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Health Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Health Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Health. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Health poems written by international poets.

Serpens Savium
I lay encased in darkness, in loathing, 
With twisted visions, my mind betrothing 
My dried lips with a lustful, moistened hue. 
In that blackness moved...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, animal, religious,

The Last Door

It was the last door for me to open.
I didn’t know what lay behind, hidden
Forgotten memories, feelings packed high?
Or if not forgotten, just painful. Lost.


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Categories: abuse, allegory, goodbye, health,

Premium Member To the Scoffers of Sensual Writes
To those who think that poetry must be
of lofty things, not sensuality
To those who write of stars and sun and moon
and who to romance will...

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Categories: passion, poetry,

Alkali Elements - Lithium, Sodium, Potassium

Part 1

Lithium, Sodium, Potassium
All from Periodic Table Group One
Their reactivity is maximum
And they affect the human condition

Rechargeable batteries use Lithium
As a component in their production

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Categories: class, education, firework, food,

The question
The sweat dripped on the soil
As the seed was set in the ground
It is with deliberate toil
That life’s constraints unwound

The seed sat on the shelf

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Categories: birth, life, nature,

Premium Member Aging
I rise to face yet still more life again
And know my day will be about my age
Through sight that makes all things appear opaque
I hear...

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Categories: age, care, caregiving, death,

Premium Member The Elements
Earth Day has come again this year, and gone
And hardly anyone has seemed to care.
Earth has provided well for us so long.
We do not realize...

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Categories: earth day, environment,

Yoga Stretch
My wife joined yoga to stretch out her core;
Though extreme moves sometimes made her holler.
Yet when they raised fees, it hurt a lot more,
So she...

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Categories: health, humorous, wife, wife,

As my Mother Slips Away
I called my mother the other day- just to listen to her voice
She answered dear Steve – yes this is me- how are you this...

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Categories: confusion, depression, faith, family,

Just say GO

Just say GO

An imaginary race,
Running nowhere fast,
Sweat pours down my face,
Hoping time has passed.

Pop a pill an hour,
Distractions proving gold,
Hop into a shower,
Warm away the...

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Categories: angst, death, health, life,

Memory Lapse

Every now and then,
A memory will surface,
Emerging from within,
Secretive in purpose.

Revealing bits of life,
I didn’t know exist,
Ashamed of  what I’ve done,
Things I should resist.


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Categories: confusion, depression, fear, health,

They said I was young, they said I was foolish
As I made many mistakes of all types
They misunderstood; I was taking those risks
To find some...

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Categories: angst, confusion, death, dedication,

My Teacher
She never cried at her husband's death
Whom she had nurtured in sickness and in health;
Her presence in Paris was no romantic dream
But a necessity occasioned...

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Categories: dedication


waves of wicked torment hit the ship in which i reside
there i stand laughing as if a giggle spasm i have inside
there is...

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Categories: visionary, giggle,

dreaming of decadence
Dreaming of Decadence

Delicious succulence sensing shameless servitude 
To soft swirls of cinnamon
Chocolate caressing tongue and palette in
Swallowed wet sweetness of slithering coolness as
Oil-dripping hands slide...

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Categories: food, health, life, body,

Selfish employment
Once I was an alien
because of family ties
Once I was a sailor man
Told recruitment lies
Now I am a veteran
with socialized security
A part time postal carrier

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Categories: introspection, nostalgia, on work