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Beauty Lay Poems

These Beauty Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Lay Beauty poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Lady From Spain

Across the road down Glory Lane
Past golden  fields of wheat and corn

Lived a lovely lady from Spain
She tended crops since she was...

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Categories: beauty,

Premium Member Oh, Delightful Retreat- CL
Imagine a perfect garden,
and with all its imperfections;
beauty and decay . . .  its burden,
yet, with lovely recollections !

The bees come and make...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: garden,

Premium Member You are the one -LEI

Your beauty so pure, calm like snow, 
Mesmerises me, now I know. 
    Your divine smile, brightens my day, 

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Categories: appreciation, emotions, love,

Premium Member They Sparkle, Yet

Perhaps our sight is soon to fade,

          Still we know love and how it's made -


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Categories: age, appreciation, beauty, passion,

Same old tune - Lei
A gallant knight was much admired
by one and all, but he aspired
to claim the hand of Guinevere
whose charm and beauty had no peer.
At night he'd...

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Categories: romantic love, sad love,

Premium Member Your Coffee Locks
Your coffee locks as soft as silk,
incensed with rich vanilla milk,

exotic as southern isles 
extend for nautical miles

against tamarind skin flowing,
like radiant sunbeams glowing

upon my...

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Categories: beauty, black african american,

Premium Member a wilted rose-Lei
is love to be a wilted rose
to fade beneath the winter snows

to pierce itself with its own thorn
its beauty hide in death to mourn

i watch...

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Categories: analogy, flower, love, rose,

Premium Member If Ever We We're Never
How your smiles appear on my face 
How my love, you take...and embrace
How your heart beats into my chest 
How my feel, feeling you...feels...

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Categories: romantic,

Just think
                 just think 

 ohh feel from my eyes,heart,soul...

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Categories: addiction, butterfly, giggle, love,

As i lay next to you
As I lay next to you
your beauty, your smile
A smile that could light a 1000 miles

As I lay next you
You beauty, your eyes
Eyes that I...

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Categories: lay, beautiful, heart,


Oh! my lady let down, thine hair long;
Maiden fair pining men come sing your song;
Ole gents far near...

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Categories: beauty, lost love, sad

Cartoon Characters
Mermaids, sirens of the seven seas,
Guardians of Davey Joanne’s keys
Water babes, in rivers seen to swim
Young mermaids, now there’s a thing!
Kermit the frog, and miss...

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Categories: animal, celebrity, character, film,

Love Songs
In the deep of night while I'm asleep
You poke me in the side.
And in lucid dreams, it is a dream a dream
Where I wake up,

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Categories: art, poetry,

Free To Lay

 in the night send quite a bit of fright
 yesterday dreams of eating vanilla ice ceam
 outside in the street hearing people scream


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Categories: lay, analogy, anxiety, art, beauty,

Lay Me Down
Purge these wanton eyes   
Lost gazing at her beauty   
Held visions burnt in stone   
Killing me ever so slowly...

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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, dark, death, goodbye,

Nature, Lay With Me
All is calm outside,
I feel the air flowing free.

Wind wraps 'round the trees,
Whispering softly to my ears.

Nature lays with me,
She assures me all is well.

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© Mike A.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, anxiety, autumn, beauty, environment,

lay down
I told her to lay down on the bed
Her cheeks went red
I wanted her to tell me
About her dreams awake
but she thought I meant other...

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Categories: lay, trust,

Lay down
I told her to lay down on the bed
Her cheeks went red
I wanted her to tell me
About her dreams awake
but she thought I meant other...

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Categories: lay, relationship,

Premium Member A Heart Lay Broken
A spirit flies alone there's no love true without saying goodbye 
soul searching deeply without sacrifice your gone 
walking golden sands inside the heart all...

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Categories: lay, dream, emotions, feelings, heart,

Premium Member I Lay My Desires Deep Into You
I Lay My Desires Deep Into You 

In my mind, I am reminded

Sweet nights in your soft bed
longing for your deep kiss
As my body aches...

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Categories: lay, desire, devotion, love, lust,