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Our Christmas dinner was served,
With traditional veggies and meat,
It’s a roast with the usual crackle,
Plus gravy to make it complete.

And then it is time for the sweets,
It’s a pudding with personal pride
From a recipe of our grandmother,
With money that’s hidden inside.

Now each and all hope and they pray,
The pudding that’s put on their plate,
Will be blessed with a monetary gain,
In the pudding that’s meant to be ate.

There’s picking and prodding the pudding,
Through custard the searchers persist,
But for one of the kids at the table,
A sixpence has duly been missed.

There’s panic and tears from the error,
For the sixpence that slid down his throat,
But young Barry is wisely assured,
That the loss of his coin is remote.

The family all gathered together,
When our Barry was called to the ‘loo’,
For now it is time for the sixpence, 
To hopefully come into view.

With a ladle, a knife and a fork,
The search was a family affair,
In a delicate operative fashion, 
To see if the sixpence was there.

And there in the light glow of the ‘loo’,
We noticed the head of the queen,
With the tongs now the sixpence is back,
Although it is a little unclean. 

Now the sixpence is safe in a drawer,
Back settled from our Christmas cheer,
But here is the pertinent question…
I wonder who gets it next year?

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2016

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A Family Affair'

According to the precepts of God's awesome plan, 
Marriage defined is one woman for one man.
Perhaps they have no child; perhaps two, maybe three,
Yet God calls their union by name,"Family."

When you add in aunts, uncles, and cousins,
And various other relatives by the dozens,
They are all connected like branches of a tree,
You have a unique extended family.

Down on the corner each Sunday morning,
Another group is slowly forming,
Gathering at the church with the white steeple,
You will find the family of God's people.

In the Bible book of Ephesians, chapter number three,
The apostle Paul describes a great mystery.
Which previously had been concealed,
But which, in due time, the Holy Spirit revealed.

That the Gentiles should become the fellow heirs,
Of the marvelous promise the Jews had shared,
Two great peoples, united as one,
Through Christ Jesus, a new family was begun.

God's family is open to everyone,
Who receives and acknowledges what Jesus has done.
He died in the place of each sinner on Earth'
And we enter His family through a new birth.

                                                                     Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                     July 23, 2006

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2009

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family affair

Family Affairs 

Devotion to wife 
Sounds like a serious offence 
In the dictionary 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2011

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The Pumpkin Patch

Children see pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.
When they visit the pumpkin patch it's a family affair.
There are giant pumpkins, baby pumpkins, and pumpkins just right,    
And kids take off running in the pumpkin patch with delight.

Some children try to pick up heavy pumpkins that won't move,
While others sit on their pick, hoping Mom will approve.
They laugh and play in the pumpkin patch as they roam,
And if the kids are lucky, two pumpkins will go home.

One pumpkin will be carved to grace their front door,
The other Mom will make pies from for them to adore.
The pumpkin patch provides joy for families each year.
For kids, creating that jack-o’-lantern is a tradition held dear.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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My FAvorite Food For Chrstmas


Huckleberry Pie With each delicious bite we are reminded of the effort made to pick, clean and bake this Christmas treat…a family affair.!

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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A Poem for Months of the Year

January and February
Cold, Snow, Rain, too bad to go out and too sad to stay in. Yet when the Sun shines, it brings joy to the heart, that matters within.
March and April
Warmer days filled with Sunshine and Rain. New leaves touch the ground. Talks of Spring while new birth fills the air.
May and June
Days filled with warmer and brighter Sun. A Holiday Memorial to enjoy the beach. Let us break out in song.
July and August
Summer time is here. Activities abound. Coats off, Shorts on, merriment all around. No sad time spent down.
September and October
Fall - the leaves turn brown. Still days of Summer last. Light jackets and boots to pass the days gone by. Oh look its Halloween. Weather turning and still I lie, to see what's on the other side.
November and December
For the leaves have fallen, it's Winter now. Tis' Thanksgiving with Christmas on the rise. Cold and snowy while the children are free from cares and woes. This time well spent, a family affair, Together in prayer.

