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Hope Lay Poems

These Hope Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Hope. These are the best examples of Lay Hope poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Nor'easters - CL

Winter heaves and a blizzard forms
clogging the roads with flakes of snow.
Temperatures fall below norms
whilst wintry winds wantonly blow.

Tow-trucks struggle with cars in tow
Nor’easters are...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member MY KNIGHT

Lost in the magic of the night
Sweet the sound of our hearts beating
Reminder never to lose sight
As our dreams on wings seem fleeting

When longing and...

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Categories: hope, life, love, moon,

Premium Member My Love

The young lady who is my love
Is certainly a cut above

She outshines all other women
Next to her, they begin dimming

She is my joy and...

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Categories: joy, love,

Premium Member She dainty stepped - LEI
I saw her first on windswept plain
Her gold hair shone like sunlit grain
Her skin as fair as cloud above 
A form that spoke to me...

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Categories: hope, love, romance,

Premium Member Lay Down Be Still
Lay Down Be Still

I am not responsible, 
for what happened to you. 
You are accountable;
to what happened to me. 
That was and is still a...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, abuse, anti bullying, heartbreak,

Now I lay me down to sleep
In my home that's really sweet
Had three large meals and a snack
There wasn't a hint of any lack
Comfortable shoes...

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© Lyric Man  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, 7th grade, africa, angst,

Days of Kali Yuga
These are the days of kali Yuga
These are trying times
Times of struggle
Sparkles in their eyes
Have they come to know
That these are the...

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Categories: baby,

Premium Member As I Lay in Bed This Morning
As I Lay in Bed This Morning
By Franklin Price

As I lay in bed this morning
Thoughts of the day ran through my head
Opened my eyes and...

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Categories: lay, feelings, sleep, today,

Girl, Together We Lay By The Fire
Girl, together we lay by the fire 
And we hold each other dearly 
We share and care for one another 
Together we shine completely 

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Categories: lay, hope, inspiration, inspirational, love,

Premium Member Jean-Louis Barrault As I lay dying
Heavy storm was sweeping dark Paris streets
Lit with dim lights that dreary November night 
With ghostly shadows lurking in the corners
Cold wind dancing with dirty...

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Categories: lay, allusion, art, death, french,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 3
Ask your friend, neighbour or even a stranger newly-met
Have they ever been damaged by a ‘trust’ ….now turned ‘regret’?
Most men, if not all, have fashioned...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, earth, i

The Oath
The great mother to whom I cry
But when will your mind be to laugh
Or mouth in joy of peace it seeks
When will happiness to brethren...

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Categories: africa, corruption, sad,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 1
The Lay of The Best Man - Part One

I’ve seen men ‘good’, and surely, I’ve seen men ‘bad’
So jealous and so envious, I’ve seen men...

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Categories: humanity, men,

Premium Member A Place to Lay my Head
Oh for a place to lay my weary head
To seek a haven from the stormy strife
With certainty to give my love and life
And know that...

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Categories: lay, longing, love,

When You Lay Down to Sleep
When you lay down to sleep, 
I hope the darkness holds you close 
Enough that you don't feel alone-
When you dream, I hope that
You will...

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Categories: lay, love,

I lay sleeping
I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with...

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Categories: lay, absence, beautiful, beauty, blue,

I lay my head
I lay my head  upon the softness of its mane
My white charger, no knight for a swain
as I am the gallant rider looking for love.

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Categories: lay, horse, love,

May I Lay My Head Upon Your Shoulder
May I Lay My Head
Upon Your Shoulder?
Just For A Moment
and Not A Minute-Longer?

When Hurt’s Too Heavy
The Weight of The World
Gets To Be Too Much
For This...

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Categories: lay, life, lonely,

Lay them in their bed
settled in deep by a heart thats still in mourn
laying down to rest in a bed made by the torn

a face in a picture, eyes...

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© Caryn King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, family, voice, voice,

As I lay here comfortably
As I lay here comfortably
I’m starting to blind time
Cause your feeling flows through mine
Kiss me colorfully soft…
Can’t escape, butterflies
Fly through my stomach til’ I’m intoxicated

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Categories: lay, life, passion,