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Daughter Imagism Poems

These Daughter Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Imagism Daughter poems written by international poets.

Mr Krabs secret formula
Chilling with my computer
Skyping to myself,
Pretending that the computer
Talks lets imagine:
I'm Plankton and i want the secret formula!
The gradients of success,
Too bad: guess that...

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Categories: allegory, identity, image, life,


Raucus rock concert  -
Five shrieking dervishes  
On stage.
Five thousand shieking dervishes 
In audience. 
Brought home daughter
Hoarse and deafened.
Overcrowded cacophony.
Me, tea, bed and...

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Categories: music,

Some Pros and Cons of being Virtually Connected to Reality 1st byte
Dune not be bashful, grumpy, leery 
   or any other contemporary dwarf man
even countless less well known dwarves 
   (that never...

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Categories: anger, earth, freedom, hello,

Originating from a tropical country
My family and I decided to go to Taiwan
We were on an airbus, big and long
Sitting with each other and playing

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, imagination,

Rumpelstiltskin rebranded as outre designer couture
the daughter of a miller abducted, exiled, held 
locked as prisoner didst bawl
achingly, effusively, indubitably murmured plaintively 
quite riotously didst call
out for help, when stalked...

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Categories: abuse, allegory, anger, art,

ramble on me
ramble on me
handle ing stampedes
back footed laughter
what other offer
pose me an pauper

lean into me
greedings away
what lack have

reason in to me
what crow have

poetry me

every line is...

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Categories: art,

The Hostler's Daughter
Lassie, pretty, invincible pleasure
The pride of a skilled crafter!
There lived on the landscapes a farrier,
By the ruins of Ottoman Empire.
His daughter, heaven's courtier!
A professional innkeeper;

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Categories: imagination,

Grand Poo-bah
She struts out of the golden elevator
like the Grand Marshall of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade
Crystal high-heels rhythmically clicking
on the gleaming marble floor
Pompadour bouffant hair
that’s styled so...

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Categories: character, identity, image, woman,

Open plans' are the thing, they said.
Not for me, I said. 

You old fuddy duddy,
You have had your day, they said.

I like a bit of...

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Categories: age, analogy, books, celebration,

My Grape
I peel off my secrets, for love ain't a feeling
I let out this known, for death is unknown
With chastity i utter, for justice at ease

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Categories: life, love, trust,

Old pal
" Hey old man "

He got the woods ready to take home and  burn
when the sound of the sonic
began to follow him and led...

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Categories: horror, howl, identity, imagery,


I was about to loving you
I was about to give you the chance
I was about to take you to my life
I was taking...

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Categories: break up,

A Young Life Perished, Earlier Today
There was a thing rolling on the corner of the street
Round, hairy, small, but not hard to notice
And a body, lying faced down on the...

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© James Hou  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child, death, heartbroken, mother

 if you've been around the block then you've been around the world.
I've found out that the only way I could relive my life was...

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© mark brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: child, daughter, dedication, family,

Journey's End-Rich
Journey' End

Seeing Franklin in the Music City I realised it is my journey's end
If the goddess of wealth would rain money and generosities
I would live...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, dream,

Her and Between the Two Men
Her and (Between) the Two Men Part 1
She had just met them, the two men.
And of course at first she would appear an innocent child;

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Categories: abuse, lust,

Let me bear my broken bones,
To the morning winds , cool and fresh,
Let my weary feet dance with the fish,
To the gentle rhythm of the...

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Categories: joy, love, mentor, mom,

Into Your Kingdom Of Love

Which time is better?
Which season is better?
Which companion is...

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Categories: baby, daughter, dream, innocence,

Bring back my child
She bares a striking 
resemblance to early morning 
Pure and innocent her scent 
reflects on the faces of those 
who devour the finest incense
She has

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Categories: abuse, baby, children, daughter,

Just Joke-ing
Thing's that a loving father might say to
his ever loving teen or precious daughter!

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Categories: funnyteen,