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Moon List Poems

These Moon List poems are examples of List poems about Moon. These are the best examples of List Moon poems written by international poets.



What’s Blue by me?  

Butterfly wings, 
the Blue Moth in flight,
stilettos, suede shoes, 
for dancing at night.
Moonbows and rainbows, 
in the spectrum...

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blue, color, fun, humor,

Premium Member When I Am Done I Am Done
fish, lizard, rainbow, cat, pirate, witch,
hat, broom, Peter Pan, Jesus, gypsy, flowers,
starfish, mermaid, peddler man, drums, 

monsters, angels, faeries, fish, babies, raccoons,
skunk, hot air balloons,...

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Categories: art, self,

A List Of Things Less Needed
1.) An amoeba on the cellular level
2.) A flashlight on the sun
3.) The Colorado River at 2:15 am
4.) Thursdays on the moon
5.) Oxygen....Strike that....We need...

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Categories: fun, image, judgement, silly,

Premium Member Morphing of Mondays
Mournday….a sad one

Moonday…..when you’re over the moon about something or someone

Mundaneday……..a Monday that seems a little ho hum

Mineday………..there is a holiday today and you have...

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Categories: day, fun, humor,

Oh wow a great big long list
Ten times a fish cake can be as explosive as an atomic earwig playing with a red hot poker. But a reclusive sea horse often...

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Categories: list, april, arabic, art, assonance,

Be mine

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Categories: heart, i love you,

Premium Member poetry soup very own love poem generator see side list on left
never noticed this feature before lol will come in handy when the muse as done a runner and its your loved ones birthday 


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Categories: list, love,

Perfect like a God
Pure as heaven
      Sweet as honey
         Beautiful as the moon

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Categories: true love,

Premium Member Woolgathering
Behold the nocturnal sky

1. Gaze at the stars
2. Observe the moon
3. Espy a shooting star
4. Listen to night insects
5. Meditate about the day passed
6. Plan...

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Categories: encouraging, faith, feelings,

Premium Member Valentine Poem To Your Beloved
Valentine Poem To Your Beloved 
Deep Inside My Heart  

1 You are my desire my everything that I want in a man that makes...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: inspiration, love, valentines day,

Love Is Strange
Love Is Strange 

I wish I could be the ocean: free, vast, and open, without mundane human responsibility. 
Can you get me a coffee with...

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Categories: anniversary, beauty, best friend,

How Do I Love Thee - Let Me Count The Ways

and every time i see you it is for the first time 
still my heart skips a beat
and every time we kiss it is our first 

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Old Dogs and Children
Old Dogs and Children**

Woke up
always a plus.
Took care of business.
Found my teeth -
a must.
Brushed them…
Made coffee
meditated on its scent
and promise.
Met the dog at the door

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Categories: children, dog, granddaughter, grandfather,

My Wish List for You
I didn't know that I had a Wish List until I woke up this morning.
I know that others make them, but I was never part...

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Categories: list, beautiful, christian, feelings, friendship,

Low Tide
Low Tide
Act 1: Sand
I remember
The hushed curve of a wave
Spooling around my heart
Unfurled strength
Melting to the rhythm of a calming storm
Passing across the...

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Categories: beach, beauty, earth, happiness,

Premium Member LIST

Joy speaks
Sorrow listens;
Seasons change


Look beyond cast
Find present here;
Live now moment


Blank faces zoom
Sea of busy buzz;
No time to stop


Haiku insights
Words fact the act;
Observe the gaze


November moon

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Categories: list, change,

Premium Member Life's Passion
 (A List Poem)

What is your passion?
Impossible to name just one.

From the age of twelve, faith in God 
set the course for all that is...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, faith, love, nature,

I can promise
I can promise you a lifetime of love.
I can promise you a lifetime time of sunshine.
I can promise you a lifetime wealth.
I can promise you...

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Categories: love,

My Love For Her
Let my love for you,
Pour from the depths of my heart.
Let each kiss we share,
Last a lifetime and more.

To hold you in my arms,
Giving you...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, teen,

Life after Death
Whispering thoughts dream hopes of afterlife
Born with life to absorb the world without
Explore beauty as to smell it's skin deeply
Lucious loves opposed to fearful fears

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Categories: death, fear, life, life,