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Leaving Alliteration Poems

These Leaving Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Leaving. These are the best examples of Alliteration Leaving poems written by international poets.

The helm of darkness

It was a long fretful watch
Stretching years of secrets divulged 
Ifs and whys splashed everywhere
As one whose yearning eyes awaits

The forms, they...

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Categories: cancer, dark, depression,

A Midnight Dream
Once upon a midnight dream, forever ago so it seems. There lived a princess with spiders in her dreams. They frightened her. Their many legs...

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Categories: horror,

A fiery flaming flashing  pen,
Feazes a blistering burning fire,
Sending brave whistling whispers,
Whilst inking brilliant brightness in the dark.

A pyre pen is magma mighty sword,

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Categories: fire, poetry, writing,

Premium Member AMPLE

Seek sensuous spice
Pay pretty price

Lift laughter loud
Ply precious proud

Note naughty nerves
Sign sparkling serves

Better blind boast
Touch troubles toast

Last light leaving
Grain grows grieving

Ample aid arms
Choice creates charm


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Categories: allegory,

You go to a party, not knowing im going. 
You are dancing and I see you, your drinking, I see you. 
You slow dance with...

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Categories: absence, addiction,

Premium Member Petrichor Petals
Petrichor petals 
float with departing zephyrs,
misplacing misunderstood messages,
whose true meanings are misinterpreted. 

Mislaid memories 
reflect on picture perfect puddles,
mentally memorising mistakes,
leaving behind a legacy of...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, death, death of

Life is
Life is a pile of misfit clothes leaving a walkway to my door
it is a series of unfinished to do lists lost on the floor

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Categories: analogy, change, endurance,

Hill and Hamster
Howling hamster gives a goneaway tone
Hovering Hill sings for him
Tale of tall trees being alone
Wish of breaking broken limits led it too high

"Live life leaving...

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Categories: life, wisdom,

Can I Get an E
explanations of life's complexity seem more like 
eager delusions designed to keep us tame, all my 
energy is sucked out of my soul as I...

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Categories: confusion, crazy, emotions, grief,

O Dear Death
O Death! All of a sudden you come
To possess your dear one.
A true beloved you are
Who never betray, delay and say
A single word of complaint.

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Categories: death,

Hey my pretty, 
candy cream on coffee, 
feed me sweet.
Hey my beauty,
heal me please,
six months going,
nothing but leaving. 


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Categories: love,

Poet Destroyers Poem in Hindi -Like Ice

Irma Linda or PD (Poet Destroyer) is a good friend of mine and a very prominent and dynamic American Poet of Poetry Soup. The list...

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Categories: introspection, , Lullaby,

Like Ice --- THE WALTZ
"Black Ice"

Sorrow flows from the first sunrise 
Eyes deeper than winter and rainfall
A painful combination never felt before 
At core death awaits

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Categories: absence, allusion, color, dance,

I Drained Life Of Its Fullness
I drained life of its fullness...
not pricing its worthiness,
leaving nicks in the prime of youth:
deceitful tricks to ignore every truth.

I imitated parody to conceal identity,

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Categories: betrayal, emotions, heartbreak, life,

Premium Member Brenda and Banron
Brenda and Banron bounced slowly on his boat
as the brilliant sun sparkled brightly on the glistening water.
Big and burly he was the boy she sought...

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Categories: death,

Life and death
Scattered scars
Deep dark depression 
Trickling tears
Living life lonely 
Leaving life laughing 

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Categories: death, depression, loneliness,

Almost always, as additional allurements arrive, ask as a Being...
 By better borne behests become best Causes ?
  Can causes create concise concepts Diligently...

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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, fun, imagination, introspection,

The Sound Of Suicide
People, looking like ants scurrying down below
Nobody see's me, nobody knows
The pressure I feel, and how I'm alone
A whole world full of people, and not...

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Categories: absence, leaving, loneliness, silence,

delighted bleeding
blood, death, darkness.
i'm watching 
mystery,horror, insanity.
it's on the screen
violence, depth,desertion.
i can't look away.

why don't i want to?
it's so pretty.
it's wonderful.
why am i still smiling?

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, angst,

Premium Member Promiscuous passions pretense
Promiscuous passions pretense

Promiscuous passion puts on a pretense
as he pridefully tries to prove his physical prowess

Promiscuous passion presumptuously pursues prey
by projecting his powerful persona on...

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Categories: drink, fun, games, goodbye,