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Long Desmond Poems

Long Desmond Poems. Below are the most popular long Desmond by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Desmond poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Translation of Autumn Leaves-Les feuilles mortes de Jacques Prevert by T Wignesan
Autumn Leaves/Les feuilles mortes de Jacques PREVERT (1900-77) 
Translated by T. Wignesan 

(Note: As far as I can make out, this poem is at the heart of all versions of « The Autumn Leaves "...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, autumn, heartbreak, i miss you, lost love,
Form: Free verse

1.    John Desmond Patrick Keegan
2.    Alfred, Lord Tennyson 
3.    Sally Aline Mae Beller
4.    Charles Edward A. Berry
5.    Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce...

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Categories: desmond, appreciation, dedication, inspiration,
Form: List
Playing with native Nigerian names
omo-gori-ola- "often only hollas" but...
its my mic not ikenna's
aunty tee momohmutana-seems to like plenty tea more than bannnas
Gertrude? NO! she aint RUDE! dont. .. slam her
Olumide- he's only mild...wasnt dissing her.
the scribe-his drive, like with...

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Categories: desmond, fun,
Form: ABC
Love Awaits
        the breeze

as the tempest awaits

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Categories: desmond, philosophygod, people, god, people,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member An Erin Adventure
It was an autumn day, fresh and crisp,
with a slight breeze blowing that made 
our cheeks rosy.  My Aunt Trix and I were
on the trip of a lifetime, one in which she
had been making...

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Categories: desmond, adventure, autumn, ireland, travel,
Form: Haibun

Premium Member Crossing That Siberian Desert Of Lost Souls
("" In order for the light to shine so brightly,
 the darkness must be present""  -Francis Bacon)

Crossing That Siberian Desert Of Lost Souls

No joy, no peace, on that darken horrendous stroll
crossing that Siberian desert...

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Categories: desmond, appreciation, creation, dark, death, deep, fate, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Unfinished History
We spoke the history of Flankers under the roof
Of your old school
And I, O I went interviewing for the proof
I have that little book lost somewhere
But in my heart I read it still
The little brown...

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Categories: desmond, childhood, life, placesold, lost, tree, easter, history,
Form: Free verse
Conscientious Objection
Don't let me hurt with these two helping hands again
A lot of reasons Satan gives us. We say, "Don't worry, God forgives us!"
But what excuse could I give Christ to hit humans?

Don't let me run...

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Categories: desmond, christian,
Form: Rhyme
The Fab Four Fiasco
In this age of 'Instant Karma' happiness is turned away,
'All you need is love' to guide you well at least that's what they say,
'In my life' I've witnessed miracles the ghost of 'Yesterday',
When a certain...

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© Tim Parry  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, music,
Form: Rhyme
Awakening early 
just before sunrise
to exquisite sounds
of the morning refrain

Blackbird sweetly 
offers his love
with his passionate tune
surely making her swoon

How could she resist
this morning opera
each wistful aria
expressing his love

Flying towards her
with hope in his heart

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Categories: desmond, good morning, sea, sun,
Form: Rhyme
How to Get On in Society

Original version:

Phone for the fish knives, Norman
As cook is a little unnerved;
You kiddies have crumpled the serviettes
And I must have things daintily served.

Are the requisites all in the toilet?
The frills round the cutlets can...

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Categories: desmond, family, food, me,
Form: Verse
Previews were many for a series called "Lost"
The cast was extensive, oh what a cost!

Production gave, to the viewers, a plight,
When Oceanic 815 began its fated flight

Something went wrong, the plane began to fall
It crashed...

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© Karla Null  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, mystery
Form: Couplet
Letter to a Girl Child
Everything seems impossible when it’s not done
Though when dark times hit, people tend to give up and run
But to where, it’s still under the same sun
This is one of the truth ignored by man.

Yes! Fate...

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Categories: desmond, africa, child, confidence, courage, girl, women, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Ode to Dizzy
Desmond loved his cards, his woman, his song - all three.
But life took a turn (for the better), as you'll see.
He spurned his nickname, Desi, took on faith as his key.
So when duty called, Dizzy...

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Categories: desmond, 11th grade, blessing, grandfather, hope, mentor, work,
Form: Ode
A Proper Walk
            A Proper Walk

Is it something that I said or simply sad?
My refined lady lost her shoes today
By the way, she had no cloths...

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Categories: desmond, adventure, beautiful, change, conflict, confusion, fun, judgement,
Form: Free verse
African Children
African Children

they sleep at night with belly's empty
 rolling in the dirt to comfort their sore's
 hands, eyes, feet
 Marley & Tosh sang of their freedom's cry

 Torn illumination
 Elephant screams
 Disappearing act through the...

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Categories: desmond, africa, allusion, america, analogy, appreciation, arabic, art,
Form: Free verse
An Observer Am I

Here are some people I'd like you to meet,
Various characters who live down our street.
First there's old Alf, the gardener supreme
I've never seen a lawn so lush or so green.

Then there is Elsie, how she...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, life, people,
Form: Rhyme
Desmond Mortley
Walk with me here, friend, once again
Along the dingy street cataloged with dingy lives
For our hopes were eagles here
And the little people preys of pride
How we circled them aloft in our sky
Of some marginal education

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Categories: desmond, friendshipme, me,
Form: Free verse
Tutu - Archhbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu 1931-2021
small father, The Arch is missed even by Dalai Lama, Buddhists
this writer loves Israel, but Tutu cried for Palestine, fellow-activists
my truth: the Arch gave me permission to be an African, a Christian
when I was all...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, america, appreciation, brother, christian, community, funeral, jesus,
Form: Bio
Silence Encourages
Silence Is Encouragement

Desmond Tutu: "If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressor".

A very appropriate quote to describe the significance of apathy....
When silence is not golden,...

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Categories: desmond, abuse, angst, betrayal, community,
Form: Free verse
Dizzy Took A Walk
He was born Desmond
back in the hollers
Pa did it all
For a few dollars

They called him Desi
But that one was took
Changed it to Dizzy
A lesser known hook

He grew quick and strong
And agile to boot
His Pa ran...

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Categories: desmond, humorous,
Form: Quatrain
Sand in the Sandwiches
A Tea Named Green
Your Shiny Chemo Head
Some of my many titles
To encourage
To entice
To invite
Titles to call you 
To draw you in
Like a bright red flashing neon light 
With Just One Look she’s...

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Categories: desmond, emotions, encouraging, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Promise Kept
When Sidney died
I could have died
I could have cried
But fought to save my flat
African 'woonstel,' or 'apartment'
Under auction threat
By PRETOR, for "levies,"
Or security gate fees
Yet managed when I was overseas
By HUURKOR: getting off scott-free?

I promised...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desmond, 12th grade, appreciation, black love, memorial,
Form: Rhyme
Saving Seventy-five Men
Saving seventy-five men
Was truly a noble act; 
Doing it without firing 
A gun brought a huge impact.

Hacksaw Ridge is a story
Of the medic Desmond Doss; 
He had played the greatest role
To prevent the death or...

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Categories: desmond, poems,
Form: Quatrain