Copyright © Marilyn Williams | Year Posted 2015

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The Swing Set

The Swing Set
By Kevin Robey
March 26, 2013

In a playground amongst the frozen wasteland
They swung together above the littered sand
He didn’t understand why she felt ok
Swinging in the cold, just swinging away

They didn’t talk as they swung away together
Despite the wind, she didn’t feel the weather
She swung for reasons he could never really see
He stopped and stared, waiting for her to speak

His fingers were numb but he didn’t really care
All she had done for him, it was more than fair
He owed her the world, led by her selfless example
He smiled as he realized this was just a sample

He sat and watched now, couldn’t swing anymore
But she kept going; weary legs begging for more
When her heart was blown out by the unforgiving wind
He stood, waiting patiently by to return the fire again

Tapping along until his fingers turned to stone
He promised her once she would never be alone
He was not here as a lover, but as a friend
Her heart returned it all, again and again

But he saw no smile as her momentum regained
Her vacant stare spoke softly of a dying vein
She didn’t know if she would ever see the dying sun
In this torrid family affair that she had never won

He felt the silent tear streaming from her heart
Same place as his, where they’d never be apart
As she slowed down, her feet dragged on the ground
Her smile unbound, with the love that they had found

She felt the pain everywhere at once, but still she smiled
She sat on the frozen ground, and there they stayed awhile
Noticing for the first time the barren wasteland of their hearts
Her world was a shattered wreck, but this swing set stood apart

The pulverized remnants of her distant childhood memories
Lay all around them like dreams made by her worst enemies
As he held her close to him, she nuzzled her nose into his chest 
Reprieve from the surrounding chaos, closed her eyes to rest

Finally she stood up and asked him if he was ready to move on
When he said yes, they ventured into the world they had drawn
With redefined smiles they saw their futures intertwined
The unlikely survivors of their own post apocalyptic minds

Endless horizons lay ahead as they left the swing sets behind
He couldn’t touch the demons that waged war in her mind
So he squeezed her hand tight, and she did just the same
Into the world they went, giving every street a new name

[sitting on the ground next to a swing set in florida]

Copyright © Laura Dee | Year Posted 2013

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I came upon a shimmering pond

I came upon a shimmering pond
And cast my line in deep
Set me down on the dock nearby
And dangled my aching feet

My mind goes back to earlier days
When in smaller ponds this boy did play
Where polliwogs were there to be caught
Before herbicides and pesticides wiped them all away

Now frogs no longer hop about for a determined boy to chase
Times when we strolled down quiet tree lined country lanes
Before streets with traffic lights came and took their place

A time when neighbors helped neighbors and folks had time to chat
Sunday dinner was a family affair with aunts, uncles and cousins there
A time when a gentleman met a lady he always tipped his hat

But that was then and times do change and I guess that’s alright
But one thing has not changed nary a bit
I still have not gotten a single bite.

Copyright © Donald J Bennett | Year Posted 2014

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A family affair

I am the darker brother
If you are confused
Wait until you see our father
My mother swells well
Too. She is the fairer sex
There are miles to walk
Between her tears and God.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2012

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It was an unusual trip that was planned,
stranger still that my Mother-in-law was the reason.
A wonderful woman who was liked by all who knew her,
kind, gentle, hard working, and grateful for the gift 
of reaching America to see her children and dreams grow.
                 Young Chinese woman
                 Leaving family abroad
                 American dreams
She wanted to see her home just one more time...
a small village in China.
Nixon's trip had made it more accessible,
and she wondered what the old homestead had become.
With a grown daughter she had not seen in 35 years,
left with her mother because of difficulties in travel visas.
                 Aching to see home
                 A child she missed so much
                 Excited to go.
My wife, I, and young son accompanied her on this journey,
meeting a cousin in Hong Kong after the long flight.
I was surprised by the Cosmopolitan atmosphere,  but
then remembered it was still under British Rule.
We spent the next day getting all the visas and passes needed
to cross the border into "Red" China.  Some sightseeing was
done, but our train would leave next morning.
                Family affair
                Tokyo and Seoul connections
                Bureaucratic bunk.
Our three drivers were waiting after our one night in Guanzu.
Eager to prove their skill, we gave them nicknames for the
style each one drove.  "Speed Bump Racer" hit every pothole along the 
200 mile trek.  "Dead Man's Curve" would only pass on blind curves, and
"Honkin' Hank" loved the sound of his horn. Each impressed me with their
daring, especially with our lives in the balance.  We were fortunate to make
it to the village in one piece, even if the trip was a bit rough.
                 Three idiots drove
                 Putting our lives in their hands
                 How did we survive?
My Mother-in-law's home had not changed much, but the village had.
A new Civic Center was the showplace and a feast in her honor to be held.
Over 10,000 firecrackers to start a feast? This was to be her
welcoming honor; we listened to continued blasts for five minutes.
The entire village was invited to join. A whole roasted pig and other delicacies.
Her oldest daughter, now married with children, family, and friends gave her a send off only a star would have appreciated.  The trip home was anticlimactic.
                 Who could know her thoughts?
                 Deafening silence from her
                 Tears of remembrance.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2017

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A simple fare of time spent here:
To show we care for special spheres.

An outing speaks in joy that shows:
A cheery peak in words that flow.

A few hours then says so much more:
To kin and clan as moments pour.

A touch we trace to share a smile:
Greet face to face with thoughts worthwhile.

