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Song Kyrielle Poems

These Song Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Song. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Song poems written by international poets.

Premium Member if composed

a harmony on strings of dreams
soft music tarries on night's seams
it sings a song that makes me whole
a melody within my soul

i hear the sounds...

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Categories: music, song,

Premium Member Sweet Music to My Ears
We’re at the beach where seagulls soar.
All nature and sun’s warmth bring bliss.
I hear soft waves that lap the shore.
Sweet music to my ears is...

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Categories: sound,

Life In Long Night
The light through me travels fast
Darkness like lust in me prolongs
My shadow on you don’t ever last
For my days are short, nights long.

I am visible...

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Categories: dark, lost, night,

Premium Member The Winds of Change
The winds of change, they always come along.
We get to feeling safe and lose our fear.
And then as if from nowhere, blowing strong,
stampeding Pegasuses, they...

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Categories: world,

Premium Member FIRST FRUITS

In number small - God’s chosen men,
doth storm the earth with words and pen.
Strong tithe retells of glory reaped.
Offered first fruits of those who...

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member TICK-TOCK its 2017 on sunday
tick-tock  tick-tock
times edges the Seasons around
tick-tock  tick-tock
outdoors ,Summer sounds
tick-tock  tick-tock
times edges the months around
tick-tock  tick-tock
the Autumn harvest abounds
tick-tock  tick-tock
times edges...

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Categories: time, travel,

Ribbons and bows, tied to the flames
Friendship held in an open hand,
Trust given, affection unplanned.
Love turns like a calendar page,
One can't quench an inferno's rage.

Golden restraints of space and time,
Faith's cold,...

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Categories: best friend, crush, culture,



I wanted truth, you told me lies,
you love me but you agonize.
Now, I am glad you acting mild
for I and her have...

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Categories: abuse, depression, feelings, relationship,

Freedom Implores Fresh Start
Again, I was freed from a mad hurricane
Call it by any name, it's still the same
Two eldest siblings, lost their lives in the dark
Freedom implores...

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Categories: blessing, change, dedication, forgiveness,

Ivan Hunter
Just a quick look
First chapter of a book
First verse of a song
Can’t stay overlong

A 50-yard dash
Gone in a flash
Not right, not wrong
Can’t stay overlong

A heat...

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Categories: brother,

Premium Member Quiet Me With Your Love
Quiet me with Your love, Lord
The noise of the world is loud
I cannot hear
Your still small voice
Whispering in my ear…..
Quiet me…..

Hush this beating of my...

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Categories: child, prayer, song, spiritual,

Premium Member A St Paddy's Day Kyrielle
St. Paddy’s Day has come. At dawn,
Wake up and put a smile on!
The birds are whistling cheerily
This day of green, a day for glee.

The time...

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Categories: holiday, day, day,

Premium Member Eating Grits
Out on the porch in the still morn
Looking at the foggy damp knoll
As I think about being reborn
And eat grits from the new soup bowl


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Categories: inspirational, introspection, life,

Cliche Kyrielle
This weary soul has toiled long
This heart has worn itself out in song,
Oh, Lord, have mercy on me.

This aching back, bent in the fields,
Working stony...

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Categories: on work and working,

The Soldier's Song
We live in a land of great pride, 
where brave men and women have died,
to preserve our right to be free,
O God, be merciful to...

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America Melting Pot
A land where all our dreams come true,
A place where we can start brand new,
Where opportunity can chase us down,
Lord have mercy, may you always...

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Categories: faith, history, hope, life,

Teenage Pregnancy
With broken heart and all alone, she cried.
“I love you.” were his words, but he lied.
A sweet young girl now lost in deep despairs.
No! ...

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Categories: angst, life, teen, upliftinggod,

Premium Member Dr Rams Words Are Better Than Gold
Exquisite the ravel of his comforting quilt
a pondering notion of wisdom is felt 
I take a sip of his lovely red wine,  

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Categories: adventure, devotion, friendship, happiness,

Nippy air bites the skin, sunlight trails off in a sky so morose;  
bare trees contemplate the yellow grass below mourning their lost splendor;

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Categories: history, holiday, inspirational, love,

Premium Member 'Wild Bells and Blue Sky"
Off with the old, and on with the new,
  Hopefully good ambitions all pursue,
  Salute Lord Tennyson do or die!
Ring out wild bells,...

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Categories: funnyold, old, sky,