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Wife Acrostic Poems

These Wife Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Acrostic Wife poems written by international poets.

Premium Member RIGHT NEXT TO ME
                 Revealing the sweet way you make me feel...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

I Stand Tall
I certainly know you can't miss

Seeing just how
Thrilled I am feeling
And the joy knowing
Now you love me and one
Day you will be my wife

The love...

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Categories: love, marriage,

Premium Member SoulMate
She has been walking by my side on life’s journey
Occupying my affection with her gentle smiles
Unlocking my heart with the sound of her voice
Lost in...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, how i

Guessing has become the norm.
I was never certain of anything.
I just guess my way through the storm.

Can't blame anyone for losing faith.
It's all about survival,...

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Categories: change, character, how i

Twenty Ninth Anniversary
This is a day to celebrate
When memories come back to mind
Every little thought provokes something
Never sadness just blessings to find
Twenty-nine is the magic number
Years that...

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Categories: anniversary, love, wedding,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

put a groovey bass behind it that say bump:bump
one definition used malice in defining
socialite, saying it was a first amendment right
of certain people to be socialites.
this is crazy aint it ?
we are people...

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Categories: freedom, guitar, leadership, motivation,

She is the principal thing
Sometimes, I'd like to believe I can't love her less.
Having her by my side is all I desire as the day goes by
Except death do...

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Categories: eulogy, nature, princess, sweet

Pure Heart Of A Minister s Wife
A-pril fourth early Tuesday, 
N-ew dawn leaves the twilight; 
N-ight cold chill disappears, sun sets everything aright. 

P-ure heart of a minister's wife 
A-ims to...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Juneteenth
June weddings, white, lacey, crisp, pure, 
Under starlit canopy, soft wispy materials
Nestled into the crook of her true love’s arm, a bride
Ever glowing, celebrating her...

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Categories: love, marriage, relationship,

Beautiful My Wife
Beautiful My Wife

Jun 16, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Beautiful, a soothing sight
Excellent, of the finest character
Awesome, a most inspiring person
Unforgettable, you leave a deep impression

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Categories: wife,

Perfect Wife
P-erfect wife braves the storm, 
R-ain fades into the blue; 
E-ven the clouds become white, 
C-hill departs from 

B-eautiful beacon Wednesday 
A-im to meet...

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Categories: birthday,

From The Bride's Perspective
White dress upon my frame, white rose holds my young, nimble hand,
Escorted by my father on this journey to Beulah land.
Delicate blue bells and baby’s...

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Categories: feelings, husband, marriage, wedding,

Truth shall hold, and set one free
Righteousness shall reign, and let one be
Ornaments that fold, unfold at three
Under father of rain,  Son Spirit be

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Categories: angst, cry, depression, scary,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

So many marriages now end in divorce
Innocent children are hurting of course
Gone are the happier days in their life
Now their parents aren’t husband and wife


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Categories: divorce, marriage, relationship,

Premium Member Him Improvement
To husbands who are mystified
We offer here this marriage guide.
You'll have the finest union yet
If you accept this alphabet.

A  dopt a female point of...

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Categories: for her, humor, husband,

No Storm Can Break The Heart
E-ven storm can't break the heart, 
D-arkest day cannot prevail; 
U-nion of husband and wife
A-ims to remain without fail.
R-ugged clime can't break the heart, 

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Categories: birthday,


Right from the second we met I knew
One day you would become my wife.
Married to the girl of my dreams, you are
All I...

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Categories: love, romantic,

Premium Member Happy Valentines Day

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Categories: valentines day,

Great Mystery
J-ust know the great mystery, 
U-sing the vine and the branches; 
V-erify the deeper meaning, 
Y-ou must put it in your chest. 

B-elieve in the...

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Categories: birthday,