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Rights Alliteration Poems

These Rights Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Rights. These are the best examples of Alliteration Rights poems written by international poets.

Premium Member 'A Winding Water's Edge'
          I dream of death and decay, 
of doom, dirt and dust;

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member By The Water's Edge
          I dream of death and decay, 
of doom, dirt and dust;

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Categories: dream,

We went Haywire

The fruit of horrendous hurry
Hung appeasingly aloof
On a green tree with white lumpy leave
Situated amidst a green garden 

We harvested it imperiously
The day...

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Categories: 7th grade,

Premium Member - Evil Deeds -

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Categories: dark, deep,

Premium Member A Dark Dreamy Dream
I was down deep in a dark dreamy dream,
wandering a wispy, winding wilderness, where
sounds stabbed at an eerie secret silence;
with roars, rumbles and the rage...

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Categories: dream, mother,

Premium Member Days Dreamy
Days dead are dreamy delightful,
I linger on labyrinth lanes-
and flowers flourish fanciful . . . 
magenta mallow and marsh monks.

December 3, 2017

Poetry/Alliteration/Days Dreamy
Copyright Protected, ID...

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Categories: nature,

Human bein
Human beings are like the white horse,
They are as strong as Orji tree,
They moves like,
The elephant and the moon,
They shines like the,
Sun and the...

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Categories: beauty,

A Remnant Remains
What Remains
Rick Folker
June, 2017
Kansas City, MO

When the crowd clamors
And the tocsin clangs

When the mighty and powerful
Crush the weak, the vulnerable,
The poverty that chains and shames


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Categories: hope, inspiration, political, power,

Premium Member LIGHT

Sweet sights
Love lights

Face feel
Wise will

Dare dream
Sound streams

Word well
Truth tells

Cheer comes
Sense sums

Prize play
Rich rays 

Sit still
Fond fill

Spice swirls
Touch twirls

Meet more
Spread spores

Bloom boom
Zest zooms

Work way
Scents stay

Here's how

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Categories: allegory,

Ronald Rump
repugnant racist republican reviled - rickettsia re:itch ruler. 
rapaciously ravaged revered reverential rubric. 
radical ruthless renegade rapidly riotously rips rigged ramparts. 
refrains retaining remnant redolent...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, confusion, crazy,

Revolutionary  evolutionary
Heartful constitutions
Lovers constructing
Contributions contorts

Contours, all sides a winner
Armies of DREAMERS
WE are redeemers
Consecutive notions

If we begin we are beginners
Heavily measured DEVOTIONS
Affiliated positives


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Categories: anxiety, bird, blessing, change,

Civil Lies in Civil Eyes
We have murdered morality and raped reality.
Every chicken wants to crow before they grow.
Our boys are hunters and our girls flaunters. 
The future is forgotten...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal,

Hero in Chaos or Pauper in Paradise
It is better to be a pauper in paradise
Than a hero in chaos,
For a pauper in paradise can still
Partake in plentiful simple pleasures,
Yet a hero...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, peace, philosophy,

Money in Your Wallet
Money in the wallet is worth a million in the market!

All rights released into Public Domain...

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Categories: wisdom,

Premium Member Bobby, Billy, Belinda, Baby and Me
Bobby Brown threatened to knock me down
  but Billy Blues took off his shoes
  and with a barefoot blocked his fist

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Categories: abuse, hero, love,

If nobody saw me 
I could be brave enough
If everybody just cared enough
Maybe we would all be strong enough.
We would be strong enough to say...

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Categories: emotions, goodbye, heartbreak, mystery,

Learning Alliteration No Title yet
I travelled to Tarsus thinking thoughtfully
Historical ghosts gave welcoming greetings
Well how do you do? Echoing idioms in ears
Speaking Greek, and gnosis; knowing generations
They surrounded, the...

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Categories: voice,

Premium Member PROFOUND

Blessings bloom bright
See subtle sights

Glimpse glowing grace
Feel fragile face

Live lovely light
Rich rapture rights

Dream dazzling daze
Choice charms cool craze

Pick poise profound
Sense soul surround

Dance dreamy day
Please poignant...

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Categories: allusion,

Ophidiphobic Oh Ohpower

Miss Milai murmurs many times to me
Ssshhhh! Snake slithers surreptitiously
Between benches beside your bicycle
My craziest carelessness: catastrophic cry 
Carrying my carriage, ‘then I cuddle

©2015Leonora Galinta

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© Galeo DS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, nature,

Premium Member Model Of Peace
Bend your eyes and ears around
the sights and sounds of a
world at peace.

A squadron of oak trees on
a hill, laughing and playing acorns
with unsuspecting travelers...

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Categories: analogy,