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Death Of A Friend Ballad Poems

These Death Of A Friend Ballad poems are examples of poetry about Death Of A Friend Ballad. These are the best examples of Ballad Death Of A Friend poems written by international poets.

One day I'll be preserved in sands of time;
glaring into diamond rays—white lights
the earth dissolves my flesh to fertile dust;
embeds treasures—secrets in a crackled skull


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Categories: bereavement, courage, death, death

The News Came Down Today
The news came down today
That you had passed away
One of the thin blue line
Whose life and mine were entwined 

And I was taken back to...

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Categories: death, death of a

Silent, dawn crept low and solemn
Over the Virginia valley
The misty orange haze of a pale sunrise
Cloaking the farmer's field

Blue and Gray, mixed with red
Life fleeing...

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Categories: america, brother, change, conflict,

Dark Days
Where to turn when your days are dark
Thinking facing your demons is a difficult mark
Every hour is seen as struggle and strife
And a sister or...

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Categories: death, death of a

Premium Member LOST FRIEND
A friend left this 
not to long ago…
he was…
a kind, gentle, endearing
with a heart made of 
now some may see it
but I am not ashamed...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Premium Member GOODBYE MY LOVE
               Goodbye my love 

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Categories: death of a friend,

I want to feel you coursing through my veins.
I want to vibrate as you rattle me to the bone.
I want to perspire as you transcend...

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Categories: addiction, bereavement, death, death

The End
The darkness was all there was
He could see no end because
A night’s sleep was denied
As night after night it transpired

Until the last one he was...

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Categories: death, death of a

Salute them too
Salute them too.

As that old clock struck six, on that cold Winter's morn.
An unjust bullet ripped through his tunic bloodied, tattered and torn.
They said he...

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Categories: abuse, dark, death of

Memories of endless yesterdays
What endth their life
As an age did die
Lost in time not being kind
For they have stayed
When others left
Bereft of charity now
In their last breath
Gone forever...

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Categories: death, death of a

The soul Errand and other poems
The Soul Errand
To Sir Walter Raleigh Tomb.

Since my soul shall though go
Upon a thankless arrent too
I fear not to touch the best so
The truth shall...

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Categories: africa, beautiful, beauty, child,

Oh A Rose Compares
Oh, A Rose,
There is none so fair to Compare.
Love so bold,
To be left untold.
Lips on a hand, 
I miss so much,
A broken heart,
A walk in...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Blind Eyed Love
Can she see me standing by her side

Does she feel me breathing for the both of us

Is her pulse still flowing and can she feel...

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Categories: absence, dark, death of

A Lost Cobber
I heard it in the evening
As I vetted reports in the office
The sun was waning
And the air was cool

A friend of his came in to...

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Categories: death, death of a

Hang Alone Again
Come hang with me, bring a rope for two

Come and free your mind, leave your woes behind

Kick back the stump and dangle high

Come and homage...

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Categories: absence, dark, death of

Souls Pray Too
Can you feel the cold in the air

Do you hear the heartless whispers

Would you believe me if I told you they call out for me


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Categories: absence, dark, death, death

Long Lost Love
Tell me who to love

Tell me it's not real 

Make be believe it's immoral 

Just because she's gone doesn't mean she isn't real

I can see...

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Categories: absence, death of a

Without A Prayer
She was original
And irreplaceable 
Does no wrong to me

Maniacal yet adorable 
Addicted to her very soul
Never could she be soluble 

When she cries it brings...

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Categories: dark, death of a

Tears on the Pavement
Near silent whispering on the gentle breeze
As the flags waving in the sun on your face received
The letters cry 'For a father I never knew'

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Categories: blue, death of a

Premium Member Died by the Gun Where have all the Johns Gone
Where have all the John's gone ?
they all been murdered by the ones
Who have the right to bear arms
It was 1963 and I was walking...

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Categories: bereavement, brother, death of