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Peace Lay Poems

These Peace Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Lay Peace poems written by international poets.

The village sacrifice
An English village lay at peace
Until that catastrophic day
When flea-infested rolls of fleece
Brought pestilence and death their way.

They heard the village rector say
'No remedy can...

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Categories: courage, death,

Premium Member In Twilight Hours

In twilight hours I find my peace.
Day’s obligations have been met.
It’s time to find my soul’s release
while over hills sun starts to set.

Life’s trials will...

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Categories: peace,

Heavenly Angels Watch over me
Oh! Heavenly angels watch over me twenty-four hours by hours by night and by day.  Watching over me, by keeping me safe from harm....

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Lay With Me

Please lay with me
Take our journey away from everything
Into the world of comfort
Where our souls connect
Sharing our messages that last forever
In a way that will...

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Categories: lay, care, love, peace,

Bracing me up with grace* and might
God hoists my faith for service right

He assures me His presence-bliss
Of compassion’s peace I can’t miss.

Thus, I face each...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion,

Premium Member The poet lay on a barrow dead
This is the poem that made my untried 
fourteen-year-old mind gag and cry
as we poured over every rotten word.

Trapped by magnolia classroom walls
and unwanted thoughts,...

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Categories: lay, anxiety, death, poems, poetry,

Premium Member A Day of Rest
It's late on Friday afternoon
The Sabbath Queen is coming soon
The sun has run her daily course
We've milked the cow and fed the horse
There's only one...

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Categories: jewish, light, peace,

Lay With Me
Lay with me on the grassy hillside 
Tell me everything your heart hides
Amidst the wildflowers in the meadows 
Kiss me softly with innocent restraint
Let's play...

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Categories: lay, dream, i love you,

Premium Member Love Connection
This week Jews read of Aaron's death
High Priest made peace 'tween angry folks
Replaced their groundless hate with love
This week Jews also mourn the Temple
Destroyed because...

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Categories: conflict, love, peace,

Sonnet 1 'Your Head Lay On My Shoulder This While, Love'
Your head lay on my shoulder this while, Love,
And let us rest here, while the nations move!
For we have moments we only dream of,
And, for...

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Categories: lay, happiness, inspirational love, life,

Premium Member Time to Lay Low
The rocky desert was searing red,
And the sky was lapis lazuli
When thundering hooves and swirling dust
Brought grimy, grim men fast riding by.
Their looks and their...

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Categories: lay, anger, emotions, evil, horse,

'The Next Verse'
The answers my friends are blowing in the wind
How many times must governments be told
That global warming is real,
And how many have to...

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Categories: conflict, discrimination, forgiveness, how


It is time to tell my fairy tale,

I swear I’ve not been on the ale.

Lend me your ears, hear me out,

a fairy left...

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Categories: fairy, humorous,

I've Done My Best,Beyond My Means......
But,Still You Act Like A Superior Queen........
You Have No Heart,You Have No Soul........
So,Now It's High Time For You to Go......

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Categories: abuse, anger, anti bullying,

Premium Member Jean-Louis Barrault As I lay dying
Heavy storm was sweeping dark Paris streets
Lit with dim lights that dreary November night 
With ghostly shadows lurking in the corners
Cold wind dancing with dirty...

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Categories: lay, allusion, art, death, french,

To whom do I write?
Who’s to know how I feel inside?
Why these thoughts lead my hand
To write on paper and not on sand

Cigarette on hand,...

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Categories: lay, introspection, poetry, writing,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 3
Ask your friend, neighbour or even a stranger newly-met
Have they ever been damaged by a ‘trust’ ….now turned ‘regret’?
Most men, if not all, have fashioned...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, earth, i

The Oath
The great mother to whom I cry
But when will your mind be to laugh
Or mouth in joy of peace it seeks
When will happiness to brethren...

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Categories: africa, corruption, sad,

As I lay on Deaths Pillow
Moving along through this life I've been handed
Not one of my choice, one that on top of me landed
Making the best of it trying to...

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Categories: lay, death, humanity, peace,

When You Lay Me Down
When you lat me down
Please don't cry
Just say goodbye
Because you'll see me again in time

When you lay me down
Don't ask why he took me 

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Categories: lay, death, depression, feelings, grief,