Searching for a white rabbit.
Asking every stranger
She happens to pass.
But no one has seen it-
They don't have time to look
For white rabbits anymore.

She travels on
To different countries,

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Categories: elena, adventure, devotion, fantasy, life, uplifting, night, night,
Form: Free verse
In My Eyes
Find a way to me.
A way you will find.
See the colors,
In my eyes.

Drain the grey,
And the black.
Bring the color,
In my eyes.

See flashing of blue,
Flashes of green,
Flashes of brown.
If you search for me,
Search for my eyes,

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Categories: elena, death, depression, forgiveness, friendship, lost love, love,
Form: Lyric
With You
With you

With you feels like walking on air
It’s that feeling like I could skydive
And who! Else could ever compare
No one makes me feel so alive

With you, is this feeling of elevation
And something I’ve never before...

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Categories: elena, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Waiting for Mum
Peering through the bedroom window,
Yellow street lights and falling snow,
Elena asked Fred, the garden gnome,
“When mummy would come home?”

The gnome smiled as if he knew,
But stared quietly at the other two,
His colourful brothers Jim and...

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Categories: elena, child, emotions, feelings, heartbroken, mother, political, work,
Form: Rhyme

Exactly, twenty-one years ago this very day
On the hushed, whispering shores of Lake Tahoe,
I walked my Princess, down the aisle and gave her away.
In that lush garden of the sun, you two, became one!

Under that...

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Categories: elena, anniversary, husband, tribute, wife,
Form: Quatrain
She'll Never Be Me
I LISTEN as your music
Sings in my ears.
My heart beats too fast
As my hopes turn to fears.
She seems to fulfill
All your dreams.
She seems to fulfill 
All your needs.
The sad thing is
You never asked me
For a...

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Categories: elena, angst, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
Jeter Our Special Pug We Love You
Jeter! what a special dog you are.
Our love for you is in our hearts.

The joy you bring our family,
is priceless, you see.

You don't do many tricks,
but love us with your many licks.

Lately you have not...

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Categories: elena, dog, love,
Form: Rhyme
A Little Poem for my friend Watercolor Cat

Watercolor Cat, Watercolor Cat,
You are the most wonderful Watercolor Cat I have ever could dream about,
And I wonder, my friend Watercolor Cat, and admire you perplexed and mesmerized,
Tell me, how you know and how you...

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Categories: elena, absence, abuse, age, america, anger, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
So good
So Good

I suppose at times I've been a bit of a dive
Everything I seemed to touch turns to crud
But now it’s different because you I’m with
Believe me things have never felt so good

And even now...

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Categories: elena, america, love,
Form: Rhyme
     "...Tell me it's true, 
we're everything we remember,
tell me memories never fail us, tell me
we take them with us, that I'll take you
with me, and you'll take me...'

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© Nola Perez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elena, history, me, high school, cousin,
Form: Blank verse
they call her love 
by Elena Volden on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 3:35pm
naked beauty and untapped love,
she gives my life new meaning..
and when she sings me lullabies
i feel as though im dreaming.

she waits for...

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Categories: elena, lovelost, lost, love, me,
Form: I do not know?
Eyes Glued Shut
Droplets redder than Beaujolais 
Speckled the new bone-white carpet 
And glued the eyes wider shut 

Froth does not cloak the glass shards 
larger than silver dollars 
Each sharper than a lions prong 

Piercing and tearing...

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© Alan Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elena, lost love
Form: Free verse
From Distant Shores (Elena)
Golden waves
  roll in from a distant shore,
    but would she
offer me her neck?

  Lithe form
    like the undulating sands
along the Nile
  shifting with each step,

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Categories: elena, introspection, passion
Form: Romanticism
            I never understood what happened
            I never erased your evidence.
            it seemed magic not science
            Still lives in...

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Categories: elena, nostalgia,
Form: Sonnet