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Youth Alliteration Poems

These Youth Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Youth. These are the best examples of Alliteration Youth poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Kew Gardens Spectrum
In Kew Gardens I feast on				
daffodils and swans and honk-				
ing geese in turf protection mode				
and one spectacular show				
from a strutting peacock’s tail,				
its color chart exploding					

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Categories: assonance, bird, color, garden,

Victory of success
Say it loud if that is what thrills you
Say it twice if that is what you don’t want
Say it loud if that is what brings...

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Categories: books, business, change, dream,

I am the MILKY WAY.

I am Mechanically Meticulous,
Maneuvering my way through life with
not showing the true Masterpiece of my Mind
(complex like the Milky Way).

I am...

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Categories: space,

I Drained Life Of Its Fullness
I drained life of its fullness...
not pricing its worthiness,
leaving nicks in the prime of youth:
deceitful tricks to ignore every truth.

I imitated parody to conceal identity,

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Categories: betrayal, emotions, heartbreak, life,

My Honest Confession
I might have made many mistakes of my life ,
But now I regret because you are my life.

Fake is fake
Mistake is mistake, but 
Regret is...

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Categories: humanity, pride, teenage, truth,

Almost always, as additional allurements arrive, ask as a Being...
 By better borne behests become best Causes ?
  Can causes create concise concepts Diligently...

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Categories: conflict, fun, imagination, introspection,

Premium Member LIES
Darn those sweet little lies
Deceiving duplicitous disguises
Tainting and twisting the truth
Loathsome lessons learned at youth
Casually coloring confessions
Secretly shrouding indiscretions
Desperately dodging discovery
Sometimes slandering skulduggery
Distorting details is...

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Categories: character,

Define the Wind
What source sends the singing that searches out man?
What spawns the silence before the sudden storms?
Yet, with all wisdom and with all his wonderful words

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, fantasy, freedom,


loka mhanatat mi...

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Categories: depression, faith, feelings, sad,


black tar sweats, squabbles, shakes in the glare of the ocean of blue.
white light engulfs the sky. 
stealing the heat we grip the ground...

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Categories: bullying, childhood, identity, imagination,

Teething Tigers
Western wars brought to foreign fields
Bullet barrages blocked by grim guillotines
Petulant petrol fans the flickering flames
Courageous captains solder soldiers together
Teething tigers ripped from mad mothers...

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Categories: political, war,

Premium Member STAY STAY STAY

See simple sense
Touch tranquil tense
Ask apt appeal
Younger yore yields

Sense sanguine sighs
Troubles tame tries
Approve asking
Yes yours yelling

Such splendor soars
Treat taut thrills tame
Aid allows aim
Yarn yester yore


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Categories: desire,

Premium Member MYTH MYTH MYTH
Mix motions more
Yield youthful yore
Timeless truth teach
Hurl healthy hitch

Meet migrant May
Yoke yesterdays
Thrill touch today
Heap hope's hurray

Mind moves matter
Youth yields yonder
True takeaway
Heaves hideaway

Maze movements moan
Your yields...

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Categories: devotion, myth,

Premium Member CRAZY MAD DOG
Charm courts calm cheer
Romp ruffles rear
Ask and appear
Zoom zesty zeal
Youth yelling yield

Mind mourning mate
Airing apt ape
Discern debate

Dice dewy drop
Offer opts ops
Glimpse gracious gob

Best blooming blot

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Categories: angst,

Thrill touching teach
Heap healthy hitch
Yell yielding yes
Mind moulds mess
Empty ends each

Trust treasures truth
Hurl hounding hoofs
Youth yielding yore
Maze motions more
Etch earns explore

Time travel trip
Hoist heavy heaps

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member The Good Disappear
Somedays there are no

words to ward off grief

I really tried.Maybe

I got caught up maybe

I ignored the signs.

Sign's saying

"you needed a relief ".

Maybe I was reading...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, journey,

Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 4
Zoom zesty zeal
Yonder youth yields
Wonder woos will

Value vets voice
Prime precious poise
Calm cheer charms choice

Use unzips urge
Seed sensuous surge
Play pleasures purge

Mellow moves mine
Feel focus fine
Lovely looks...

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Categories: feelings,

Premium Member Wild Fire n Roots
Wild Fire n Roots
May 3, 2013 

I am trying

youth dem dying
the real warriors
da lions an kings dem
not walk upon earth again
see it der- see it...

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Categories: culture, inspiration,

Nigerian Independence Celebration
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion...

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Categories: celebration, freedom,

closing the gap
We drew near one another and yet we couldn't be farther apart our youth prevents us from making drastic choices to close the distance but...

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Categories: beauty, happy, time,