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Voyage Acrostic Poems

These Voyage Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Voyage. These are the best examples of Acrostic Voyage poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Boing Boing Boeing
on the dead
in dread
no morals saved
great profits staved

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Categories: africa, allusion, america, environment,

Premium Member Ballast
Buoyancy of this ship will keep it afloat all the way through
As it navigates the windiest, stormiest of seas. Unsinkable.
Loyal hands at the helm; the...

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Categories: allegory, life, metaphor, strength,

Over The Deepest Sea
J-ust over the deepest sea
A-nother victory will stand; 
N-ever ever losing hope
I-n taking the prize at hand.
C-rown of glory is in store for those who'll...

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Categories: birthday,

On The Way To Paradise
R-ace against the time
A-s the end is drawing near; 
C-omplete the volatile voyage, 
H-iding not a drop of tear.
E-agerly wait for the great day, receiving...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Word Player's Adventure
As I wake I realize today’s a new beginning, a 
Day I can start a new word
Voyage into uncharted territories,
Enthusiasm abounds, as I leap out...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

O-pen your life to journey, 
F-ebruary twentieth Tuesday; 
E-ach road takes you to places, 
L-etting you learn every way.
I-n life's long journey,there are mountains to...

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Categories: birthday,

Miss Not The Boat
M-iss not the boat, 
H-urry up, time flies fast; 
E-agerly do it now, 
L-et not holdback last. 

M-iss not the boat, 
A-s the voyage begins;...

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Categories: birthday,

‘World cruise’ is a story of paradise,
Travel, that remained unravelled,
Odyssey doesn’t necessarily meant to move around,
Voyage here renders,
Cruise from being ancient to be ameliorated,
Cruise from...

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Categories: adventure, how i feel,

World cruise
W    with my friends I  ventured on a cruise
o      out with my bags early , fun...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, destiny, discrimination,

Winds blow with crisp chill of the arctic pole
Irate trees miss the foliage snow stole
Nocturnal voyage of moon makes mind blue
The butterflies disappeared with the...

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Categories: blue, winter,

Be unbounded by the ways of the world.
Ignorance claims the dogma of men
To qualify as the sheer pith of truth.
My thirst will then be quenched,...

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Categories: adventure, christian, courage, desire,

As You Travel The Road
A-s you travel the road
U-nderneath the blue sky; 
R-ain may suddenly appear, 
E-specially when the land is dry.
L-et the journey of life
I-n twenty-fifth November
A-llow you...

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Categories: birthday,

Gayle Winning Over The Gale
G-ayle winning over the gale
A-llows her faith to work; 
Y-earning to weather the storm, 
L-osing not against its

M-onth of September
A-t dawn twenty-eighth day; 
N-ight cold...

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Categories: birthday,

Journey To Promised Land
J-ourney to promised land, 
O-n the way to eternity; 
V-iew of the holy mansion
I-s filled with ecstasy.
L-ong travel to glory
I-s truly hard or difficult; 

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Categories: birthday,

Open Journey To Eternity
J-ourney to eternity is hard, 
O-pen path is trial-fraught; 
S-tay focused so all your
E-fforts come not to naught.

C-ontinue remaining on track, 
A-ugust seventeenth day; 

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Categories: birthday,

Round Trip Travel
R-ound trip travel teaches
U-s about life's reality; 
B-eginning of a tour
E-nds where it started originally.
L-ife is a round trip travel, 
Y-es, take-off is also arrival;...

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Categories: birthday,

One Step Behind
J-ust one step behind, 
E-nd of journey is closer; 
N-ew life awaits the chosen, 
N-ew beginning's around the corner.
I-t's just one step behind, 
F-orward motion...

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Categories: birthday,

Today we set sail for the United States of America
I am on the maiden voyage on the most luxurious ship ever built
The first class cabin...

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Categories: boat, sea, voyage,

Journey to nowhere
Answer me, have you ever gone to nowhere?
Be the answer no or yes, you are about to know
Can you guess who travels to nowhere?
Do not...

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Categories: allusion, destiny, philosophy,

Greeting On Your Birthday
A-fter the rain has faded, 
L-ong night is already gone; 
E-arly day of March tenth
C-old chill is warmed by the dawn.
I-nclement clime turns fine, the...

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Categories: birthday,