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Children Ballad Poems

These Children Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Children. These are the best examples of Ballad Children poems written by international poets.

Premium Member She Knew How We Should Live Our Lives
Her mother should….
His dad should….
Those parents should….

She was full of advice
Old lady on the hill.
Unwavering pumiceous ideas oozed out of her

Her pores were full of...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, character,

Col the Coal Collector and his grandpa
Col was a happy boy who had a special creed
He seriously collected coal in his hobby makers deed
And he kept his best ones in his...

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Categories: children,

My Sonshine
All I do all day is think about you & check your school app to see how your day is going, don't ever let anyone...

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Categories: black african american, black

Premium Member The Whole Class Suffers
One kid kicks the chair.
Everyone loses recess.
Children begin to despise Kid One.
Teacher explains peer pressure is best way to control Kid One.

Kid One loves Her...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member the Reedybrook Ashes
Each year in August the teams descend, cricket foe morphing quickly to friend,
Bonds are forged on a pitch unique, camped on the banks of Reedybrook...

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Categories: friendship, fun,

worried crown
The crown looks worried,
The subjects are questioning,
The village is deserted
But the kinsmen keep on playing
The same old drums,
The same drum that led our ancestors to...

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Categories: 6th grade, leadership,

History of folklore in T & T
Influence by West African and Creole Spirituality
Narrated and told around kerosene lamps, our folklore
Characters, deities in ancient tribes before


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Categories: 1st grade, evil, fantasy,

Tiger Woods
  Tiger,Tiger with no remorse,"One of the great "Kings of The Golf Course"."Tiger,Tiger,with pigment in your skin with a destiny to win,and win never...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,

The Rain
We don't like the rain
We love to complain
But we can gain
Rain can take away the pain
It goes down the drain
When the sky is clear
The rain...

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Categories: children, creation, fear, meaningful,

Tears Flow
Tears flow like a stream..
He shielded her from harm..
His body covered hers as a protective layer..
A love deeper then the depths of the ocean..
Unbearable to...

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Categories: deep, grief, love, together,

If you see Africa
Tell her that I am in love with her
Tell her that I love her more than ladies
Love recharge cards and strawberry
Tell her...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Gold Fever
On a squatter’s small selection
Not far east of Northam town
Waits a wife and her two children
For her husband to come down

For he’s gone off chasing...

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Categories: grief, sad,

The Ballad Of Maddi

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Categories: addiction, america, anger, anxiety,

end of the story
to spend their fathers treasures
on women and men.
This their father shall barest his new born son which
he had thought to have been his grandchild.
now he...

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Categories: art, betrayal, blessing, character,

part 2 of alL he knows is what she has said
a hundred and three days the man was there.
until a woman in a mans robe spoke to him,
she deepened her voice so she couldn't be...

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Categories: betrayal, music,

East of Nowhere
Somewhere east of nowhere
stands a rust encrusted shed
In a paddock full of weeds
by a tumbledown homestead

A windmill goes on turning
though the bore has long run...

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Categories: farm,

The Greatest Generation
They are slowly leaving us
With every year there are less
Built of stronger stuff
Honed through Depression Years

Disciplined through War Years
They had a strong constitution
And a gentleness...

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Categories: parents, remember, war,

I wander down the empty street 
where shop doors now are closed
The empty windows once were stacked
with products all in rows

The general store's a hollow...

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Categories: memory, remember,

A Soldier's Plea
Far from home in a yankee prison
A rebel soldier knelt to pray
Father care for my wife and children
If it's my time to pass away

On a...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, history, remember,

To honor thy father and son
Now hear this an almighty, all powerful, all knowing God is sitting in heaven waiting to hear from you. David says he has his hand...

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Categories: christian, faith, god, heaven,