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Violence Acrostic Poems

These Violence Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Violence. These are the best examples of Acrostic Violence poems written by international poets.

From one film to the other, your creative styles,
Rebels joined, save a world, then you, sacrificed a girl,
Online programmers that you had caused their riles,

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Categories: betrayal, conflict, dark, power,

Premium Member PEACE
Please can people stop random acts of violence
Every single day I hear in the media of
Awful events happening all across the world with
Catastrophic consequences to...

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Categories: hope, peace, violence,

Voracious beasts I freely call them,
Indigenous or rather covenant leaders,
Observing our steps just to stab us behind,
Leaving us to suffer in peace,
Envying the poor man's...

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Categories: 2nd grade, absence, abuse,

whirlwind of violence
It's crashing 
my heart trembles 
leaps out of place 
searching for crystal 
diamonds in the city streets
his breath melts ice like crumbs 
frost drops to...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, art, beautiful,

Premium Member Child Abuse

Child learns to be
Hyper-vigilant, secretive, quiet, unseen, un-hungry,
Initiate to violence, hiding in corners, 
Little relief or sleep, waiting and fearing,
Disturbing feelings of mass destruction

Adult stuff...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse,

The Abuse From The Fool
Do it have to take violence for me to stay with you?
or is violence all you know?
Do you see me as a puppet?
just play with...

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Categories: abuse, crazy, nonsense,

Premium Member Native People
Noble heritage they cannot erase

Ancestor’s plight laid bare for all to see

Tribal identity etched in each face

Invincible spirit our pedigree

Various attempts meant to “civilize”

Expanding demands...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, courage, discrimination, murder,

Premium Member Sign of the Times

S o many tears are paid with precious blood,
 I mbued with promise, chaste and innocent,
  G one quickly with a brash and frantic...

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Categories: appreciation, hate, humanity, violence,

Premium Member Karma
Knocked down, bruises and  scars,  a wave of souvenirs pierced her 
armor; never saw the depraved evil inside. She
respected, trusted that someone and...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, courage, freedom,

Premium Member Sign Of The Times
Striking teachers demanding higher pay
Immigration hiccups giving "dreamers" a migraine
Gun violence perennially choking America's throat
Numerous scandals plaguing Washington politicians

Outspoken Parkland student activists take to the...

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Categories: analogy, angst, humor, metaphor,

Sign of the times
Scandalous governments

Inflicting misery,

Genocidal tendencies

Nuclear threat,

Our humanity next

For extinction,

This malicious legion

Harnessing hate and greed,

Extermination of other species,

Trespassers on nature

Insanity is their policy,

Murder and maiming vicariously,

End of...

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Categories: death, earth, environment, hate,

Climate-controlled Emotion
C-limate-controlled emotion
A-ims to be always cool; 
R-efraining from being angry, 
L-etting not the mind be

C-limate-controlled emotion
A-llows you to be calm; 
B-e free from hate and...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member HUMANITY
Hunger and hatred are daily, wrongly, sustained and fed.
Unjust and unfair create many laws and discriminations.
Multitudes of people ignorantly choose to live from their ego.

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Categories: humanity,

Hovering high above the world in my flying saucer
Unbelievable scenes witnessed by my seventeen eyes
Mankind is hell bent on trying to destroy the world
Acts of...

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Categories: angst, earth, judgement, world,

Me Too
There's a movement going on
But it shouldn't have taken this long
Me too, Me three, Me four, Me five
Sexual harassment and rape has affected our lives.

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Categories: society,

The Night Clerk
The night air with owls cry invitation of canopies of writers to write the 
Days using the night pen jolting candle to the candidates aspiring...

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Categories: beauty, daffodils, longing, solitude,

Painfully  the  heart  beats the  chest, 
Ember  of  lineal  segregation  will  come  out, 
And ...

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Categories: peace,

Premium Member Touched by terrorism
Touched by terrorism

T ortured, traumatized touched by terrorism
O utrageous onslaughts obliterate innocence
U nprecedented Ultra-extremist atrocities
C auterized consciences create cataclysm
H emorrhaging  humanity hopelessly held hostage.


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Categories: anxiety, courage, humanity, violence,

Dying For a Final Dream
Hopelessly I watch
As you are
Pulled away from my
Passionate embrace.
Icy swords carve fiery
Lines across my
Yearning heart.

Empires will rise and fall.
Violence will rage
Everywhere, but I will come...

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Categories: absence, death, longing, loss,

Counter Strike
This game
Violence, guns
Do not play please young ones.
Cherish life, do not shoot it.
Be happy
Jump with Mario, slide with Sonic
Adventure with Crash
Fight bad with Spiderman
Save and...

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Categories: absence,