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Christmas Imagism Poems

These Christmas Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Imagism Christmas poems written by international poets.

The Glow of Family
I started in the desert cold
Red cliffs looming o’er my home
Like Scottish aunts inspecting my cradle
I set a course of study 
Veering only to serve...

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: family, life,

there are more kinds of rich
There are more kinds of rich,
Than stars in the heavens.

There are rich colours,
Rich dark chocolates,
And countless other rich foods.

There are people rich in servants,
Rich in...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

A worms Christmas Past
It was the night before Christmas,
And all the worms were fasting,
Making room for all the Christmas leftovers,
From tables oversupplied,
By humans with eyes bigger than stomachs

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Categories: addiction, appreciation, body, boxing

Premium Member A Curious Cat Roams At Peace
Evergreen pines 
Evergreen firs,
Yellow moon size star rays shining through,
Nighttime in the forest.

Red cardinals mutter, mourning doves coo
On branches in sleep
Roosting in their wait for...

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Categories: christmas, imagery,

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pumpkin, float on the air to my waiting nose.

Sounds of paper tearing while laughter echoes throughout each room, inundating my senses...

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Categories: celebration, children, christmas, family,

Santas Secrets
There are many secrets tucked
Carefully away at the North Pole;
Santa hides them on purpose, so 
You’ll never find them.

Things like the special camera 
He uses...

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Categories: celebration, childhood, christmas, december,

Walking amidst latent Christmas —
path of pines
with diverse needles,
in the Summer-soaked sun.
A chipmunk nestled in its soft branch
— the chosen one.


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Categories: animal, summer, tree,


The shivering grey of gloomy December’s
Sky is  banished by the frost of January ...

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Categories: allusion, inspirational, stars,

When God, who is forever free,
Breathed life into my earthly frame,—
From that first day, by His free will
When I a living soul became,—
A babe upon...

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Categories: celebration, celebrity, christian, christmas,

Like a skillful fisherman
untangling his nets,

the hardy homeowner

lays out Xmas lights

on his snow-covered drive....

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Categories: christmas,

Premium Member Alpine Wind
It's too hot and humid for September!
Even dust specks descending in the room's sunlight
are beads of sweat running down my sides.
I bring pencil, crossword and...

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Categories: humor, longing, weather,

1.Attention on my computer!
An intruder detected.
It is not a...

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Categories: birthday, blessing, boxing day ,

Premium Member Ribbons and Bows
Ribbons and bows, tied to the flames,
  dance in winter like reindeer games.
Scarlet reds and emerald greens
  paint false pravado of Christmas scenes.

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, seasons,

Premium Member TIME FOR THANKS

Thanksgiving beckons,yet letters are piled
mostly bills due, nearing a month’s round…
I think of the homeless with nothing to eat ,
reflecting on a newborn, draped in...

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Categories: christmas, meaningful,

Every Creature Has A Hidden Agenda
Every creature has a hidden agenda
Every dream tells different story
With secrets lashing from opposite directions;
So think of the storm on Christmas day,
Rain taking vacation during...

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Categories: betrayal, character, introspection,

Hush now three days yet to past.
My grandmother joy was fulfilled with laughter.
The Christmas spirit was upon us once again.
The tree is surrounded with presents...

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Categories: christmas, december, environment, eve,

Premium Member What's Up with Santa
Santa felt all out of sorts up there in the pole,
the elves looked at each other and shook their heads.
They had tried their best to...

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Categories: child, children, christmas,


Isolated pale pole,  far remote :
Tick of sun’s clock brings only midday darkness,
Bleeding warmth to a chilled cold,
And a harsh, bitter wind blowing
Winter-death into...

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Categories: allusion, loneliness,

Down comes the trickling water down the fossils formed as rocks
The everlasting tranquility that forms in formation
Repetitions as it roars like troubling forceful waves
The ultimate...

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© stacey law  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: water,

The Lynching Party
The tree stands limp, dormant within a garish black unheard sky
Innocently displaying
(Mans inferiority complex)
Light reflects white which lays in leaf and dried blood
Which once flowed...

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Categories: angst, history, people, dark,