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Confusion List Poems

These Confusion List poems are examples of List poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of List Confusion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Mental Pollution
A feeling creates a word.
A feeling creates a word.
A feeling creates a word.
A feeling creates a word.
A feeling creates a word.
A feeling creates a word.

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Categories: angst, anxiety, confusion, feelings,

The Dilemma of a Student
Hindi, English, maths are mine
Science so boring from my sight 
I wanna fight with social science
Maths: my passion,
English: love
Hindi, you an Indian law
All you Britishers...

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Categories: confusion, fun, mental illness,

Americanized rugby.....this is football
Americanized football....this is soccer....
Americanized christianity....this is Pentecostal ism
Americanized cricket.....this is baseball
Americanized greek / greco roman wrestling....this is Vince McMahon Inc.
Americanized God save...

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Categories: bible, blessing, conflict, confusion,

What do i see
What do I see for I see I have knowledge, I have common sense, I have purpose 
I set my tears long deep down up...

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Categories: bible, confusion, destiny, dream,

Today I Accomplished
Today I accomplished after a sustained effort
I wanted to set my mind free of all its dirt
I got rid of all,  that's redundant
The baggage...

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Categories: how i feel,

A List Of Things To Forget
            A List Of Things To Forget

If it is the sole purpose of the...

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Categories: list, abuse, confusion, crazy, creation,

The First Day of High School
Concrete jail like walls,
Butterflies flying around in my stomach, 
Wandering around in a big school,
Mouthwatering PB and J for lunch,
Never ending day,
Eyes drooping from exhaustion,

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© Emma H  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: education, high school, school,

ad absurdum
This vetted and fully fettered minute 
 has been supplied by Time-Ex
 - Even before you know it, it's gone

This beautiful garden escape,
 sponsored by...

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© Goode Guy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: business, confusion, irony,

Premium Member Bucket List
I decided to put some thought
Into my bucket list today
I examined some metal ones
And worried they would rust away

I remember that plastic one
I really liked...

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Categories: list, confusion,

Premium Member Just a load of cliches
I once lived in a notebook but now I live in your head with your dreams.

And I scheme.

He was warmed to the truth by tea...

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Categories: confusion, fantasy, imagination, introspection,

Poetry Soup
Not knowing what you want can be pretty sad,
looking around and searching for the unreal is bad.
Than you stumble upon a treasure and find your...

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Categories: adventure, confusion, death, dedication,

wish list
I want to experience freedom like I have no masters
to experience life like time doesn't exist
to live humbly and die gracefully
to accept who I am...

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© Leila Hadi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: list, confusion, death, depression, fear,

Why buy your way to power
when giving is so grand!
A write-off ~ benefit or land
can salve the glut of fortunes bower
and give you back command!


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Categories: list, business, political,

I Just Cant
I just cant close my eyes and blink this away.
I just cant keep saying that I dont love you.
I cant keep wondering what happened that...

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Categories: confusion, lost lovelove,

Premium Member Hello
For those that have entered my sonnet me contest:

I have some very good entries...

I have a few with the wrong count.

I have a few with...

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Categories: confusion

My alarm goes off loudly
my aching head had to much sleep
my coffee machine perks  
my cappuccino must be sweet
my body demands a shower
my clock...

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Categories: confusion, funny

Tears so warm and bitter, pain so hurtful and mode. "I wish I 
cannot feel this again." I can't take this anymore I want to...

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Categories: confusion, depression, devotion, forgiveness,

Things i dont understand
1.People who ride the bus when they have a working vehicle

2.People who always talk about the same thing

3.People who dont take proper care of them...

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Categories: confusion

The mad man sees fantasy.
With the spirit confined
In the world combined
And the soul entwined
By the evil of mankind

for Brians contest...

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Categories: angst, confusion, fantasy, life,

Nothing's wrong, everything's fine
I can choose, but can't decide
Looking up, but feeling down
Standing up, but falling to the ground
No questions asked, but the answer, why?

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Categories: confusion, mystery