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Green Alliteration Poems

These Green Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Green. These are the best examples of Alliteration Green poems written by international poets.

Publican Offenders

Copper robbers ... penny-ante coin collectors
Duly appointed by Caesar Cersei,
deputized purse snatchers
Modern day publicans holding the money bag,
appointed bean counters
being levy 
abacus austere
Placing palm heavy...

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Categories: history, money, perspective, word

Never Let Me Go

 Nameless nomad from nowhere needed nestling niche
 Emotions enveloped evermore excitement exuberant
 Vague venture veered on valiant venerable voyage
 Ever eager to enter enticing...

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Categories: how i feel, love,

Color Green
Green crystalline neon green that glitters glistens gleems glams and glims in the dark like glow in the dark stars....

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Categories: assonance, color, green, stars,

Gomorrah Toys

Military maneuvers,
conducted by starship troopers,
make a Lot of king Chedorlaomer noise

Earhole space
penetrated by the Pentagon puffing pace ... 
stealth sound of smoke signals
Warning drumbeat signs...

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Categories: truth, violence, war, wisdom,

Over Time
Over time,
I realized my peace of mind was redefined,
I don't lean as often though I'm still inclined,
to pop a pill or roll some green, kill...

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Categories: blessing,

Yield not, but know
Ash - grey chemised
she shifts her shape
as silver flakes float coat
stripped naked places, 
sheath curves and angled spaces
Angry glitter tingle stings
thick earth skin with prickly...

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Categories: natural disasters,

We went Haywire

The fruit of horrendous hurry
Hung appeasingly aloof
On a green tree with white lumpy leave
Situated amidst a green garden 

We harvested it imperiously
The day...

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Categories: 7th grade,

Depiction of my late son
The colour of your skin 
Was almost dark and with sheen 
it is sad of your  death
For your colour will no longer be Seen


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Categories: sad,

Sweet Christmas
Oh the sweet, oh the cheery, oh that sweet tasting Christmas Sherry.
Oh the green, oh the red, oh the lights all happy and merry. 


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Categories: chocolate, christmas, december,

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Love lights
Blooms bright

Hope hues
Craft cues

Faith frees
Soul sees

Set stage
Red rage

Briskly booze
Orange ooze

Bullish bet
Yellow yet

Mull maze
Green gaze

Still sight
Blue bright

Tasty tribe
Violet vibes

Bloom brave
White waves

Nude noise
Pink poise

Mellow make
Turquoise take


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Critterary Verses: Things I never learned from Marlin Perkins
Antisocial anacondas don't associate in numbers;
Bears and beagles don't become the best of friends.
Civet cats catch rats, so is it any wonder
On doleful dingoes dire...

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Categories: animal, humor,

Lost Change
Green as growing grasses
Germs as glass
Going become perished.
Get the above all
Gigantic life refresh living....

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Categories: life,

Real Life Repeats
Down in the dumps
Ducks drop in dams
Design the due in daily dots
Documentary life dreamt as a slept dog.

Do or die
Doesn't go down
Deplete or defunct
Dim fights...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Temperance Rising
I Dove Determination-Body

Dazzling pearl flight in eternal dancing delight
Doves! Season me in the Four Seasons

Spring-Unfetter the umbrellas perched upon my mountains of pain and
exculpate me...

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Categories: appreciation, bird, body, courage,

If Nkrumah Had Not Died
If Nkrumah Had Not Died

If situations hadn't killed Nkrumah
He'd have for long served us
with special African okra
the green soup would still be emitting its powerful...

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Categories: africa, eulogy, hero,

If Nkrumah Had Not Died
If Nkrumah Had Not Died

If situations hadn't killed Nkrumah
He'd have for long served us
with special African okra
the green soup would still be emitting its powerful...

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Categories: africa, eulogy, hero,

My Animals ABCs
An alligator always ate addax and antelopes.
Baby bats began bouncing before burping 
Caterpillars climb cable crossings carefully
Dingos don't dine delicately during dinner.
Eager elephants enjoy easily...

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Categories: animal, funny, humor,

People and Food ABC's
Alice and Alex always ate apples.
Bobby brought baked beans
Carol cooked cleaned catfish
David decorated delicious donuts
Ellen endured eating eleven eggs
Freddie fried five fish
Gina grabbed green grapes.

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Categories: food, humor, people,

Happy Weather
Emotions are like a storm rolling in, I prefer my mood to be like happy weather
When I say happy weather I mean a beautiful ...

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Categories: cheer up, cool, joy,



Sense stillness soar beyond bright beams,
Observe odd oar swift silence screams.

Note nowhere now those tensions taut,
Each end endows frame fickle fraught.

Green grass gathers...

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Categories: change,