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May Alexandrine Poems

These May Alexandrine poems are examples of Alexandrine poems about May. These are the best examples of Alexandrine May poems written by international poets.

Angelus Silesius the mystical Angel
Angelus Silesius Translations

The rose merely blossoms
and never asks why:
heedless of her beauty,
careless of every eye.
?Angelus Silesius, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

The rose lack reasons

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Categories: alexandrine, angel, bible, christian, devotion,

Our future
Our future is very terrible
So v will see our life horrible 
We use our nature very rapidly
Which gives results very hazardous ly

Our earth is suffering...

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Categories: tree,

Godly servanthood brings divine privileges
Midst sacrifices to do the will of the Lord
For faith’s performance-growth against indolence bouts
To diligent stewardship’s joyous fulfillment.

Wasting not blessed opportunities...

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Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, faith,

Warriors of righteousness, they are the Christ’s soldiers*
Persistently marching on with God’s might steadfastly
Standing midst adversities, they fight thru faith’s strength
Verily empowered by the Holy...

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Categories: christian, dedication, devotion, faith,

May God’s victory shine in our holy pursuits
Thru our decency more than what our clothes require…
Righteous as heavenly citizens in our deeds
Modeling faithfulness of gracious...

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Categories: character, christian, devotion, faith,

“Trust in the Lord.”*  Such declares God, the Creator
As sovereign supreme Almighty Being.
We must bow to Him with earnest humility
Submitting ourselves to His loving...

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Categories: christian, devotion, encouraging, faith,

The Lord grants freely good wisdom* for right choices
…Sure direction along His great sovereign drive--- 
Trusting, I heed to His instructions’ authority
Leading my steps truly...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

At the foothill of fantasy
At the foothills of fantasy I live
Keeping away from reality I live
Where ignorance is blessing I live
On dat beautiful level of existence I live
Day dreamer...

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Categories: fantasy,

I just dropped off the bus,
She was crossing the road from
The other side,
Just what is that,
My mind whispered,
Let me get closer and witness
This rare gem.


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Categories: love,

Never mind my stare,
When yearning I fall.
I am here drowning in your bar.
Watching you sipping cola,
Can you see me,
If you can.

There you bend over,
Could you...

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Categories: appreciation,

Her Empress, Shaniqua,
The Princess of Sauerstown;
Picked me up at a farm
In Victoria Falls;
She cleansed me and paid off
All my debts,
Took me to the City of...

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Categories: loss,

A Thought on Thankfulness
Just as there are the stars that twinkle in the sky
so many thousand cars from work are rushing by.
Too many things to do, a way...

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Categories: life, nature, thanksgiving, uplifting,

Behind Back There

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Categories: appreciation, desire,

To Drakana
Art is the lie that enables us to realise the truth
I think women need pen not a long manhood
That wipe them fiercely without mercy, yes!

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Categories: africa, art,

I'm Not an Expert
I'm not an expert at anything, but an optimist at many.

A carpenter I am not, but I can still bang a nail.

My artist's hands are...

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Categories: art, care, creation, imagery,

Knowledge of Good and Evil
Step with me onto a boat; we need somewhere to go.
Our destination is not for us to know.
A stiff wind carries us beyond the sight...

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Categories: evil, faith,