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World Alexandrine Poems

These World Alexandrine poems are examples of Alexandrine poems about World. These are the best examples of Alexandrine World poems written by international poets.

Some knew him,
Some knew him not,
We all knew him somehow;
Nobody knew what he had become,
What he had always been,
Digital platforms were closed
On towards evening
And in...

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Categories: betrayal,

Come on in tonight
Look straight in my eyes
Tell me how you feel
At the sight of me
Can you see I am hurting?
I am just not the...

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Categories: love,

Babe I should admit
I did not understand you
I felt so wronged and justified
I did all I could to please myself
And feel loved,
But babe I did...

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Categories: forgiveness,

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
I see beyond forever:
A chasm of darkness which is infinite
With it dark hopes of this
Dangerous life I always live.
I do...

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Categories: self,

In time
I see your face 
Such a sweet embrace 
Every part of you 
Burned in my brain 
If it’s not love why hasn’t it faded away...

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Categories: art, best friend, crush,

The Poor Over The Rich
There are some born with good fortune,
they have so many doing there bidding,
yet there hands are too clean,
they taught themselves so little.

Can't do the easiest...

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Categories: inspirational, life, money, world,

I want to
I want to touch the prevalent stars
I want to observe the lonely red mars
I want to go to glide at north pole
I want to pet...

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Categories: cool,

I was hoping you would give me
Enough rope to hang myself
At least it would have been better
If you had killed me,    

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Categories: love, love hurts,

I look at my photos
On some of them I am smiling,
On some I am just sullen somewhat
They show me some few things
The mirror would not;

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Categories: betrayal, lost love,

Stolen Blueberry
Your love is like paradise
On earth to me;
Evergreen, with rivers beneath:
With God and your love,
I am secure, ever and never wanting
Of your love and nothing...

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Categories: love,

To The Blues
I did not come Blues
Seven years ago
To find and lose
The only woman I love.

But you are right
We are going nowhere
But to the blues;
Let me hush...

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Categories: lost love,

I am in hell
How to call 

Hard to describe to give 
A name for our love taste and 
Test of the meaning is more 
Of hard then my...

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Categories: absence, art, conflict, courage,

Premium Member Delights of Love
Delights of Love

Secrets of the garden are unexpressed delights,
lovers share in sweetness that’s near to paradise.

To see your love's visage, pleasing joy of the eyes,

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Categories: age, life,

A Wander Site
Oh! This train so superb
So still of lots dreams
Many of which we all absorb
The state full of huge worries
A state to get in unwillingly.

To one...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, heartbreak, identity,

A Cogent Shot

The night was too tide
When I sticked with my last
So embraced with the maid
In the middle of the light

She is certain superb of the maids

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Categories: absence, addiction, betrayal, cute

The Truth in Lies
We are taught that if we try at something we can succeed

We are taught that we are safe in our own homes

We are taught that...

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Categories: allusion, beauty, betrayal, community,

21st century artist
the world his canvas
911 his masterpiece

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Categories: america,

Can We Write a Poem
Can we write a  poem of love?
Can we write a poem that we can't tell its story?
Can we become the fire of the pastors?

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Categories: africa, age, art,

Premium Member Celestial Being
Beautiful angel a soul's destination flies
High above on gossamer wings delicately 
Circling between heaven and earth as soul keepers

Eclipsing the light seraph twitches softly gaze

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing,


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Categories: africa, beauty,