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Hair Alliteration Poems

These Hair Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Hair. These are the best examples of Alliteration Hair poems written by international poets.

thin skinned
a small child
eyes taken
curious sight
brow creases
in question
it a new thing
these pink shapes
on earthy brown
backs of hands
half covered
the same
patterned dress

she child
soft traces
on toes
tops of feet

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Categories: child, community, humanity,

Depiction of my late son
The colour of your skin 
Was almost dark and with sheen 
it is sad of your  death
For your colour will no longer be Seen


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Categories: sad,

Fibers, my life's nemesis

Floating free, that you may be
Until here you comemy work undone
Sticking to lacquered phalanges.
I squeal and cuss, tug and fuss,
but still, you refuse to budge.


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Categories: character, emotions, environment, hair,

"Pack the chairs,no souls will be entertained here",
Politics is stealing the future of scholars,
The faith is rather picking blemishes from religious pillars,
Can't make it plain...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement,

Color is an agent,
Of beauty,
We use it in beautifying,
Our body.
 It’s like flowers,
It’s used in decorating our 
It’s like perfumes,
It add value to our,
Body, and...

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Categories: beautiful,

Color is an agent,
Of beauty,
We use it in beautifying,
Our body.
 It’s like flowers,
It’s used in decorating our 
It’s like perfumes,
It add value to our,
Body, and...

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Categories: beautiful,

Infra Redhead

Invisible flames
emanate from your flowing mane
Flecks of fiery freckled specks
radiate from your glowing face
Your ruby heart wears a crimson crown
that completely, queenly captivates me
I’m forever...

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Categories: color, hair, love, romantic,

Platinum dawn
The ambiance I feel
You coming on
There you are.

I'm never wrong
Fingernails scratching me
Awake from a daydream
As platinum dawn slyly slides

Across the rosy sky
I'm lost by...

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Categories: dark, night, sky,

You can touch, if you wish, the sunlight there,
watch her run listless fingers through her hair,
and taste, with surprise, the tears from her eyes—
dark, like...

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Categories: blue, fantasy, longing, ocean,

life and beyond
Angels just love weddings, don't you think?
 No one sees them, but we know they're there,
 Golden halos lassoing their hair,
 Embodying a love beyond...

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Categories: angel, bereavement, happiness, marriage,

Premium Member Spring's in the Air
Winter's winking wearily in the sun
gracefully giving ground
knowing Spring will never run

Muted, molted, monochromatic colors turn
vibrant, vivacious, victoriously
welcoming the return

Soft, subtle scents in the air

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Categories: friend, seasons, spring,

Red Riding Hood
One day, little Red Riding Hood’s mother told her to deliver a basket of food to her elder grandmother. 
She told Red not to talk...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, child, childhood,

To two o'clock time that sank in the sea afternoon
The sky is spread in the threshold of your hair
Thing nor anyone those
Tropical birth Ganesha
In front...

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Categories: myth, universe,

Exciting  extreme  exclamation
Caught  climatic conversation

Next week major VALUABLE VALID
Realistic and simplistic.
This is the real world.
It's  what you want it to be.


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Categories: adventure, beauty, destiny,

I Had a Vibrant Night
A Vibrant Night 

At night 
When the city is 
Lit with lights and literature 
Locals and visitors 
Ambiances and silhouettes  
Dances with the wet...

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Categories: autumn, food, hair, imagery,

Dear Father
I remember him wen I was seven
And now he watches me from heaven
Blessing me from up there
Spiritually giving me all the care
I miss him when...

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Categories: absence,

Moon that shines high up in the sky, 
bright in glow like your iconic eye, 
the more i see, the more i wonder,
emotions it contains...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, heart, imagination,

Voices floating through the air 
A friendly wind plays with everyone's hair 
Vibrant lights decorate the outside 
While it stays vacant and empty on the...

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Categories: celebration, family, poems,


Hurt heart hastened home
Hunting hope housed humbly
Hollow holiness has hurt heart
Has humans heart has holes?
Humiliated heavy heart harves hardship
Help harmonise harmless hearts.
Hurt heart hastened...

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Categories: africa, art, betrayal,

Moon Diamonds
O' holy and enchanted garden,
I have seen the curling ivy 
scaling your wide walls,
their tender tendrils
twisting toward the tepid moon.

Through the brick and 
greenery deep,...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, dance, fantasy,