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Night Alexandrine Poems

These Night Alexandrine poems are examples of Alexandrine poems about Night. These are the best examples of Alexandrine Night poems written by international poets.

A cigarette has to work
For it to be smoked,
A beer has to toil for
It to be drank.

Love has got to show
For it to be loved,

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Categories: love,

Babe, babe,
It's all winter outside,
Come inside,
It's all winter outside,
We can work it out,
It's all winter outside:
I need you here with me.

It’s all winter outside,
There's no...

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Categories: forgiveness,

When one eye is injured
Be certain the other is hurt,
The connection is certain
In flickers of light transferred:
Seven days now,
My eye is dreading the sun,
It was...

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Categories: death,

We met at Bervelino’s
On a Friday night,
Nothing was planned,
It was planned.

I said your hair was beautiful honeyed;
Asked for your digits,
You snapped no!
I lit a cigarette;

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Categories: kiss, love,

A nighty sitting beside me,
I can tell by her colour;
Her smell of sweat and stench
Of night places:
I wonder what she thinks
In her silence,
Say hi,
She is...

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Categories: humanity,

Sitting in the pub,
Spending painfully-panned-gold,
Thinking about making money;
What a shame:
Money making ain't thinking about me.

Last night,
Love was good:
The plastic was foul,
We had to let go...

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Categories: adventure,

I was hoping you would give me
Enough rope to hang myself
At least it would have been better
If you had killed me,    

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Categories: love, love hurts,

I saw you in winter
And the moon winked
In appreciation of
The occurrence of love.

Your weak-sexy eyes opened leisurely
Shone through my heart and I saw forever.
You saw...

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Categories: kiss, love,

Fragrant Fragments
I broke my heart,
Into many
Different fragments
Each with its own fragrance:
Pick the one that suits you.

He loses the battle of love;
Who quits fighting for it,
When he...

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Categories: love,

I passed by
Your post box:
I said nasty things 
Last night;
I was seized by loneliness;
My mind was wandering
Lost in the love wilderness.

Love never grows,
Love never learns:

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Categories: sorry,

The Crimson Voyage
Dwellin' in the blindfolds of my passion
I rely on his rose to gain vision
And sail me away into the storm
With which life comes, in many...

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Categories: adventure,

The Songs of Nature
To hear the songs of nature,
so pleasant to my soul.
Listening intently,
I want to learn them all.

Even as a child at home,
I heard them in the...

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Categories: nature, song,

Last night I met this raw, rare angel
You are that I overlook
Most of the times.

You kissed me once,
I woke up, my breath so fresh.

I owe...

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Categories: love,

But then, hi there,
How is the bun in the oven
How are you baking it?
And what is James Blunt saying now?
Does he think I don’t know?

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Categories: love,

Aloe Vera
It was a forties erectile dysfunction scare,
The home had become a war zone,
The warhead was damaged;
The wife was breathing fire,
Auntie Google pointed to Aloe Vera

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Categories: health,

What If
It comes at night
When I am lonely,
What if she is screwing around.

I hurt my babe last night,
Babes deserve to be hurt.

I called her line,
She did...

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Categories: longing, love,

                   Was it, the one for me


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Categories: career,

A Cogent Shot

The night was too tide
When I sticked with my last
So embraced with the maid
In the middle of the light

She is certain superb of the maids

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Categories: absence, addiction, betrayal, cute

Within a dreamers night
The night was cool
The air was sweet
He stood so close

A smile within his
Soul ' he moved so 
Quick he was slick 

The talked began
With messages...

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Categories: i love you,

Fish Powder
Sometimes I enjoy to eat fish
I even enjoy to eat powder as a side dish
At night I have to go find some in the trash

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