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Cat Imagism Poems

These Cat Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Imagism Cat poems written by international poets.

Premium Member At dawn
when --
at dawn
we spotted the cat
scooting under the fence
   who knew---
   it would be lying on its back

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Categories: cat,

The Smell of a Dead Cat
The smell of a dead cat
Swelling in the culvert
Is stinking rich!

A toxic dose
It lodges in the nose
You pay the bill!

Should the president come
Let him calm

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Categories: allusion, extended metaphor, pollution,

Premium Member Bloodcurdling
Royally draped over a soft cushion
hugging a soft, fluffy white carpet
her gaze wanders 
to the flickering images
on the TV screen
before her...
abruptly transfixed
rocking on her haunches...

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Categories: cat, fear, scary,

Premium Member Wonderful Napping Weather
Falling asleep softly
On a mellow summers day
My eyes flutter open at rooster’s crow
I sit in my porch chair listening to the gentle hum,
Softly serenading me...

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Categories: sleep, summer,

Premium Member A Curious Cat Roams At Peace
Evergreen pines 
Evergreen firs,
Yellow moon size star rays shining through,
Nighttime in the forest.

Red cardinals mutter, mourning doves coo
On branches in sleep
Roosting in their wait for...

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Categories: christmas, imagery,

Premium Member Shark, Cat Contortionist
Shark, the cat, is sitting catty-wampus today.  He is a contortionist. His head is to the north,
His tail to the west, paws to the...

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Categories: cat, funny,

On the road.

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Categories: cat, death, sad,

Premium Member Silent Strike
Obsidian velvet
Parts the leaves;
Silent paws impress
The land and in
Moonlit shadows;
A great specter hides.
In one swift flash
Of light and shadow-play,
Panther takes his prey.

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Categories: animal, cat, image, imagery,

Premium Member Afternoon Mosaic Garden
Rose quartz reposes
in peridot buds
Jade trees dangle
Ruby Reds
lapis jays swoop
on a topaz cat
with emerald eyes
under a citrine sun 
Amethyst iris preen
through amber rays
of afternoon...

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Categories: garden, imagery, nature,

During my Birthday
during my birthday
many visitors came
a dog without a tail
a girl without breasts
a snake that bites not
cat without eyes, ears
a bird with no wings
driver without vehicle

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Categories: history, satire,

Premium Member Alpine Wind
It's too hot and humid for September!
Even dust specks descending in the room's sunlight
are beads of sweat running down my sides.
I bring pencil, crossword and...

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Categories: humor, longing, weather,

A Cat
I saw a cat wearing a hat
Looks so cute holding a bat
But wait!
Why does he looks so tall?
Uh oh...
He's wearing a soccer shoes
That fits in...

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Categories: imagination, , cute,

Bring up a child
If you want to bring up a child
loyal, strong and independent
full of wisdom and knowledge
release him to the hostile world.
Overprotect and massage the child

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Categories: education, irony,

Away in the night on All Hallow Eve 
	we thought we saw the shadow of a thief.
Away in the night I saw a black cat

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Categories: angst, anxiety, halloween, horror,

Blue balloons with red,
Fear of closing eyes,
A growling dad,
The hostile place,
A terrified boy,

Blue balloons with red,
All desires womanized,
A thorny bed,
Finding skirts to chase,
Sex with a...

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Categories: allusion, desire, dream, emotions,

Premium Member A Woman With A Cheshire Cat Smile
               An arbitrary woman on the street

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Categories: beautiful, imagery, memory, morning,

The gap
Into your eye’s,

in your gap between the tides-

desire to buy,

to purchase awry,

what was never before mine,

a cat on the ride,

afence surrounding my size,

the sound of...

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Categories: absence, addiction, anniversary, first


Sleepy with silent words , soundless print      ...

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Categories: death, peace,

A cat sniffs the crooked brown dough of the sullen moon;
The tempting smell of warm bread seems held by a glass sky
Old age, carefully steps...

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Categories: age, art, car, care,

Moon Light
Moon Light

Moon, so round and so bright
you could see a witch at flight!

03rd Oct' 2013...

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Categories: cat,