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Betrayal Alexandrine Poems

These Betrayal Alexandrine poems are examples of Alexandrine poems about Betrayal. These are the best examples of Alexandrine Betrayal poems written by international poets.

She was fleeing from work,
That day was different,
The crocodile had lost its tail;
Soldiers had to find it for him,
Trigger happy soldiers set loose
There was no...

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Categories: betrayal,

Some knew him,
Some knew him not,
We all knew him somehow;
Nobody knew what he had become,
What he had always been,
Digital platforms were closed
On towards evening
And in...

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Categories: betrayal,

I wish was blind
It wld  have been gr8 if I was blind
Cause I cannot c the marches pacing forth
Wth candles in hands
But leaving the girl behind

I wish...

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Categories: betrayal,

When they declared allegiance
Overnight, you would not know
Who is by your side and who is not:
You would not know
If you are a victim or a...

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Categories: betrayal,

The art of war
Clash of titans the true meaning of engaging battles where there is no victor like two lions colliding on the terrain in the atmosphere a...

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Categories: anger, art, betrayal, evil,

I look at my photos
On some of them I am smiling,
On some I am just sullen somewhat
They show me some few things
The mirror would not;

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Categories: betrayal, lost love,

I am not cool about things
You say about my life,
Just coz you left me,
I love my life, mistakes.
Nothing happened, I was just
Seeking your attention, now...

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Categories: betrayal,

Deed Tears
And the deed
Is undying,
The wound is
Not a healing process.

And then
Small axes
Could not cut down
Big, big trees

An image,
A human face, a man;
An eye with tears
Flowing from...

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Categories: betrayal,

I stand alone
Many tears I have cried,
For the parts of me that have died.
For so long I've stood alone,
My heart eventually turned to stone.

I found a way...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, heartbroken, pain,

A Cogent Shot

The night was too tide
When I sticked with my last
So embraced with the maid
In the middle of the light

She is certain superb of the maids

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Categories: absence, addiction, betrayal, cute

The Truth in Lies
We are taught that if we try at something we can succeed

We are taught that we are safe in our own homes

We are taught that...

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Categories: allusion, beauty, betrayal, community,

That Day
October 15 2013 
Is a day
One that I would never forget
It’s the day that I allowed you to mentally break me
Both inside and out
It was...

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