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Boat Ballad Poems

These Boat Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Boat. These are the best examples of Ballad Boat poems written by international poets.

Love is the inner joy
Which makes us laugh and cry
Opens up pathways of life
And gives new meaning to our pride!...

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© Seema Ali  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, angel, anniversary, art,

Tell me sweetheart that I am not unkind when being sweet to you is on my mind!!!! I think of sucking your sweet breast,and I...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,

Let me be great
Just let me be great, no matter what the outcome no matter what the Fate, I played the rules on both sides of the table,...

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Categories: beautiful, black love, change,

Summer Days
Do you see the sun glint off the sea
A deep blue crystal you will see
As a breeze brushes the water carefree
And the gulls wheel and...

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member If you ever come back
A wandering lonely traveler I 
Found you from the crowd of people in a boat
That drifted over the sparkling Bosporus,
That day the setting sun was...

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Categories: love,

Gentle Giants of the Sea
'Thar she blows!' the cry goes up
a breaching whale is seen
The longboat's manned and low'red
the lookout's eyes were keen

The hunt begins, the whalers chant
the oarsmen...

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Categories: death, ocean,

Set a sail the sea of blue for what 
I know not why a cleansing maybe 
Of my soul to cross the oceans wide
A Myriad...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Southern Cross
The night veiled in black crept over the sun dying in the West.
Enjoy strained on anchor as she pointed into the wind
There my love and...

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Categories: boat,

the Talus Commutatate
using his nack for being
a leader.
he organized a power group
to lead his following
throught the changes that
would cause him
to be seen as Talus one !
He appointed...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, boat, break


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Categories: boat, character, culture, film,

The Emerald Sea
The boat plied along an emerald sea
The only noise the lapping so gently
The white sail set by a puff of breeze
As our love’s gentle sigh...

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Categories: love,

Ethelred the Viking
Ethelred the Viking was his name
And in his journeys he built his fame
For his long boats were held in fear
When sighted on the horizon near


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Categories: adventure,

Groovy music
Go ahead choose your tune
What floats your boat away from the gloom
Some say it must be on a vinyl record
To hear the sound in each...

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Categories: music,

On a Sea Wild and Stormtoss'd
    On a Sea Wild and Stormtoss'd
Once, on a sea wild and stormtoss'd, two boats were flung, no sure hand at their...

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Categories: boat, christian, nature, sea,

The Red Boat
The boat drifted in one Summer’s day
Painted red no one aboard today
The fisherman found it on the shore
And took it home deciding ownership would be...

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Categories: horror, poems,

Go Fishing
There is no peace to equal that, of fishing by a Lake, 
Or a stream, or river broad, or pond within a wood, 
If worries...

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Categories: adventure, fishing, friendship, philosophy,

The World
Sit on a hill and look over the plain
See the clouds rolling by bringing in the rain
Take a boat on a lake as you drift...

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Categories: appreciation, world,

The Eternal Patrol
The U-boat left the mouth of the French harbour
Under cover of darkness for these German Navy martyrs
To the North Atlantic they went to sink Allied...

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Categories: war, world war ii,

How To Love A Poet
Make him mad with words,
Sentence his mind with imageries,
Paint a fascinating tale on his palms;
Guide his poetry like you guide your 
soul before a pride...

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Categories: africa, art,

The Bailout Ballad - The Layman's Lament
One day not long past our economy faltered
And wouldn’t improve if our course were unaltered.

'Cause we buy stuff at Wal-Mart (where things are dirt cheap)

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© John Mudge  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ballad, business, humor, humorous, money,