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Happy Imagism Poems

These Happy Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Imagism Happy poems written by international poets.

Space me
A peace of mind 
Walking by myself at a decent time 
No one to check on me 
At least I’m fine
Lower my standards 
A million...

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Categories: 3rd grade, adventure, allegory,

Premium Member Wind Spinners Throughout My Garden
Wind spinners throughout my garden
Perky and pretty
Moving with the wind
Sharing the truth of the day
In a hearty happy way
Makes the land lovable
Creates a magical feeling

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Categories: garden,

Premium Member In Gods Country
The leaves crunch under my feet as I walk.
Admiring my forest for the hundredth time.
Loving it that deer bound away flashing me with their tails.

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member A Child's Wish Comes True
He's all done 
his requested gift 
from Santa
and his face 
explodes with bliss!
Shrieks and jumps
for joy ensues
He's on happy child!

Date written: 12/01/2019...

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Categories: child, happiness, holiday, imagery,

Absence of sound
A small “library” in the heart
There are some pictures amd 
Moments which I like most
Sometimes I catch a glimpse
In softened waves of blue
Life is a...

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Categories: 4th grade, heart,

Premium Member Liberated

Pre-dawn morn
snow blankets the ground
under its cover
fast asleep...
Well, hello, Mr. Sun
and welcome!
Smile, sparkle and shine
on spotless white lawns...
Aha! The first tear in the fabric
a clump...

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Categories: freedom, green, snow, winter,

Who are you
On a rainy evening walking through the rain
I have lost my soul on a rivers bank
It float around and finally bend with you
My despair drowned...

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Categories: image,

Premium Member A Little Boy
A Little Boy is
	Jelly on his face
	Dirt under his nails
	A patch on his knee
	String trailing from 
	One pocket and
	A frog in the other

A little boy...

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© Mel Gill  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 10th grade, children, emotions,

Premium Member Shangri La
Yellow lilies in turquoise pots. Smiling happily, smug even.
But as happy as their cocky orange spotted cousins? Maybe not.
Their blue-red dark lily cousins had appeared...

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Categories: garden,

Happy Ever After
***We try to find happiness outside the confines of our dreams... for what becomes of life if we do not dream of it ~ 

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© Niyna Che  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, first love, happiness,

Controversial friend
A friend so controversial,
Cried to me the other day
I wept too.
But she asked me;
“Dear, why do you cry?
“I am only too happy with you
Reason for...

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Categories: feelings, irony,

Colors in a morning parade
In their morning parade
Seven colors found they were all different but happy

Red looked at herself then others
Why am I so bright?
Sun, tell me
Am  I...

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Categories: happiness, metaphor, satire,

Premium Member Mistress of the Meadow Maybe
I am the sorcerer of nothing
The master of no one
The author of an imaginary missive still in the bowels of non-existence

I am the queen of...

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Categories: spring,

Mr Krabs secret formula
Chilling with my computer
Skyping to myself,
Pretending that the computer
Talks lets imagine:
I'm Plankton and i want the secret formula!
The gradients of success,
Too bad: guess that...

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Categories: allegory, identity, image, life,

Premium Member Glorious Wonderful Moss
The moss stands out magnificently 
A neon green, outshining other greens 
Serving her oak and cottonwood heroes well, 
Helping the woodlands to live their happy...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Mystical Magic Surrounds Jack Frost's Handiwork
Frosted icicle ledges 
Cold air surprises our noses
Hard diamond water forms ice
Asthmatics run for their inhalers

Dripping icicles forms well tipped arrows
Crystal spider webs of glass...

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Categories: winter,

Premium Member Reading Room Smiles
Smiling children sitting around listening, squeals and claps issue from the group.  This happy place, this library allows their elation; I start my day...

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Categories: appreciation, books, children, imagery,

Muscle bound
Are we heading for the same fate as civilisations past?
As we grow too fast,
On too big a repast.

Our muscles bound up in red tape,
Bending us...

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Categories: analogy, animal, autumn, blue,

Fiction happiness

That giggling stone that bright eye invades
That mirror that rays upon waves
How ocular the eye whence happy
A dazzeling charm penetrates the soul
A wonder a belief...

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Categories: happiness,


Imagine a world for no and everyone
Where we all are here to be as one and to save the world
Where we have no differences at...

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Categories: discrimination, family, humanity, imagination,