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Silly Alliteration Poems

These Silly Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Silly. These are the best examples of Alliteration Silly poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Alliteration rain and sunshine--
Alliteration rain and sunshine--

I’ve gotten caught in the rain again
Coming home from school was sunny alas.. the
Rotten, rich Rain or silly, single Sunshine 
Romantic, ruthless...

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Categories: analogy, assonance, metaphor, rain,

Premium Member CHILD TALK

Curious care
Funny stare

Vivid voice
Cranky choice

Spicy smile
Piquant pile

Playful pout
Oozing out

Clever charm
Anxious arms

Rowdy romp
Sultry storms

Curious craze
Dazzle daze

Crawling cruise
Fleeting fuse

Tantrums test
Zany zest

Wonder wakes
Silly stakes

Learning lots
Touchy thoughts

Playthings pile
Screaming style


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SILENCE

Simple silence stays
Precious plunder pays

Dreamy dimpled day
Succinct sensuous say

Lovely lavish lines
Bubbly bleaching brine

Parade profound pace
Touchy thrilling trace

Falter falling frame
Clever calling came

Naughty naked name
Silly spelling same


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member FOIBLES

Such silly sights
Loss laughing light

Face foibles free
Spread simple spree

Feel foolish flight
Niche naughty night

Gain glimpses grand
Frame funny friend 

Mad moments melt
Flavour fright felt

Chase crafty change
Rich ripples...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member APTLY INSANE

Mad mushy make
Treat troubling take

Mean minding more
Set silly score

Mind milking moves
Gain gaudy grooves

Spread something sweet
Mingle mad meet

Trite telling taut
Niche nothing naught

Silly self shows
Broken brief blows


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member AMUSE

Apt ample aid
Prize promptly paid

Meet mingles most
Heap healthy host

Urge unzips use
Feel fuzzy fuse

Sense silly stake
Meek mindful make

Etch easy ear
Heed hurry here

Leon Enriquez
02 April 2018

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Categories: allusion,

What do you say now?
Is there anybody who want to foul?
Standing behind and knocking,
Little lady....I see this sparkle rocking,
Life is full of dream,
Can't distinguish the...

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Categories: 6th grade,

Premium Member FONDLY

Sensuous speed says
Prize poignant play

Dazzle dream dance
Craft cheery chance

Live lovely laze
Choose charming craze

Seize silly stakes
Moist musky makes

Grand glimpses gift
Lasting light lifts

Touch tasty thought
Ply precious plot


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SILLY BLUFF

Scent spills sift
White wine whiff

Sound sleep saves
Big blooms brave

Rest ripe roar
Sleek sounds soar

Set sure style
Mist moves miles

Race ripe rest
Feel fear fest

Crude crisp creed
Bright blood bleeds


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Categories: allusion,

Big Busty Babe's Bar
Bring back blonde babes 
with big boobs and butts, 
showing bare bellies, wearing black and brown boots.
Because they get the bikers and  big boys...

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Categories: funny, happy, humor, silly,

Silly Dilly Billy Lily
Jolly Folly Dolly Molly
Deli Jelly Belly Nelly
Alley Sally Halle Berry

Submitted for contest ALLITERATION sponsored by Barry Stebbings - November 27, 2017

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Categories: assonance, childhood, children, humor,

Premium Member Santa's Silent Sled
Santa’s Silent Sled

Santa's silent sled slid slowly over the soft snow
Over the soft snow Santa's silent sled slowly slid.
If the soft snow on which Santa...

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Categories: silly, snow,

Premium Member HAPPY

Happy heaps highs
Such stylish styles

Jazzy joy jumps
Slurp silly sums

Lovely light leaps
Sweet slumber sleeps

Taste touchy twirls
Spacious smiles swirl

Seize sanguine styles
Meet massive miles

Hear happy hum
Prize poignant psalm


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member QUEASY

Drowsy drips dreary
Winding words weary

Taste touchy tipsy
Bumpy breaks breezy

Sticky sways silly
Cheeky churns crazy

Juicy jests jumpy
Murky mess misty

Touching trickles taste
Worry wonders waste

Leon Enriquez
14 October 2017


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member MELODRAMA

Drama drills dear
Taste touchy tears

Seize sample such
Mean muddles much

Make mellow mime
Taste tangent times

Trouble trips taste
Worry works waste

Sneaky sour snore
Pricks petty pore

Mist moving mull
Dazzle dance dull


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member PRIMAL

Pure primal pain
Sense succinct strains

Gain gathers grouse
Raw ripples rouse

Lift lazy look
Browse brittle book

Size simple sighs
Hurl happy highs

Note naughty noose
Let laughter loose

Bright busy beach
Rest rusty reach


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MINT

Crisp cheeky charm
Apt answer arms

Meet mindful mint
Hurl happy hint

Dance dreary daze
Craft clever craze

Note naughty nice
Spread sunny spice

Matter meets mind
Fleeting fear finds

Hurry hope here
Spoil silly seer


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Categories: change,

Premium Member NONSENSE

Feisty fleeting foibles
Tricky treating troubles

Gloomy glimpses gaining 
Pretty posture pleasing

Living lovely loiter
Moody mindset matters

Heavy hassles heaping
Prickly puzzle prompting

Lasting lazy lying
Buzzy breezy buying

Silly stupid saying
Primal pleasure...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Middle March Madness
March middles and meanders
while munching on mild marigolds and
meekly mumbling melancholy meanings
about the miserable maladies of
migraines from mostly grasses and pollens.

Meanwhile, mealy mouthed moguls
make monotone...

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Categories: fun, silly,

Sorry State
Self-flagellated sinuses
Sandpaper swallowing
Sinuous snot surmounted sneezes
Strange sultry speech sounds sexy
Stupid sickness
Saturdays should be savored....

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Categories: sick, silly,