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Father Son Ballad Poems

These Father Son Ballad poems are examples of poetry about Father Son Ballad. These are the best examples of Ballad Father Son poems written by international poets.

My Sonshine
All I do all day is think about you & check your school app to see how your day is going, don't ever let anyone...

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Categories: black african american, black

Trials and Tribulations of a Real One
I think the Lord is trying to kill me & only true depressed people can feel me, the energy in my spirit is getting to...

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Categories: anxiety, baby, break up,

Premium Member THE CAR HAS EARS


  by Charles Eastland
  (also Kindle eBook:  Selected Poems by Charles Eastland) 

Shhh shhh…whisper 
that news about...

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Categories: 9th grade, anxiety, books,

Carl Ray
He sat in an old wooden porch swing,
Elbows on knees; Salem Menthol burning down.
Thinking, smoking, Salems his favorite thing.
Fingers colored over time a deep tar...

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Categories: dad, depression, devotion, family,

Premium Member Civil War Song Revisited
To the melody of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again..."

When Father comes marching home again,
  Oh, no! Oh, no!
He'll give me a helluva spanking...

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Categories: father son, love, sad,

Premium Member Erlking: an English adaptation of Goethe's ballad, to be sung to Schubert's setting
Who's riding so late through night so wild?
It is the father who holds his child.
He keeps the boy held close with his arm:
He clasps him...

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Categories: ballad, dark, evil, fairy, father

The Forgotten Sons
We were born with out the choice of choosing to be a girl or boy,
But we are here.
We never asked to be part of your...

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Categories: absence, child, discrimination, emotions,

To bear my father's name
It's such a long way home from here
To the place that I will always hold dear
And I remember my father standing strong
Who most of all...

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Categories: father son, love,

The ballad of the working man
The working man had five sons
He had dreams of what they would become

The eldest was not very strong
And he weakness meant he didn't last long


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Categories: family, father son,

The Gold and the Rainbow Serpent
All stories have a beginning, body and an end
This story was a journey that I would have to defend
We left home the last day in...

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Categories: culture, devotion, evil, father

Little boy lost
  A small boy tender age of seven ,never wanted for anything asked for even less. The only this this small boy required did...

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Categories: betrayal, childhood, father son,

Premium Member Surviving Your Own Life
My father and I did not share all that much,
More like passing a truck on the road
Parent’s squabbles I overheard offered me clues
And at times...

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Categories: family, father son,

Three friends
It could be one, it could be two
And it could be three
The friends I have, I hold them close
Because they comfort me

Sometimes there’s only one...

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Categories: christian,

Young Soldier
I was a boy not quit seventeen,
I enlisted when I was sixteen…

Wanting to serve my country…

I had no family it was just 
my sister and...

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Categories: war, father, son, sister,

you have it right,
it is in sync,
speak of the light,
without a blink,
comes paradise,
Father Son & Holy Ghost,
have cause for some to drink.
don't ya know it?


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Categories: adventure,

LIttle Son
Atisa Nicholas
Little son

my hands were too short to reach out far
legs summarised to throw long strides
eyes too small to see wide
with a pure heart to...

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Categories: father, son, son,

Every time it really hurts
Why doesn't he love me
Why can't he see
Every time it really hurts
I don't do anything to get it
But I still get hit
Every time it really...

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Categories: childhood, death, depression, father,

This internal conflict 
I cannot fight 
This is not black and white 
This unreasoned spite 

I cannot get through 
I have tried 
This message lost...

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Categories: angst, family, father, son,

The son inside of me.
For years I pondered what I could of been, for years that past I hid the son in side 
of me,
  A Mama`s boy...

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Categories: childhood, father, son, father,