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Fresh Water Goldfish Whales

Hubby will NEVER let Dragon and me go to a pet store! Ever! Again!
It started when we needed Dog chow for all our really big dogs… then…
Dragon found the fish, with some being sold for only 15 cents apiece…
We were told; they’re sold for others to eat. Oh, No! Say it isn’t so! EEP!

Now, we believe, in save the whales, and every other gall darn thing.
And Dragon and I believe that the heart grows with everyone added in.
We were ready to cry, so we made a simple Momma and Dragon, foray.
We decided to save two more lives and then to bring them home. Yeah!

Don’t know how it happened, our plan got out of hand, but it was so grim!
We went back, many times, buying them all, filling our tank to the brim,  
We spread the word, to help the goldfish, and so others hearts could grow.
Hubby said they had to go, so we gave them to people every where, so… 

With 4 remaining, we decided to keep them at our house, safe and sound.
But low and behold, they kept growing quickly bigger, as they swam around!
Dragon wanted to take the goldfish for a walk, and to play with Santa Jack.
And the penguins kept coming around, looking for their midnight snack!

OK, maybe we didn’t think this thru, Yet, Tho, Still, Something wasn’t right!
They’re growing way to fast! From a 10 gallon tank to 150… In a week? 
OK! Dragon what did you do? You took your Elvin magic gift, given to you?
OK! Spit it out! What did you do! You sprinkled the four fish, a little, did you?

Oh! NO! So we put them into the lake! And before The Elfin King was found…
We had the first Fresh Water Goldfish Whales, ever were or are… to be found!
We started the first Midwest Whale herding society, and when the Elvin King…
Was found, He & Grandpa Troll, were joyously rolling, in tears, on the ground!

By this time, like Dragon, they needed tons of food to eat…so we decided  to…
Rent them out, to eat Asian Carp, who are, menacing, destructive & misguided!
Darned if it didn’t work! You know! Serendipity, low and behold! The answer!
The Agricultural Department was happily beside themselves… That is after…

They got over, that quirky and somewhat strange, Goldfish Whale, thingy part!
So, life goes on happily, especially for those Goldfish Whales munching on carp.
And yes, they’ve finally stopped growing, I am happy to say, and have big hearts.
And those menacing Asian Carp won’t be such a menace, from now on... Today!

As, ‘Alls well, that ends well’… and with great relief… I am wont to say...
And now Nobody's eating these babies, after Dragon had his way!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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the honest king louie

The sky royal blue as it overlooked king louie's castle
Tucked away serene in the back country
Not a knight out of place not even a distressed damosel to be saved
Even the dark musky dungeons were seeing their better day
War was at hand, but everyone stayed calm
Honest king louie with his massive blue eyes
Flashed his brow twice and the war was dismissed
All his followers chanted his good name
Give cheer for the king and his court
As he reigned on his throne beside the beautiful queen
Alls well that ends well in this medieval scene  
July 27, 2013

Copyright © karen croft | Year Posted 2013

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Tainted beyond belief

Complacent, well being, in a covnant devil attitude. 
Disdained, yet creep compliant in a socio-dick tated preferential,
Momentarily distracted, I give up my circumstance unreliant,
And predispose to and fro an ever present guilded conveyance, that of a
piss/poorance annointed leaving an abbreviated one ball boy to his  
performance attoned inadequacy. Be free and effervescent non constrictive
blatant, unkind, showing an unannounced contrivance bewildering passive
through not no non drowned indifference portended in an interphase indepth fantasy only unknown to all nonpresent. keep me in your toilet thoughts and wipe me not. Flush is optional to an incongruent tilt, as to what is even/odd. tally the numbers as they unfold to your givens, procreatal, cofetal, linear all fetalfatal due to a stupid gynocolegical unfailing on yr part as a vaginal villian vying for a protaken promise of sillosociodomestico renderings that "alls well that ends well and I will do the right thing"?? White horse, kiss on the lips, silver slipper, midnight, poison apple from an ugly, sex deprived old witch *****, some young broad living with 7 dwarfs in the woods, and that's ok? Take your soured religion, your rituals, scriptures, sins, water, rules for entering heaven, sanctities, purifications, and everything else that really doesn't matter and cover yr head. 
I live unannointed unbequeathed of anything holy and undemised. So I am a wallow rat, unworthy of any real measure of psalm pointed poingnacy; pronounced relevance of godlike pretense. Then let me be that of an unannounced west ender to the popular fray that is poised before me as I wander to the gate. I hope there's no dress code, I always have my shirt tucked in.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2016

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Mine Kempf As Imagined Writ By Shakespeare

the great bard and Elizabethan play wright
begetting complete dramaturgy
     explaining fate hollowly airtight
succor starved, riddled smitten tattered

     sir real body politik blight
under whelming enthusiasm
     witnessed blank quarto copyright
more tragedy than comedy

     visited mine biography to date
     expressed as dearth 
     decayed delight
devoid absent audience
     three chairs to excite

zero non-exhaustive effort
     summoning stagecraft
     imagining hardened 
     faced spectators
     muted nonexistent ovation,

     sans anticlimactic action
     superfluous stage fright,
thus retrospective stance taken
     billeted envisioned 
     anachronistic gunfight

signifying emotional crisis,
     especially high anxiety 
     pained height
incorporating mine every birthday
     newly aged since

     LIX January 
     thirteenth orbitz insight
oppressive ominous gloomy glum
     obscuring highland dale light
whereby substantial sole action

     asper arrival of midnight
celestial curtain call enclosing
     somber static theatrical night
hoop fully explaining deadening

     copious heavy breathing
     followed by extended lapses
     of utter silence outright
spartan mise en scene 
     absent agit props

     nsync with holographic thespians
     staid theatrics displaying plight
uneventful sleepy representation quite
leaving entire cast

     (singular char actor his shun
     of myself) remaining
     soporific steadfastly right
lee measure for measure
     much ado about nothing
hermetically sealed, NON GMO

     vacuum packed no sight
worth seeing on the twelfth night
starkly barren aimless
     padlocked mortal soul asylum
     no, not even Romeo and Juliet
     love's labor's lost passion

a comedy of errors, 
     viz unbridled trothplight
mock king lear ring alls well that ends well
     where me crushed psyche doth unite
with death vis a vis
     as demise of Julius Caesar
     et tu Brutus I in vite.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018