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Good to the Last Drop by Lehman, Christine

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MY Icecream

so smooth you are-
the thought of you soothe's down my throat.
milkshakes, mocha latte's and root beer floats...
baby you are my chocolate chip, you're my honey dip
...and I just love the way your cream is whipped...
butter pecans, hot fudge and caramel
I love your taste and your sweet unforgettable smell...
everytime after tasting mind dwells...
on the rainbow colored sprinkles placed upon you
there's no other flavor I wanna try beyond you...
hot syrup oozing all over you
-no matter cold or're my fondue
baby you're so good, I want double scoops of you
you chill my body in this heat
my favorite dessert, my favorite treat...
without your taste, I'm incomplete
- you give me this feeling-
I never felt...
and when I have you, my heart just melts
...I'll put you in my icebox to preserve you
you taste so good, sometimes I wonder if I deserve you...
slowly churned, soft served and home made...
...I like many kinds...but you're perfect just the way you're made.
I'll place you in my cone and put a cherry on your top
cause baby you're just like icecream...
good to the last drop!

Copyright © Natalie Braddy | Year Posted 2012

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Good to the Last Drop

Morning coffee burns
when it hits my sleepy lips
boy, it sure tastes good!

Copyright © Christine Lehman | Year Posted 2016

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Loving you is cruel and unusual punishment.

When I met you, I should have started running to a tent.

I simply can't handle it. This  is cruel and unusual punishment.

You dropped the bomb on me and I cannot pick up the pieces.

Your love to me was like Red Hots covered in Reese's Pieces.

After I got the sweet peanut buttery treat then the mouth

Of the river of my love got hot from the other layer that

Tastes and feels like the cinnamony Red Hots. It's no longer

Like Folgers it feels good to the last drop but I don't want it

And it want to stop. I feel like calling the cops because loving

You is a crime and it's taking too much time to end this

Love it's cruel and unusual punishment.



Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2011

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About Rain Drops

Hidden in the rain drops coming down
Galaxies hide between each one unseen
Wandering particles, giants meandering
Caught in humidity thick amid the wet
Heat waves measure out ripples
No matter how hot and heavy it gets
Vastness is left to the cosmos alone

Naked above the landscape 
Green with envy nature makes no mistake
Begins by pouring out its heart

Showers are shrouded in storm warnings
Concrete weight takes the measure of rain
In streams of definition to the surface reservoirs 

Fog rolls with the eyes misunderstanding
Stars stand out to fool the wanderer
Each one dots the sky
Cross boundaries of perception to be detected
Find resurrection in the storm

It is more than we can fathom in a tear
Mist worries us but that is not the same

Far and wide amid each system
Something undetected passes by 
What about rain drops glistening
They capture our imagination

We miss what is going on between them
It is all about perception flanked by drops
Knowing not to sit about simply watching
Waiting for them to fall in cold succession

Vision can not pierce through solid clouds
Trust the blanket of the rain
To cover the cosmic wonders out of sight
Showers know what to do from their point of view
From their perspective
Which is good to the last drop coming down

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2016

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Long Live The Sillies

Enough is enough of this seriousness Back to the sillies where I belong Here's something to ponder, my friends Why is the word 'abbreviation' so long I don't usually have to think twice Before giving it a second thought You're schizophrenic? That makes four of us Skydiving is good to the last drop Have you heard that gravity is a myth In reality, it's the Earth that sucks Did you know old people have a secret That secret is known as luck You know you have a small apartment When Kellogg's Coco Pops echo Maybe our world is another planet's hell Sure wouldn't surprise me to know Why do psychics have to ask you your name Going to live forever... so far so good I adore you more than beans and rice If I could love you more I would They say, hard work pays off in the future I say, laziness pays off now Some sage advice, never ever stand close To the back end of a cow All those who believe in psycho kinesis Will you please raise my hand People usually wind up in a prone position While involved in a one night STAND What happens if you get scared to death twice What do sheep count to help them sleep Ever wonder why all blackboards are green Do birds shake wings when they greet © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Valentines Java Thirst