A meal we share and laugh and joke:
Can transcend cares that ever poke.

A fine affair needs constant feel:
To breathe good air with fond goodwill.

Leon Enriquez
11 January 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Climbing On

 Climbing On...
 (Apropos A Family Affair)

Though it took time to find out
I now know that without a doubt,
You really don’t need me as I had hoped;
You strung me out smoother than any dope.
Yes, I’m hurt and depressed;
But will get over it like all the rest.
Indeed I accept that God knows what’s best.
Yes, you played me and did it well;
I bought your game—
Only myself to blame;
Yet on the pain, I shall longer dwell
Nor wallow in pitiful shame.
Yes, life has been a rough and rugged stairway;
Yet, like Jacob, I continue to climb each and every day.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2016

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Death Affair

It’s a family Affair
Even though it’s a time of despair 
We get all dolled up
Beautiful you look as well
Is it not your day
It’s quite hard to tell

Everyone stands looking at you
In new dresses and suits
Even new hairdos 
Party time or a time for grief
Sad one minute 
Seeming happy the next
As we pose to take photos
Next to a coffin filled of death

They drink and they laugh
Even pouring rum at your grave
For some the tears keep pouring 
Or is that water on their face from the rain that’s pouring

They loved you so they say 
Are we mourners or patrons
Cause mourners shouldn’t dress like this
I think not
In the shortest of dresses and highest of heels
No longer will your wounds heal

Deep below you will sleep
That oh so sweet eternal sleep
Wounds heal no more
Cause decay you will soon
Forgive us in the afterlife
For the absence of sorrow
Cause no longer will you have a tomorrow

Copyright © Stephanie Allen | Year Posted 2017

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This epidemic re: murderous love affair perfervid
with gruesome morbid 
fixation allowing, enabling and providing terrifying 
   trappings, whence Pandora out the lid
anger loosed by gun toting recorded by hid
dee us aide de camp per grim reaper 
   milling crowd, each bewildered person stunned viz satanic grid
loosed bullets ensnare coterie upping ante bid
   daring pernicious fare thee well odiously off loaded 
   per incendiary fiery maelstrom to mega death count added.
Suicide bombardier slakes thirst aims at billeted soiree
with deadly precision, and spray painting human innards 
   congregated engaged groupon people), with egregious pay
ment for exaggerated slight mowing down, a slew - nay
soon to be lifeless victims unaware - delivering may 
hem to anonymous hunter a cannibal as well 
family and survivors, who lay
   down their sorrows, which bring revulsion and gray 
obsolescence of faith in mankind to fray.
Death be not proud, nor ought airtime be allocated to these 
heinous cavalier avengers foe tee eight-hour special (proffers 
   twitchy finger itching to squeeze
especial easy access to sophisticated high caliber compact 
   offspring family affair sport doth please
manifesting prize pride killing machine owners 
   posed as stonewall Jackson frieze
rapaciously with so much ease
lethal gimcrackery cutlasses incite epidemic violence as disease.
Sorrow soulful songs sung by the likes of death cab for cutie or goo
goo dolls in tandem with foo 
fighting beastie boys pay homilies whence homage grew 
to grateful dead nobody knew
fetishistic martyrs wannabe set sights of sister and mew
sic cull doobie brothers of their simian species with no sorrow to rue.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2017

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the emotive votive

sits there flickering with
immense fragrance,
light dancing amongst the
warmth of the “holidays”,
be them pine to fill the room
like a forest, be them apple &
cinnamon to announce that
fabulous fabulous Fall is here---
be them melon scents in the 
Spring/Summer or berries in
Winter, whatever your liking,
they simply coax a comfortable
a way to enhance a family affair
they also are there for Satanic 
cults, who want to create an 
ambiance for their sacrifices to
the “devil”---their own personal
imaginary friend to believe in---
they glow on the alters of 
churches, temples & mosques,
all for the worship of a cavalcade
of lies, delusions & imaginary friends
of all shapes & sizes
let’s not forget the way they illuminate
the lovemaking of the early morning
when the candles paint the shadow
portrait on the walls & the ceilings
of two lovers rolling in the hay,
let’s not forget the “fortune tellers”
who use them to woo morons out of
their hard earned dollars,
flavoring the air round that precious
crystal ball, in order to make it appear
more than it is---
so many ways these little candles can
echo our human impulses that it
takes one back to those very first flames
brought on by the friction of two stones
or perhaps lightning striking,
whatever the culprit be, the flickering
votive accomplishes its goal.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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A Big Job

The spring-cleaning long ago, was a family affair.
Mama and her two daughters could not do it on their own.
When Daddy helped he always did a lot more than his share,
And if he were too busy he had a hired hand to loan.
The big wool rugs were heavy; they could make a strong man groan.

