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Fate Ballad Poems

These Fate Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Fate. These are the best examples of Ballad Fate poems written by international poets.

The Old Unemployed Man or a Suburban Poem
His oars (mind, arms and legs)
were insufficient as a propellers to earn a living.
In the underground´s nasty passageway;
or was in his life´s nasty passageway?
Anyway! There,...

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Categories: age, destiny, fate, hope,

Robert Berrima Quinn Military Medal Port Adelaide stalwart
Born in 1915 at Birkenhead by the Port River Inlet 
A son of Port Adelaide  as one of the best youd get
In the days...

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Categories: remember, sports, world war

Let me be great
Just let me be great, no matter what the outcome no matter what the Fate, I played the rules on both sides of the table,...

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Categories: beautiful, black love, change,


When the plot you sowed
 you shall receive 
the lies you told 
so you shall cleave
What you thought you knew

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Categories: allusion, angst, conflict, confusion,

Victory over the enemy achieved
 "Our Destiny is to succeed"! "Our fate was set up through not being exposed to"NEW Knowledge",so that we would fail! Our "HOPE" was and...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,

Mayor Gregory Fischer
Our youth needed,and got a "Hero",in "The summer of 2014,15,16,17,and 18.Our youth needed and got jobs for those summers to help them fortify there dignity,and...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

She Lay There

Grievances were given
Everyone proceeded by
She lay there
The people talked
The people cried
She lay there
Memories of long and close
One in particular just stared
She lay there

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Categories: allegory, community, confusion, fate,

Premium Member SURSUM CORDA


(for Ruth and Clement Mc Cormack, 
Bridgton, Maine)

“Come see us, we’ll talk about the job."

you were convalescent, generous, 
and anxious to get...

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Categories: cancer, fate, friendship, strength,

Those eyes trapped between thick lines of kohl, frigidly stare

But yet glued to the screen.

Those eyes tire with the glare

But are possessed by a power...

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Categories: courage, dream, longing, love,

Gentle Giants of the Sea
'Thar she blows!' the cry goes up
a breaching whale is seen
The longboat's manned and low'red
the lookout's eyes were keen

The hunt begins, the whalers chant
the oarsmen...

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Categories: death, ocean,

Fated To Destroy
I care for nothing
Or so you say—
Well, yes, I agree.
But when someday
The fates proclaim
That you are he who
Will bring doom upon
The world all once knew—

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Categories: fate, future, myth, mythology,

Changing and Changeless
In the city, season's changes only barely leave their mark
for the city's far from nature with it's neon in the dark
The rush and ceaseless hustle...

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Categories: city,


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Categories: film, image, love, music,

Murphy's Rules
When everything seems peaceful
and all is going well
you'll find out that Murphy's rules
will grab you like a spell

When you build your money up
a bundle in...

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Categories: fate, humorous,

East of Nowhere
Somewhere east of nowhere
stands a rust encrusted shed
In a paddock full of weeds
by a tumbledown homestead

A windmill goes on turning
though the bore has long run...

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Categories: farm,

Hooks and lures and fishing line, an eight foot throwing net
The sea is calm, the weather fine, there’s challenge to be met
Bait fish schools along...

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Categories: animal, fish, fishing,

The Atheist
Science defines my virtue.
Factual and fictional books are my domain.
Don’t speak to me of pixies, fairies, and unicorns,
Or of your monopoly on morality, love, faith,...

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Categories: atheist,

Unsung Threnody For A Well Sewn Hero
Bare skull and cross bones
     existence on the peripheral
     outskirts of poker flats
lives a slip of a...

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Categories: 12th grade, america, celebration,

Salute them too
Salute them too.

As that old clock struck six, on that cold Winter's morn.
An unjust bullet ripped through his tunic bloodied, tattered and torn.
They said he...

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Categories: abuse, dark, death of

Missing Child
As I examine the state of my cum stained bra
Fresh from the laundry but still somehow far
From clean of reminders so obvious still
Of so many...

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Categories: birth, blue, children, cry,