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Philosophy Italian Sonnet Poems

These Philosophy Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Philosophy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Burden of Perfection
Common wisdom states no one must take
Or receive more than can carry
Without pause or delay, a sin to tarry
For under that stay, avarice can overtake

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Categories: philosophy, pride,

The dull drip, drip, drip of thick, blackened blood pours
into the veins that beat a path to my heart,
with each feeble pulse, bit by bit,...

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Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, betrayal,

The Long Burial
With a strange, strangled gasp, we gulp the cold air
Crisscrossed by bats in their mad zigzag dash
From out of this cave, out from under this...

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Categories: assonance, death, grave, life,

A Sonnet to the iPhone
I shoot up above the silent, spellbound crowd,
Gaping down at their bright hands with glassy eyes,
Then I pierce the satin clouds that dress the skies,

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Categories: addiction, loneliness, lonely, philosophy,

Premium Member Veteran's Day
It's called, "The Greatest Story Ever Told,"
A virgin's child fulfilling prophecy
The Son of God who died for you and me
The Bible tells, "to save our...

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Categories: appreciation, patriotic, philosophy,

Passionate Friends
Friendship is the deepest emotional gift that can be known.
You may have many friends in life, but there will be one.
This is the inner boundary...

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Categories: devotion, friendship, happiness, life,

Premium Member Sonnet written in Optimist Park -Italian Sonnet- -win
(Rhyme scheme : abba abba cde cde)

I met a pessimist walker in Optimist Park,
She walked with a walker and a co-walker
Crippled, stressed, depressed, a fatuous...

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Categories: philosophy,

A Sonnet of Confidence
I used to march without a sense of pride
And never held myself with high esteem.
Appeasing everybody else’s dream,
I’d lose the battle fighting for their side.

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Categories: life, philosophy, uplifting, visionaryheart,

My Father
My father...
You are a unique flower
This is how I keep you
In my heart forever
Until the sunset waves goodbye
My father...
You dwell now in the heart of...

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Categories: fatherbeautiful, heart, beautiful, heart,

Words And The Word
What has become of all the words I speak
That leave my mouth to touch some others ears
I hope I have at least calmed others fears

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Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, life,

What motivation drives her infant feet
to push back at the ground she knows so well?
What causes her to suddenly rebel
and with the savage walking world...

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Categories: introspection, life, philosophy,

In searching
Within a world, to live and not exist
a whirlwind through the days in careless haste;
in beauty seek the moments, not to waste
but single one in...

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Categories: introspection, life, love, philosophy,

Premium Member Sonnet written in Optimist Park-w
I met a pessimist walker in Optimist Park,
She walked with a walker and a co-walker
Swaying on either side, not in her mark.
Crippled, stressed, depressed, a...

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Categories: philosophy,