The outside windows must be washed, that was my brothers’ work.
The job was done on Saturday when they were home from school.
There were four of them, they paired up, so none of them could shirk.
One of them climbed, the other held the ladder or the stool.
“Do it right or do it over” was Mama’s enforced rule.

Everybody helped to get the big rugs across the line
And a big pole was inserted to lift them off the ground.
After Mama inspected, if she said the lift was fine,
Each one of us took a board and we gave those rugs a pound.
In between our other jobs we would go another round. 

After emptying the straw ticks and putting in new straw,
Both we girls helped our mama scrub all of the wooden floors.
New linoleum for kitchen floor was laid down by our pa.
My brothers Kalsomined the walls and painted all the doors.
For our pay, Mom opened canned fruit from winter’s dwindling stores.

By: Joyce Johnson 3/05/12

For Francine's contest "Cobwebs and Dust.  My theme:  "Spring Cleaning"

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2012

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family affair

the wind blows in, and as i lie in bed, i smell the breeze,
and sense the solemn music that whispers below;
i peek from the stairway to watch my parents, as Montivani 
invites them to dance ceremoniously in the living room;
they whisper and giggle to one another about the happiness in their lives;
as i sink into tranquility,i sense the music playing as it resonates louder 
and louder in my mind;

the curtains whisk as the house gets colder and the loudness penetrates 
my i suddenly awaken, i hear mom and dad continuing their strife. . .

their arguments will linger on forever;
my hopes and dreams will probably not...

Copyright © James Miletta | Year Posted 2012

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A Family Affair

The scene from indulgent debt ridden family:
Toad AIG strings notes to unlabeled bonus fields,
Unconcerned a Grand Old Person dances to tune,
Yonder the mirror conceals TG's under the belt shot,
Awakened transparency in desperate steps:

Untouched assets loose weight in real estate structure,
Take a hit to tumble below contracted capital,
Owners ride the trough swallowed by insiders’ guilt.
Pay by the nose or choose to drown in unjust tilt. 
Future is bright the signals strong and critical;
Heed to the demand for a new family song.   

Image Location:-

Picture Quote:-
“Bringing this back around…
The young boy is AIG, the dancing lady is the GOP, the shortsless guy is Geithner and the
older woman just coming into the room is the American public.”

C-SPAN Congressional Glossary
Term	Definition	Used In
"GOP"	"GOP" stands for "Grand Old Party." Used for the Republican party, the term
originated in the late 1870's, coined by newspaper headlines, to refer to the dominance of
the Republican party. 
Until Franklin Roosevelt's election in 1933, Republicans had controlled the White House
for 56 years, the Senate for 60 years, and the House of Representatives for 50 years. 
House & Senate

Copyright © jai Garg | Year Posted 2009

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Dear Mama

I end not far from spreading my wings 
Traveling through a song my heart sings 
-Of these remaining days of your life 
That you've made a good meaning of life. 

Robbed of my inherited love, 
I've made your duplicate by my wife. 
At heart, it's now near where, I find 
Dear associate of your kind. 

I'm glad of your presence as I show and, 
If heaven’s book register your residence, 
I won't long suffer without you. 
You display on my wife as an evidence.
Your tears contain no signs of pain 
Of all sacrifices you couldn't complain 
You couldn't abstain from sperm-stain: 

I am the result why and that's why 
I said you gave birth to your daddy! 
I will pick you the best nourishing fruits 
Until the trees can't bear no more, since 
With a houseful of hungry kids to feed 
You made a paradise full of hopes to seed, 
Into the whole world to lower it's speed.

I'm giving you the life you gave up for 
me, Wealth of all this earth stands waste, 
Taste comes sweet with permanent paste 
Of your deeds on my everlasting memories.

You place a loss of pace in the title race 
Love wasn't rewarded to one in 1st place. 
It is chiefs alone with mind that briefs 
Thoughts to fairly lament their griefs. 
My worries are devoured by strength 
Of your carrying heart's wrath,

I barely blink so I can think carefully 
That I won't sink the ark of our link. 
Smoke snows flakes of ashes over your hair. 
Flames of your warmth makes life fair, 
From family affair to retirement chair 

You've lasted long for this very reason. 
You're tree that blossoms every season…

Copyright © Lunga Mokoena | Year Posted 2017

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The Lunar Effect

Mother moon's effect
Born in Father sun's  light flow
Proud of the child she protects
Earth, through night aglow
Family affair
Ever flow of a dance act
In a love embrace so fair
Never ending pact
Born of God's own flair
Causing an attraction play
Through the effervescent glare
Of the Milky Way.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 02.08.10

Entered in Dr. Ram Mehta's contest, "Luna".

Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2010