Mornin coffee thinkin of you!
Simmers thoughts of a wonderful brew,
as dreams of romance percolate into view!
Such an awesome aroma I sense,
if we were to become more intense!
How's about a warm slow roast,
somethin that you'll like the most!
And if you want to make it nice'n hot,
know Im gonna like you a lot!
Here's some sugar for your cup dear,
with visions of holding you near!
Cafe au' lait is a tasty treat,
but bet your the one thats really sweet!
What a rich blend we've found,
and I look forward to stickin around!
Guess I better get a bigger pot,
well considerin all the luv you got!
Starbucks gives you lots of frothy foam,
you know I cant wait to get you all alone!
Wishin you have a bottomless mug,
so I can give ya lotsa hugs!
Hey care for some Arab-bic-ka,
you wont mind if I grab-at-ya!
Gettin dizzy the smells so heavenly robust,
why honey you might like if I just go for bust!
Want to wait for a traditional slow drip,
and get better acquainted with your upper 'n lower lip! 
Expresso has a very strong flavor,
but girl it's you I really want to savor!
Fix'in yours up all real creamy,
and gettin it nice and steamy!
Oh so sweet and yummy,
brings a taste of joy to my tummy!
Shots of Kahluha makes a good intoxicating mix,
and I would crave to give you a nice fix!
Yep just hoping that you'll spike my cup,
and really stiffin things up!
Darlin for you I'm makin it strong,
so maybe I can kiss ya all night long!
And anytime your ready to take a drink,
deep within your arms I long to sink!
Be glad to fix ya a mocha delite,
and still be kiss'in ya come early daylight!
Next there comes a double shot latte,
your turn to show me how your so risque!
Carefully made you'll never find any course grounds,
your tearin me up with all them sweet moanin sounds!
Just ask me to prepare yours with a french press,
and surely you wont last long in that lil mini dress!
Amazing what happens when you roast a little bean,
lacey silk stockings tempt where to get in between!
Just hollar whenever you want a cappuccino,
now what about that juicy maraschino!
Ahhh the heated scent is so incredibly aromatic,
why honey never knew your so kinky 'n acrobatic!
So whenever you ponder for your cup,
k-n-o-w that I'd like to just fill you right up!
Mmmm talkin bout good to the last drop,
whoa babe I'm about ready to pop!
Thinkin you might go for a really fine grind,
I'm about ready to lose my mind!

Copyright © john walter | Year Posted 2007

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snarling cup of coffee part three

the cup that JFK drank before he was blown away, the coffee Jerry drinks while driving in cars with random celebrities and political figures, the coffee that Jon Stewart drinks before he goes on an epic take down of some foolish politico, the cup of Arabic coffee that Sadaam drank the day he was executed, the coffee that GW and Cheney drank when they bombed Baghdad, the Indian cup of coffee that Bid Laden drank before 9-11 and just before the seals blew his *** to hell, the cup of coffee that Tiger Woods drank with his mistresses while playing a 3, 000 dollar round of golf at Sandy Lane golf course in Barbados, the last legal drug that does what drugs should do, the cup of coffee that Obama drank when he became President, Vietnamese, Vienna brew, wacky, whimsical, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, wild, weird, wonderful, WOW, Yabba dabba doo! Yada Yada yada Zappa’s favorite cup of cosmic coffee, and Zorro’s last cup of coffee, Good to the last drop rolled into one simple cup of hot coffee  
As I pound down that first cup of coffee   
And fire up my synaptic nerve endings with endless supplies   
Of caffeine induced neuron enhancing chemicals   
I face the dawning day with trepidation and mind-numbing fear   
I turn on the TV and watch the smarmy newscasters in their perfect hair   
Lying through their teeth about the great success the government is having Following the great leader's latest pronouncements   
I want to scream and shoot the TV and run out side Shouting   "Stop the world.    
I want to get off this fucking crazy planet"   
The earth does not care a whit about my attitude   
It merely shrugs and moves around the Sun   
In its appointed daily run  
And I sit down   
The madness dissipating a bit   
And enjoy my second cup   
Of heaven and hell   
In my morning cup of Joe   

Copyright © jake aller | Year Posted 2018