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Vanity Acrostic Poems

These Vanity Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Vanity. These are the best examples of Acrostic Vanity poems written by international poets.

Teaching well, verily mentoring with his best
Engaged to build lives to the fullest
Ardent in vanquishing instruction pest
Carving hearts for servant-leadership training quest
Hoisting faith toward great...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

My LORD God, I verily thank* You so much
Your love, grace, and mercy are abounding in my life...

Tenaciously, You uphold me daily with Your tenderness

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, god, inspirational,

Don't wait for the world to change
don't wait for the world to change
d/dont wait for the world 
o/only move on 
n/never mind 
t/the up's and down

w/we are always like that 

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Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, courage,

Solace Gravity
Serenity strikes my lost mind - the one I cannot find
Oceans are colliding with the breeze of...nevermind
Love is a fiery, blackish, vermillion rose times a...

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Categories: words,

Premium Member Sign of the Times
Satellites in space keeping an eye on the human race
Independence in place a parental pacified pallid pace
Gods of war prepare for their cadaverous command
Narcissistic lair...

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Categories: conflict, destiny, humanity,


F anciful fabulous fairyland
A geless adulation awaken
I rrevocably immortalize
R egal radiant recollection
Y earning yesterday’s youthful yearbooks

G lamorous gadgets gimmicks girdles
O utrageous outfits overindulge
D efiant delay...

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Categories: age, fairy, fantasy, nonsense,


Vanity says not to be alone on this day
Ask yourself is it necessary to be in love
Loving someone it takes time never a day
Ever stop...

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Categories: cute love, engagement, feelings,

Mistress Rose
Mistress Rose, dowager of the garden
Would you flaunt your beauty with ne'er a pardon
Fawn seductively in morning's breeze
To entice favours from passing bees?

Would you flick...

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Categories: beauty, garden, society, vanity,

Criminal Minds
Crippled by the gun
Reminders of life being done
In a team 
Movement to the scream
Inferno of insanity
Never ending results of vanity
Aluminum scraps all of the scene

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Categories: body, conflict, evil, fire,

Killing Me Softly
Killing me softly with his harmful, diseased hurtful words
Illustrated how his many characteristics could be heard
Loudly, menacing not knowing how these words do hurt
Leaving me...

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Categories: abuse, anger, courage,

This could be a victim of predator-like paradise in disguise of a're greater than you think...I give you more credit than what you for...

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Categories: deep, depression, desire,

Wonder how a diligent doer always thrives...
Obeying the laws of alternative choices? 
Delve into his world made of false joys... 
Enthralling lies fascinate many naïve...

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Categories: bird, change, culture, hilarious,

Victory is Contagious
Vanity and insanity 
Is who I was and am - victory is contagious but has its pros and cons...its negative and positive effects in the...

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Categories: deep, depression, desire,

Barely a glance she makes at the oval mirror.
Everyday she's the same, so why even bother?
A dab of sweet perfume is all she needs.
Unnatural coloring...

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Categories: age, beautiful, beauty, image,

Premium Member Gods Of Man's Vanity Demanding Intolerance
Gods Of Man's Vanity Demanding Intolerance

False realities fed to the masses
Another ghost ships sails the seas
Knowing not, yet their lie passes
Escaping truth's majestic pleas
God of...

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Categories: art, beautiful, conflict, spiritual,

Count on Thin
Calorie counting
Overly aggressive
Never satisfied
Thickly disgusted


Ticking time bomb
In secret
Now a days

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Categories: vanity,

I let this man into my life 
Narcissistic, pompous, preening 
Speaking foolishly of things unfair
As I didn't get the meaning
Nothing spoken but hot air
Incredible enormous...

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Categories: crazy, humor, relationship, simple,

Lost in your eyes,
A pleasant suprise.
Vanity at it's best.
Enticing all of the rest.
No one will ever
Do what I do, so clever.
End the day with a...

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Categories: angel, girlfriend, happiness, love,

Love is Hard to Find
Love surrounds us…though people take it for granite
Oh, but we’re unaware of it! We’re ignorant of it at times of tribulation
Vibrant, vermillion roses float in...

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Categories: grief, longing, lost, love,

...Formidable treat he stress
At the early hour of this day.
No pain, no gain- All is still well.
Centenary dream is a luxury few can reach.
Yours truly,...

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Categories: adventure, character, identity, inspiration,