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Girl Heroic Couplets Poems

These Girl Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Girl. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Girl poems written by international poets.

the saddest movie I've ever seen
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is the saddest movie I've ever seen!
Particularly because I kept rooting for his heart to be made clean

Hoping he'll repent...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, heaven,

On Baby Name Wizard
pronounced, whispered

this is what I saw

"Panagiota" ---
Greek Madonna


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Categories: tribute,

Premium Member --SHE ACCEPTED ME --
she accepted me
long before reality
at the roots of our family tree
destine to have been
she accepted me

it was meant to be;
sweet tenderly
God has so graciously
gave signs...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, girlfriend, how

Listen to the river cane shifting in the wind
The black water twinkles under the moon's leering grin
Listen to the whisper of the sycamores rustling low

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Categories: dark, myth, river, sensual,

Premium Member Nick Fury Agent of S H I E L D
Long before the cold war                    ...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, caregiving, engagement,

Premium Member Prince Namor THE SUB-MARINER

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Categories: celebrity, hero,

Premium Member X MEN
Stranger things beacon
 these young teen agers
when a bald-headed
saw them individually-telekelically

a girl a Marvel girl
she could perform miracles
can read minds nothing can be hidden
from this...

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Categories: celebrity, character, hero,

Premium Member Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur
Now I'm a nine year old female African American girl;
A prodigy and I am a daddy's girl
Mom puts my hair in a bun
Yes, I'm nine...

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Categories: best friend, friendship, hero,

The Kiss
There was a boy and his name was Nick.
He caught a virus and now he's sick.
He can't go to church and he can't go to...

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Categories: childhood, funny, girlfriend, kiss,

Sarah Storey
Sarah Storey was the first disabled athlete, 
In the Commonwealth Games to compete, 
As an English competitor, and she’s thrice, 
Able-bodied national track champion of...

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Categories: body, celebrity, health, race,

Courageous Swordsman's Tale
It was late summer night 
In a valley near Darmstadt 
Riding his horse our brave knight
Heading home from an other fight
Rich of glory though in...

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Categories: courage, hero, inspiration, love,

Hope And Lies
This is a story about my lost, dreadful life.
I wonder out of this pain what shall arise,
From the rubble of a life built on hope...

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Categories: inspiration, inspirational,


He is young, handsome and got all it takes
To get involved with him, girls get tied to the stakes
Early in his age...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, best friend,


Saw a friend of mine the other day
He wasn’t in...

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Categories: introspection, love, girl, me,

Some Hero
I wish i had my abs creased n an muscles on My body
With a mask on my face so the girls call me Hotty
Or swing...

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Categories: fantasyme, me,

Just a maid,just sixteen
a serving girl,a go-between
upstairs and downstairs ,her scene
'til love was to intervene;
She,so young,he,the master's son
a web of attraction,begun
one rainy afternoon,in June;
A familiar...

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Categories: family, fatherbaby, baby,

Education My Way (The Game)
I read the daily papers,
and see the hideous capers.
I watch the evening news,
and find another abused.

A woman goes on a blind date,
she's beaten and raped.

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Categories: educationwoman, education, high school,

Broken down and hollow, up on the shelf.
 I'm scared and ashamed, up here by myself.
Dreams of you holding me, are all I know.

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Categories: fantasy, imagination

Heart Shaped Box
My mother opens up the door,
finding a heart shaped box on the earths floor.
Who could it be from she does not know,
so excitement starts to...

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Categories: death, lost love, love

Man Of Our Dreams....
I see you for who you really are.
 Did you think I'd ever let it go so far?
Once I thought you were beautiful, and sweet....

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Categories: angst, fantasy, imagination, sadwomen,