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Sea Lay Poems

These Sea Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Lay Sea poems written by international poets.

Lay Down Your Arms
Lay Down Your Arms
by Michael R. Burch

Lay down your arms; come, sleep in the sand.
The battle is over and night is at hand.
Our voyage has...

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Categories: lay, beach, conflict, environment, holocaust,

Premium Member Spill
The sun that blisters smiling lips
will warm our blood; the rain that rips
the rose’s dreaming buds will feed
its thirsty roots; the sea will bleed
the edges...

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Categories: love, love hurts,

Lay Me Down
Purge these wanton eyes   
Lost gazing at her beauty   
Held visions burnt in stone   
Killing me ever so slowly...

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Categories: lay, dark, death, goodbye,

Go and lay an egg
a 1 2 3 4 is not a 1 2 1 2 nor a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8....ok then hum....x
A house...

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Categories: lay, april, arabic, august, baseball,

the lay of the land
The Lay of the Land

If my thoughts had wings 
Or better still had arrows and a bow
To pierce your heart
You will open your emerald eyes

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Categories: lay, anniversary, arabic, baby, beach,

If I Sing Again
If I sing again
Let me sing a song like sea immortal
And empty of pain
When fresh flowers fade and so final
If I sing again
Let me sing...

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Categories: children, me, me,

Wherever you lay you down to sleep tonight
Wherever you lay you down to sleep tonight
Be it near the bleating barges
Or the river that fills its sea
Be it where the city lights
Make poor...

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Categories: lay, loss, fear, sleep,

For the patriots
Sometimes life is tragic, sometimes life is tough.
Always and forever sometimes aren’t enough.
Sometimes you might feel, and sometimes you express,
all of your hopes, fears; dreams;...

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Categories: inspirational, passion, peace, life,

Winds of a Changing Way
	I see darkness; coldness; an abyss. I feel cold; lonely; and fear. I know not of how I am able to change my current course...

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost

Simply Unforgetable
Lol here i go writing another big ass letter today. Gosh seeing you for those 15 min or wat ever is now making my heart...

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Categories: adventure, confusion, dedication, devotion,

Day slants against the surf of falling night
Day slants against the surf of falling night
Across the sky
The wishbone comes aligned in feathered flight
Sparkling the eye

Seemless they move in majesty of white
Passing mountains

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Categories: faith, hope, natureme,

Montego Bay Memories
I hear the panting of the feet
Like calypso music, breathless and sweet
The rhumba playing in the heart
And diverse tongues caught by the web of art

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Categories: friendship, people, placesday,

Lay It On Me
(this is another song)

I won't break
I can take it,
I will be just fine
What troubles you 
Troubles me too
Tell me what's on your mind

Lay it all...

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Categories: lay, loveme, love, me,

the ruins in which we lay
There was a time
You thought about nothing
And nothing to you was everything

When torment was a substance abused by the brain
You realized people would always tussle...

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Categories: lay, life, mystery, people, recovery

When I lay down
A tapestry of clouds
Gathered like blue-gray smoke
That bellowed from a cigar 
Made in Havana

A sea of mountains 
Rise up like Mythological Gods and
Jagged edges made...

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Categories: lay, imagination, inspirational, introspection,

Under water drowned
Gone with the wind
Under rubble buried
And by pestilence effaced
Smitten by a ferocious storm
Civilizations go into oblivion!!


The sun is shining
The shoots are erupting
The flowers...

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Categories: natural disasters, life, loss,

A Hawaiian Lay
Let me tell you of a man in a roundabout way
As you casually straighten your tie
The first I heard of Wales 
Was in a public...

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Categories: lay, history, life, on work