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Emotions Ballad Poems

These Emotions Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Emotions. These are the best examples of Ballad Emotions poems written by international poets.

Roses for Pearl

A dozen roses from us to you
for all the love you bestowed
so gracious a heart we've ever known
so high a spirit gifted from God’s throne

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Categories: bereavement, celebration, dedication, emotions,

my poetry
My poetry represents,efficiency,creativity,connectivity,productivity,reality,and spiritual transformation! Poetry Soup can only be produced by a poet of a unique sort! The tools of a poet lives in...

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Categories: 11th grade, 8th grade,

Fly Away
Is that you knocking? The door is open. Come on in, the lights are on. Sit on down, pour us some coffee. I'll be right...

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Categories: absence, emotions, lost love,

Who will tell my story
I was sitting down thinking the other day
About the stories in my head that don’t go away
And I wonder who will tell them when I’m...

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Categories: self,

One day I'll be preserved in sands of time;
glaring into diamond rays—white lights
the earth dissolves my flesh to fertile dust;
embeds treasures—secrets in a crackled skull


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Categories: bereavement, courage, death, death

Cum meditate with me
Let's meditate & get high tell these physical bodies goodbye explore the universe time and space become closer than we have ever come face-to-face 

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, black african

Transitioning Seasons
her time ends
the last kiss to
the air, her
frost retreats
moves cold hands
from life

her polar opposite
moves romantically,
and gracefully
into poised position

like Alice Coltrane
across piano keys
transitioning the 
equinoxes in...

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Categories: 2nd grade, appreciation, art,

The Guest of a Sinner
'The Guest of a Sinner'

“The Guest of a Sinner”

The guest of a sinner
climbing heights to
away from titles
above the crowd,
unrealistic expectations
solely to meet with God
in flesh...

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Categories: allusion, black african american,

Trials and Tribulations of a Real One
I think the Lord is trying to kill me & only true depressed people can feel me, the energy in my spirit is getting to...

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Categories: anxiety, baby, break up,

Too much
love was just another drug to you and I would hide it n my veins, you can hear it calling CAN'T you cause I can...

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Categories: black african american, black

This is how the story goes
So this is how the story goes,
There was a boy who for me plucked a rose.
 We laughed till our mouths felt sore,
Told jokes till...

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Categories: desire, emotions, for him,

I don’t know,how’s it started?,
Perheps,a situation made me dependent,
A joy,a siren,nurtured my ambition,
But who’s know,it could Change into fraction…….

The journy begins with solving some questions?,

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Categories: boy, feelings, girl, i

Water falls and tears drop
Water falls and tears drop
forever flowing day in and day out
the softness and hardness of the flow
emotional phenomenon gentle and strong 
the eyes cry like...

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Categories: beauty, earth, emotions, heaven,

You don't know what you had
Boy you should be glad
But you don't know what you had and
It's killing me
It's not meant to be
We spent so many years then
The love just...

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Categories: break up, crush, emotions,


On and on the river flows;
she flows most speedily,
splashing and spraying the rocks as she passes
down through the valley.

Oh, merry; oh...

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Categories: ballad, blessing, conflict, emotions, faith,

I want to feel you coursing through my veins.
I want to vibrate as you rattle me to the bone.
I want to perspire as you transcend...

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Categories: addiction, bereavement, death, death

A Man, The Man
A Man, The Man

Along came they
Along came the years
Ingathering together
Observing my fears
Their goal, carry me away
But behold, his hand nears
I slip, I fall
Engulfed by tears

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Categories: death, deep, emotions, faith,

Sacred Reunion
He vanished without a trace..
Left her when she needed him most..
Airwaves of shock..
Filled the air
A shattered broken heart..
Crumbled into many pieces..
Facing her vulnerabilities..
She awakened in...

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Categories: emotions, endurance, inspirational, lost

The House
Feel it as you enter the house of fear
The darkness surrounds so very near
For evil doesn’t leave when life ends
With the coldness of his soul...

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Categories: emotions, surreal,

The Old Dog
At a point where the old road meets the hill
and runs down the other side
There's an old tin shed that's standing, still
and a grave where...

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Categories: animal, death, dog, emotions,