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Teen Alliteration Poems

These Teen Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Alliteration Teen poems written by international poets.

Just Me
I walk in a daze never somber
I speak from my heart ever fonder
I see the light in each person and ponder 
Why is she so...

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Categories: anger, self, teen,

Miss Daisy
We always knew Miss Daisy
Was crazy. 
The way she said things 
Then played with her bangs. 
Her shirt
Covered in dirt
She let her head fall back...

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Categories: body, crazy, depression, life,

Kartoon Knuckles
Draped and locked like a curtain in Guantanamo
I use my words to peel scalps like Geronimo
Just like a teen girl my mouth has a heavy...

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Categories: beautiful, celebration, death, future,

I Am
I am 
I am sick and tired of who I am
I feel like I'm stuck and I can't get out
I am annoyed of her 

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Categories: teen,

She girl
She lives with friends.
She meets her loves.
She starts her work.
She sits as a dove.
She runs her life.
She's got all that.
But then she's found
Dead on the...

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Categories: daughter, death, depression, nostalgia,

Our love
Feeling like I've made mistakes
Like I'm breaking us apart
But our love is so strong
It never leaves the heart

It seems we argue more
In the past couple...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, teen,

F is for friends
Fantastic friends fry fresh fish friday for fun...

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Categories: animals, food, children, friendship,

House To House
House to house 
A passing, admiring scent

Hold me...we'll pass 
House to house 
You are still apart of me

Hold your horses
Fight the tears
Wipe them away until everything

House to house

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Categories: adventure, business, faith, happiness,


A lament of texting.
I regret the suplantation of
Conversation with  random
Truncations of thought and 
Ideas into texting

As if a few thumb prints on 
A “key...

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Categories: teen

Crochety,crusty and cross,
ever at a loss;
testy,touchy and huffy,
full of fickle fears,
impulsive teenage years.

Sulky,sullen then glad
faddish,fretful or sad;
tense,dejected and downcast,
each day changing fast.

Like a chameleon cast

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Categories: teen,

Tempers trashing,
ideas clashing,
families fuming,
kinship cooling.

Camaraderie collapsing,
communication lapsing,
schisms scission,
harmony ebbs away,

Fuddy-duddy , so unreal
is the petulant cry;
ungrateful child,the sighing reply,
then stances coagulate and congeal.

Familiar familial !


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Categories: life, teen,

The Days Go By, And Still I Think Of You
I'm suffocating in my skin
My happiness is wearing thin
Please just let this end
Please just comprehend
That you're hurting me now more then ever before
Oh how can...

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Categories: teen, life, me, heart,

Glad,hedonistic lad;
Delighting in delectations,
Amusing affectations,
Posturing pretension
with ogling ostentation!

Professing pleasure seeking
Confessing,leisure leaning.
Reputation so revealing,
Passe peer appealing!

Superficial and artificial;
Pleasure without measure.

Sad,sad,sad ! Hedonistic lad!...

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Categories: funny, parody, teen,

my angel
i ask my self why!
the sky is always blue?
why the  sun  shining
when i always look at you?

i ash my self why.
you glow in...

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Categories: love, teen, thank you,

shes trying to make it easy
listen stop and think take a deep breath
think now dont imagine dont pretend
pay attention here this might be the end

you say you want one
your stuck...

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Categories: forgiveness, friendship, lost love,

Do you even care
Do you even care. 
That I am scared for you. 
In what you do. 

If you really loved me. 
The would actually care. 
And not...

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Categories: teen,

I'm in the shadows....
In the Dark...
No way out....
There are birds above...
And birds below me....



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Categories: teen, uplifting, wedding,

My Love
Poetry is the way to get out your innermost feelings.
Poetry is the way to say your love sends me reeling.
Poetry is my life.

Poetry is the...

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Categories: love, on writing and

Thirteen and Five Sixths
Those eyes
Wake up exuberance
Welcome early rituals
Wittily warming pop tarts
Whimsy’s gaze flirts away frowns . 

Those eyes
Scan pages, screens,  faces
Strip lovely from ugly,
Sublime from crass...

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Categories: daughter, hope, life, love,

I Wish
I wish fatherhood could be written into words.
Let daddisms be put into pages.
Papaness be published in poetry for people without.

Let little surprises that the old...

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Categories: father, inspirational, philosophy, teen,